Pinoy Pride Is Never There Where It Really Counts Elections 2013

May 13 2013. I want you all to forever remember that date whenever you get the temptation to beat your chest like King Kong over whatever superficiality captures your nationalistic imagination until the end of time. One reason why 2013 may be an improvement over 2012 is a year ago the nation was “captivated ” […]

Kudos to the COMELEC for a job well done in the 2013 Philippine midterm elections!

I beg to differ to some of the hysterics I’m seeing and hearing. I think the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) did a great job within the scope of its ability to influence outcomes. That last phrase is key. You can’t really worry about things that are clearly beyond the scope of your control once you’ve […]

Malaysia and the Philippines: corruption and cheating are all part of ‘the game’

While I was reading news about Malaysia’s recently-concluded election, I could not help but shake my head; it was as if I was reading about the Philippines. Some of the things that were being said about the Malaysian government and its society could likewise be said about the Philippine government and its society too. It […]

PCOS debacle: Is the software source code really important?

The source code is the format of a program in human-readable format (that is, as far as computer programs go). It most intuitively describes the logic followed by a computer that is running said program. Programs written in high-level languages like Visual Basic, Javascript, PERL, PHP, or database languages like Standard Query Language (SQL) and […]

Grace Padaca’s indebtedness to Noynoy Aquino could compromise Comelec’s independence

The new Commissions on Elections Commissioner, Grace Padaca has reportedly asked “the Sandiganbayan to junk the graft and malversation cases filed against her, saying her position in government has vested her with immunity from such suit.” Well, well, well. Who is Padaca trying to fool? It seems she is playing a trick on peoples’ memories. […]