Manny Pacquiao’s got same-sex marriage figured out

According to Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, “God’s words first.” Specifically, “God only expects man and woman to be together and to be legally married, only if they so are in love with each other,” Pacquiao reportedly insisted. Who can argue with that? For people like Pacquiao, there is nothing to debate. His source-of-truth is absolute.

Sometimes I envy people like Pacquiao. Not having much of an intellectual landscape to work with is like being in a cushy dead-end job. You just need to keep your head down, do what you are told, and wait for the clock to strike five every day. In Pacquiao’s case, check out time for him is when his “creator” takes him back. Until then, he simply sits back and does what he’s told.

You wonder then what life means for people who are singularly fixated on some sort of reward — or punishment — after death on the basis of a piece of literature written two thousand years ago that promises all of that and then offers nothing to the living. You wonder too about Pacquiao — pound for pound best fighter in the world that he is. Why even bother, Manny? What’s the point in being the champ if we are all pretty much toast after our time on this Earth anyway? Why work so hard? For that matter, why bother with the big house, the Cayenne, the Hermes bags for mommy, and the facelifts for the missus?

In the bigger scheme of things, nothing matters beyond God’s word, right Manny? That makes it a lot more simple. No amount of Hermes bags and fights won in the ring will distinguish you from the rest of us in the eyes of God. For that matter, ultimately, even your opinion about same sex marriage will not matter. Because God’s got it all figured out. That’s good news for people like you who refuse to think yet are quick to throw a punch. That latter part needs a bit of figuring out. But I’m sure God will figure that one out for you as well. You just need to sit around and pray and the answer will surely come.

So why bother?

Why bother running for Congress when God’s word — and not man’s law — is really all that matters? Why preach to the “unsaved” when God’s will — and not man’s will to be (or not be) converted — will ultimately prevail anyway? God’s got it all planned out. Why would what you say, think, or believe in change all that strategic brilliance? Under such a regime of Godly oversight what a boxing champ worth tens of millions of dollars says can’t be any weightier than what a fishball vendor worth no more than the tsinelas he is standing on has to say about pretty much anything. In that sense, one’s gotta wonder about the rather quaint mega-attention given to what you, Manny, have to say about a topic that even a fruit vendor at the palengke around the corner can wax poetic about. Doesn’t that irony bug you, Manny? Oh yeah, I forgot. You can’t be bothered to think about that. God’s got it all figured out for you.


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