The Philippines is too big a country for Filipinos to govern on their own

It’s no wonder the government fatally screwed up to the tune of 44 dead Special Action Force police officers last January — and even more baffling that Filipinos are actually shocked that such a monumental foul up could actually occur in the Philippines of all places. The operation involved lots of coordination, up-to-the-minute planning, and […]

Misguided Ideas And Misunderstood Values

As of late, since the troubles down south seems to have taken a sudden spike recently because of a “misencounter” (if such a word even exists) between the PNP-SAF and the MILF, I have seen people clamoring for either peace or justice. There are those who insist that the only solution for the problem at […]

3 ways a lack of ethical citizenship serves as a serious roadblock to Philippine progress

The trouble with Filipinos is that they don’t see any meaning in their lives that is bigger than themselves. At best there is, like most warm-blooded mammals with bulges in their heads wider than their brainstems, that instinctive altruism for his own immediate family. But even that one is often brought to question on account […]

Rubbish at the Manila International Airport: Nakakahiya sa mga Kano!

When I posted that photo tweeted by former Bureau of Customs chief Ruffy Biazon of the rubbish mess left by passengers in a lounge at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3, I didn’t realise what a big wave it was going to make. Indeed it was interesting to note how deeply-revolted many Filipinos […]

Continued loss suffered by Gilas Pilipinas in the 2014 FIBA Wold Cup mirrors Philippine history

Regard for sport mirrors society. And nowhere is this more evident than in the Philippines. Last night, Gilas Pilipinas was handily beaten by Puerto Rico in the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain after literally dropping the ball — losing an early lead it enjoyed over the first half of the game. The game was […]

Is June 12, 1898 REALLY the Philippines’ Independence Day?

It’s 2014 and as of this writing, guess what: tomorrow is “Independence Day”. Again. According to the latest Philippine History books, the 12th June is the day the Philippines became “independent” — the outcome of the Philippine Revolution which began August 1896. On the 12th June 1898, Aguinaldo led the declaration of Philippine independence from […]

Are Filipino Celebrations in Singapore going too far?

It’s no wonder Filipinos were again the subject of controversy in Singapore. There was some recent furor on Filipino celebrations of independence in the country. A group of Filipinos ran an ad where they announced a celebration of the June 12 Philippine Independence day happening on Orchard Road. This angered many Singaporeans, who expressed their […]

Is ‘love of country’ a concept that is still relevant in the Philippines?

It’s a common mistake to liken the way one feels for or regards a country to the way we feel for or regard an actual person. So when we say we “love” our country, poets will wax lyric about how this “love” is like the love we feel, say, for a parent. In reality, that’s […]