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“Fashion” Mentality Damaged the World of Causes

So called social media “activists” these days seem all about putting someone down. For example, when Cynthia Villar called out the problem of eating so much rice, people just started ranting angrily against her, instead of bringing up more intellectual objections and pertinent suggestions. Another is peppering people who supported Rodrigo Duterte or Donald Trump […]

Jeffrey Laude was 7 years older than US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton, just 19 and a recent hi-school grad

Turns out United States Marine Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton is just 19 years old and graduated High School only last year. In a report published by the American news site South Coast Today, Pemberton is described by his uncle as “a really good kid” while a neighbour called him “a friendly person” and […]

#TheNakedTruth fiasco pulls Bench into the mud and #Rappler along with it!

In its “social media for social good” powow last week, self-described “social news network” furthers the ideal of “women leaders using tech to make an impact on people’s lives” and posed the question “How can all of us, men and women, woman up?” The idea there being that the more traditional notion of “manning […]

Kabadingan and kalaswaan in Philippine fashion

Bad taste plain and simple. What was Bench thinking? Sure the much-hyped fashion show The Naked Truth is all about underwear. But just because it is does not mean the show needs to be borderline pornographic. I mean, get a load of this one by Jake Cuenca. I heard this drew a healthy round of […]

Knocking fashionistas is really just a fashion statement

Well, I guess fashionistas had it coming. My key takeaway after reading Lourd De Veyra’s tirade against the fashion-conscious, Sermon sa Mga Fashyown is the notion of fashion as a form of self-expression to which The Lourd argues using the question: So you mean your self-expression changes with the comings and goings of fads? Well, […]

Kris Aquino frock reveals her inner character!

Check out the outfit presidential sister Kris Aquino wore on the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival awards night. Hubba hubba! I’d say that’s a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen but considering the night came and went without much further buzz, it seems the getup held together. [Photo courtesy Showbiz Government.] Say niyo? I wouldn’t say […]

BAYO failed to mix equality and forward thinking in their ad

A racist is someone who believes in racism, the doctrine that a particular human race is superior to another or all others. Are Filipinos racists? Generally speaking, yes. Most Filipinos are even racist to their own kind in the way they consider people with fair or white skin and those with straight noses superior to […]

Isabelle Daza barred from ‘sexy’ photo shoot by beauty queen mom

According to an ABS-CBN News report, former Ms Universe Gloria Diaz (tile holder, 1969) caused a commotion in an attempt to “save” her daughter Isabelle Daza from a “sexy pictorial” being shot for a men’s magazine. The commotion reportedly left Daza “in tears”. Isabelle Diaz Daza is currently an actress, print, ramp, and commercial model […]