The Real Threats to Press Freedom in the Philippines

With the revoking of Rappler’s license to operate as a business, “opposition” were hopping mad about it being a dictatorship move and suppression of freedom of speech. But those are not what happened. What happened is that one of the real threats to press freedom and freedom of expression was brought to account. I’m not […]

Murder scorecard: Is America ‘good’ or is it ‘evil’?

Fact is there is only a small handful of “sides” to take (i.e. choose to live under) within the current world order. And all of those dominant “sides” represented by powerful regimes like China, the US, the British Commonwealth, and (still) Russia, among others — encompassing commie systems, democracies, republics, monarchies, etc. — that dot […]

The Boston Bombing and US government’s history of mass murder

I condemn to the highest degree those bloody bastards and criminal freaks who bombed Boston! There is no doubt whatsoever that such act is an act of inhumanity and indeed a crime against humanity! Shame on those evil individuals! Whoever the devil they are, they are animals of the worst kind! My condolences to all […]

Boston Marathon bombings – the questions that start with the word ‘Why’

When one gets over the initial shock upon hearing of a far away disaster like the most recent one that hit the illustrious Boston Marathon yesterday, the next mental step taken by most of us helpless bystanders is to search for meaning in what is very likely to be regarded as a senseless tragedy. First […]