Pornography – the more entertaining alter-ego of religion

From a burst of Twitter exchanges Yours Truly (@benign0 on Twitter) had in the last 24 hours with Arnel Endrinal (@LeadPhilippines on Twitter), top political radio jock on his radio show Sentro ng Katotohanan which airs 8.30-9.30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays on DWBL 1242 KHz (AM Band, Philippines), I’ve recently acquired even more insight on the […]

Can some manga and anime images be considered child porn?

Somehow, it was determined by government censors in Australia that three female characters in the Nintendo video game Dead or Alive: Dimensions are under eighteen. As such, a feature within the game that allows players to “look up characters’ dresses in certain poses” has been considered “potential child pornography.” As a result, the Classification Board […]