The CBCP’s Seeking Influence Over the State Isn’t Good

One wonders what the CBCP is up to when they say, well… interesting things that seemingly indicate a desire to keep people poor and deprived. For example, remember when a bishop said poverty is not a problem? Some priests even go as far as to say illegal drug use shouldn’t be seen as wrong! Perhaps […]

The Mess the 1960s Created

The 1960s was a fascinating decade. It’s where all the most lasting modern fixtures in both popular and underground culture were set. This is where we got the free-spirited, free-wheeling, rowdy, casual, “hang-loose” attitude associated with American culture that is commonplace today. I like that attitude too, and it’s a stark contrast to the stiff […]

Filipino Misconceptions of Sacrifice

It’s timely that Benign0 had come out with an article that discusses the twisting of the concept of sacrifice by Filipino culture. Indeed, it is twisted when one says they have made a “sacrifice,” when it is actually anything but that. I remember a commenter named Palebluedot once said: “I still blame the Catholic Church […]

The Folly of Saying Sex Is Mainly For Pleasure

Back when Benign0 posted his article that the main purpose of sex (as in, copulation) was reproduction and not pleasure, a lot of reactions came that tried to dispute this. Some said that pleasure is a function of humanity above animals, and that humans are entitled to pleasure. But that’s exactly what Benign0 was trying […]

Are Filipinos really Oppressed?

While ruminating on some other facets of Philippine dysfunction, I observe that Filipinos claim that they are an “oppressed” people. The poor of the country for example say that they are oppressed by the rich. Some liberal or anti-Catholic or anti-religious groups would point to Carlos Celdran’s case as showing that they are being oppressed […]

Explosion of Joy or Explosion of Superficiality?

 Philippine Daily Inquirer page March 14, 2013 A1     I have said many times mass media is simply a mirror to society. Mass media gives the audience what it wants to attract what they want. It is very uncomfortable to know as a practicing Catholic in the Philippines that our religious leaders are not […]