Is Pasay Regional Trial Court Judge Jesus Mupas next on President Noynoy Aquino’s hit list?

It seems President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III can no longer restrain himself from breathing down the neck of the Philippines’ judicial branch of government. Perhaps the President is newly-emboldened by his personal victory over the judiciary when he and his minions in Congress succeeded at unseating former Chief Justice Renato Corona on trumped-up charges this year.

Last Wednesday, Pasay Judge Jesus Mupas allowed former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) who is currently being charged for “electoral sabotage” (a non-bailable offense supposedly) to be released on bail on grounds that the prosecution had provided weak evidence to support their case against her. But then

Aquino on Thursday said he found the requirements of Judge Jesus Mupas for the disapproval of the bail petition “too high.”

“Based on my understanding, Judge Mupas said there was no corroborative testimony in his decision to grant the bail petition. But if we can recall the accusation, there were only three persons talking – Mrs. Arroyo, (former Maguindanao Gov. Andal Sr.) Ampatuan, and (former Maguindanao administrator Norie) Unas who was listening,” the President said.

“Are we to think that they (Arroyo and Ampatuan) will give damaging testimonies against each other? So there can really be only one witness (Unas). How can we have corroborative testimony?”

And here is the punchline…

“The test (being used by Mupas) is a bit too high which makes it almost impossible to attain because no one else heard the conversation on the issue of electoral fraud,” Aquino added.

And that, President BS Aquino, is why the Judge Mupas ruled that the case is weak. If no one but a suspected genocidal maniac can corroborate the accusation against GMA — a former head of state of this wretched republic — then the prosecution’s case stands on the testimony of said maniac. The Judge merely ruled on the basis of that fact.

[Photo courtesy Reuters.]

It is quite possible that Malacañang is currently gearing up for another war versus the Philippine judiciary. Anything is possible after all — even the impeachment of no less than the Chief Justice of the Philippine court on grounds of what, on second look, are really non-impeachable offenses. Indeed, Lawyer Katrina Legarda in her interview with the Judicial Bar Council as candidate for the post of Chief Justice recounts

“What they brought up against Corona was not really an impeachable offense. The courts became scared that when they displease a higher authority, they will have problems in the future..”

According to Legarda, morale in the ranks of the Philippine judiciary has “plunged” since the start of President BS Aquino’s vendetta versus Corona late last year. Since then have staff have been feeling “like lost sheep”.

Should Judge Jesus Mupas be worried?

Perhaps. Some netizens are speculating that he may currently be in President BS Aquino’s Most Wanted list. The was earlier speaking for “the rest of the country” when it stated how everyone was “taken aback” by Mupas’s ruling in its “report” on the granting of GMA’s petition for bail. That a major Philippine broadsheet would presume to speak on behalf of “the rest of the country” is an ominous sign that Malacañang may already be marshaling all available resources at its disposal to crush GMA.

Indeed, the President is undeterred. His henchmen are already in the process of carrying out their Plan B with Aquino’s personal Ombudsman filing a request with the Sandiganbayan to issue an arrest warrant versus GMA, this time for the crime of “plunder”. The charge of “plunder” is “non-bailable” and this one is on grounds of GMA’s “alleged misuse of multimillion-peso intelligence fund of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)”.

The charge sheet alleged that the respondents “conspired…in withdrawing, amassing, accumulating public funds worth P391.9 million from July 2007 to January 2010…[and] by circumventing and/or violating the subject COA circulars relative…to the liquidation of complainant PCSO’s intelligence/confidential funds,” the information for plunder stated.

Sound like a plot from Game of Thrones? That’s because the Philippines remains mired in the results of 12th-Century thinking.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.


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BS Aquino no longer bother to show the philippine public that he is manipulating all the branches of the government…
nakakatakot ito, saan na tayo patungo?…


what do we expect from him? eh di wala 🙂 may sayad eh 🙂


Bad news sa taumbayan ang paglaya ni Arroyo.


Brace yourselves indeed. The Yellow Emperor is further consolidating his hold on power.


Di ba’t kasasabi lang nya sa kanyang SONA na walang “imposible”? Ba’t ngayon sa kanya rin nanggaling ang salitang imposible? Impossible Testimony? Hoy, sabi mo nga walang imposible da vah?

Germi Cruz Sison
After the RTC Judge Mupas granted the petition to put up bail of P1 million for temporary liberty of former President Gloria M. Arroyo, the Ombudsman is now pressing the Sandigan Bayan to issue arrest warrant for her to keep her in detention. Though she is now out of detention, that is only temporary and until the electoral fraud she is charged is decided she cannot leave the country for hold departure order. It is wonder why her nemesis want her detained when she cannot escape. The perception of the public that former President committed election fraud and amassed wealth… Read more »
Hyden Toro

Noynoy Aquino is a cruel and a vindictive man. I have not seen a leader like this, since Genghis Khan. He is a sadist…I’m sure he has some mental problems. His behaviours do not show a normal human being. He wants to destroy more the Judiciary…


Look at the smallness of their (media and Malacanang) brains. Exhaustive stories about GMA’s temporary release flood the newspapers and TV reports. But NO similar amount of effort is done to inform the people about the REAL status of territorial disputes with China. Kaya nabobobo ang mga Pilipino dahil ginagawa tayong bobo ng Media at Malacanang.

To BS Aquino, the Court has already decided. Deal with it. Ang daming cheche bureche! Yan ang sinasabi ni Sec. Dilema na misplaced act of courage. Kung sana ganyan sila katapang sa pagharap sa Tsina e malamang hindi tayo tintratong inutil ng mga Tsino.

Domingo Arong
Benign0 The “special election offense” of “electoral sabotage” is defined in Sec. 42 of R.A. 9369 (approved Jan. 23, 2007): And since the offense is principally committed by members of either the BEIs (board of election inspectors) or BOCs (board of canvassers), there is this proviso in the penultimate paragraph of the cited provision: “Provided finally; That any and all[,] either persons or individuals[,] determined to be [in] conspiracy or in connivance with the members of the BEIs or BOCs involved, shall be meted the same penalty of life imprisonment.” (Note: I inserted the pair of commas and the… Read more »


Bad news sa taong bayan ang paglaya ni Arroyo, you say?

So what can you say about the election results last 2010? Isn’t it that’s bad news itself?

Besides, if you were Arroyo, would you think you can withstand that searing pain she experiences with her sickness? I’ve research her, uhm, “medical condition”, and I think adding a neck brace is only just normal. And here you go some Noytard that makes every anti-AbNoy some laughing stock jokes.

I think you guys are the country’s funniest joke ever. The crap one..


This BS really does not have class or manners.
He does not know the right factions to speak up. We’re such a sorry people for having a president like him. Oust him!

[…] The first assumption is by itself hard to prove. The electoral fraud charges didn’t stand up to the scrutiny of Pasay Regional Trial Court Judge Jesus Mupas in the first place because Norie Unas’ testimony couldn’t be corroborated, yet PNoy Aquino insists that the testimony by and of itself is absolutely reliable. It is an educated guess that the electoral fraud charge is the Aquino government’s strongest case against GMA. Nonetheless, since the entire case hinged on Unas’ “overhearing” GMA command a 12-0 in Maguindanao without anyone to corroborate it, then it is valid to say that this case… Read more »
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