Sereno ouster is proof the rule of law is Supreme

It is a day for Filipinos to celebrate. Justice has been served to the people and to the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona. The Supreme Court of the Philippines voted to oust Lourdes Sereno from the Chief Justice post she had been occupying since 2012 on the basis of an invalid appointment due to […]

Justice is SERVED now that Sereno is no longer Chief Justice. Rest in Peace former CJ Renato Corona

Was justice served now that the now-former Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno has been removed from office? Technically yes — because the Supreme Court has the final say when it comes to inerpreting the law. What is the recourse of the Opposition who insist that the Supreme Court is wrong? None, at least within the framework […]

Why the idiotic “Laban” slogan still dominates Philippine Opposition rhetoric

Calling for a laban or “fight” is easy. You can see how easy it is by observing any schoolyard brawl. “Bakla ka raw sabi ni Totoy. Payag ka?” “Kalabitin mo sa titi”. “Siga ka ba? Di ka naman papalag.” Filipinos then grow up, leave the schoolyard, then go on to apply the same childish mentality […]

Filipinos cannot aspire to be a people of INTEGRITY as long as Lourdes Sereno sits as “chief justice”

Filipinos like to talk big around the lofty word “integrity”, but do they really know what it means to be a person of integrity? Apparently not — because to be a true person of integrity involves consistency from the ground up. Take this circus surrounding the plight of Supreme Court “chief justice” Lourdes Sereno. One […]

Janet Lim Napoles is worth more to Filipinos as a witness than as a jailed crook

Screeching “activists” from the Philippine Opposition seem to be losing the plot. For them, the bigger outrage surrounding the persistent scourge of pork barrel politics in the Philippines is the recent placing of “Pork Queen” Janet Lim Napoles on a witness protection program by the Department of Justice (DOJ). The important aspect of the plot […]

PNoy damaged the Supreme Court when he appointed Lourdes Sereno Chief Justice in 2012

Since way back in 2012, the disturbing results of Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno’s psychiatric evaluation, her inability to earn the respect of her peers in the high court, her non-compliance to rules regarding disclosure of her personal assets and liabilities, and the questionable motivation behind her appointment as Chief Justice by then President Benigno Simeon […]

Sereno must resign for the sake of the Filipino people

For the sake of the nation, current Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court Lourdes Sereno should resign immediately. It’s not just the public that has lost respect for her, her colleagues have had it with her too. Information from insiders at the Supreme Court has exposed the cracks in the high court. The cracks […]

Here is why an International Criminal Court (ICC) case against Duterte will not progress…

Of late, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is the subject of a complaint filed before the ICC accusing him of “crimes against humanity” and Opposition has been exchanging mutual high-fives over news that the ICC has initiated “preliminary investigations” on the matter. Are the agents of the much-feared “International Criminal Court” (ICC) about to parachute into […]