Vice Ganda’s vulgar behavior damages the image of the Philippines’ gay community

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community has been thrown in the spotlight after boxing champion and Philippine congressman Manny Pacquiao’s controversial statement saying they are worse than animals. While he received a lot of flak from people around the world and consequently got fired by his sponsor, shoe manufacturing giant Nike, Pacquiao also […]

The Local Media And Bobotantes Are ‘Worse Than Animals’ For Dooming Our Nation

Well, there goes the neighborhood ladies and gentlemen. It seems that everyone is having a heyday over Manny Pacquiao’s recent comments about his stance on same-sex marriage and his apparent insult towards the LGBT community by comparing them to animals and implying that they may well be worse. The LGBT community reacted accordingly and as one can […]

What I learned from Boy Abunda’s and Billy Crawford’s personal dramas

Fascinating the way life’s common vicissitudes are somehow magnified and celebrated when celebrities experience them. Whether it be falling into and then rehabilitation from alcohol or substance abuse, getting sick then recovering, suffering a nervous breakdown, or experiencing the heady bliss of romance, showbiz folk make a big drama out of it. I guess that’s […]

Boy Abunda Misses an Opportunity to Defend ‘Showbiz’

I came across a recent piece written by Boy Abunda in The Philippine Star. Abunda contends that “Showbiz” is real as real can get and that he resents the idea of someone being a fake, a hypocrite or being deceptive when accused of “being Showbiz”. I must confess that while I do belong to the […]

Just because Kris Aquino denies it does not mean she may not end up a winner in 2016

If you read carefully what Kris Aquino says on record regarding this matter, that “It has never been discussed,” and that such a concept is “not on the table” you will find that she basically deferring the decision to other people, whether that decision comes from the President himself or his sidekick Mar. In this […]

Absolute MUST READ: Can We Survive A Kris Aquino Vice Presidency?

It used to be that when it comes to what will be on the television on any given Sunday afternoon, the voting that goes on around my house has me beaten by three (the wife and two housemaids)  in favor of watching a showbiz oriented and one (my kid) in favor of Baby TV or […]

Vhong Navarro or Deniece Cornejo: Who is the real ‘victim’?

Journalist and TV personality Ramon Tulfo started it. His award winning show Isumbong mo kay Tulfo (“Report it to Tulfo”) encouraged Filipinos to approach the media first before the police. In the Philippines, the common sentiment is that the police may itself be a party to the crime, so get the media involved as well […]

Miriam Quiambao on homosexuals and transgenders

Poor former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao (Miss Universe 1999 First Runner Up). She’s recently been swamped by a deluge of online “feedback” on a quip she made about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in a recent episode of ABS-CBN talk show “The Bottom Line” with TV personality Boy Abunda. According to Quiambao, […]