Filipinos Being “Emotion Junkies” Keeps Filipino Society Backward

One of the weirdest things from Filipinos is their transfixation on emotion, as I mentioned in my article about the raucous pursuit of highs. I remember when eating at a fast-food restaurant one time, I saw students doing a school project. One girl held up a paper-plate clock she made, and said “ang lungkot tingnan […]

Are Filipinos actively looking for Butthurt?

Filipinos like to see themselves as happy people. But this contradicts the numerous times Filipinos express outrage against something. Outrage fads come from time to time. Adam Carolla’s criticisms, Katherine Ryan’s joke using Filipino children, a woman named Kiki, and many other things seem to bring out the Filipinos’ anger hormones. Worst of all, some […]

Robert Blair Carabuena self-destructs: are Filipinos angry for the right reasons?

Apparently in the last 24 hours or so one of the topics, and videos that went viral is this video of a certain Robert Blair Carabuena physically harassing a Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) official. According to the information that was obtained before he deleted his social network accounts, he is a graduate of Ateneo […]

Suckered in by the Latest Outrage Fad?

Make no mistake, even outrages can be the subject of fads. Hatred against something, or even just mere annoyance, can be the subject of a mass fad. Sometimes people follow it without thinking. Because people are easy to pull into emotional bandwagons, they can easily be suckered into useless outrage fads. Outrage is easy to […]