The Philippines: A Nation Of Traitors And Sellouts

I was actually planning to write this article at some other time. In all honesty, I think many of you have had enough of the Mamasapano Massacre and everything it entails already. Indeed, I’m kinda sick of it myself. I ask, why can’t we just let their families grieve quietly now? Why can’t we give […]

Where Did All The Good Men Go?

Before we begin, let me ask you, how do you measure a man? I once wrote a succession of articles trying to define the meaning of “heroism” but now, let me ask you, how do you define being a good man in this day and age. After all, before you have yourself a hero, you […]

Alam Pa Ba Ng Mamamayang Pinoy Ang Kahulugan Ng Salitang “Kabayanihan”?

NOTE: Ladies and gentlemen, I find myself writing another Tagalized article here not because I want to leave out our foreign readers but simply because I want this particular message to reach out to more locals who have some difficulty reading English. It is imperative for many of my countrymen to at least get the […]

The interrupted speech of Krisel Mallari

The reason why I do not subscribe to the general perception that Ms. Mallari should be praised for her speech is that the details surrounding the incident I have seen and read about just do not support the parameters of what I believe to be traits accorded to bravery and/or integrity—the rallying cry and slogan […]

Courage the cowardly Filipino

I find it amusing, and yet not surprising at all, that the cases of the Filipino peacekeepers assigned to the United Nations and of the Gilas Pilipinas Basketball team going to play in the FIBA tournament in Spain are being held up in social media as indicators of Filipino “courage”, and consequently, Filipino pride. The […]

Just Do It: An Exposition on the Question of the Virtue of Courage

There is no iota of doubt that one of the primordial characteristics that humanity value in a person is their virtue of courage. In Greek, the word is translated as Andrea; while the other English translation is: Fortitude. However, due to the greatness of the English language and the grandeur of the ancient Greek, today […]