Newsflash: Filipinos are choosing LEGISLATORS in the coming 2019 elections

That’s right. Congress, after all, is a government branch whose primary role in government is to craft laws. As such, the important question Filipinos need to ask of their candidates in the coming 2019 elections is this: What is your legislative agenda? And that is the easy bit. The harder follow-up to this question (assuming […]

Should expensive private schools like the Ateneo de Manila and De La Salle be banned?

A report on the work needed to reform Malaysian state services now that a peaceful change of leadership had transpired provides some insight on the growing private school industry in southeast Asia. For the average outsider, the reliance of a society’s elite on private schools to educate their youth is regarded to be not normal… There is also […]

Lray and Migz Villafuerte Win 2018 Douchebag Governors Award

Honestly, I can’t believe that the people of Camsur have willingly put up with the douchebaggery of the Villafuertes for decades. Previously, I exposed a COA report revealing that the Villafuertes made P230 million of money intended for the renovation of provincial capitol buildings disappear. The article touched a raw nerve among people in Camarines Sur […]

Don’t be quick to imagine parallels between Najib “ouster” in Malaysia and the 1986 “people power revolution”

True to form in the way Filipinos imagine themselves to be the inventors of “peaceful change in leadership”, we see the Inquirer editor, in that familiar tradition of Filipino self-aggrandisement, insert the “Filipino experience” into Malaysian current events. Today’s Inquirer Op-Ed peace is given the title “The Marcoses of Malaysia”. Not surprisingly, practically the entire […]

Speculations persist as Robredo remains silent on alleged affair with House Rep. Bolet Banal

Members of the Philippine Opposition are coming to the defense of their “hero” and presumptive “vice president” Leni Robredo following a column by writer Bobi Tiglao published on the Manila Times today. According to Tiglao, Robredo has so far failed to confirm or deny whether she is having an affair with House representative of Quezon […]

Pastoral Letter vs Pastor Opposing Sides Of The Sereno Disqualification

La Salle put out a pastoral letter concerning the recent events centered around now former Supreme Court Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno . This pastoral letter written by Brother Jose Mari Jimenez, FSC is available to the public in a certain column in the Philippine Star called Breakthough authored by legendary DLSU prof Dr. Elfren […]

Fact Checking CNN Philippines News Report on “Villar property firm is behind levelling of Boracay mountain”

The CNN Philippines report titled “Villar property firm is behind levelling of Boracay mountain” is a hack job aimed at attacking the reputation of Senator Cynthia Villar and son DPWH Secretary Mark Villar. The lazy, cowards hiding behind the by-line “CNN Philippines Staff” should be outed by the management of CNN Philippines and then publicly […]

Why Filipinos are never a Special People

Among the triumphalist hogwash we’ve long been attacking is the idea that we are a special people. That kind of mentality is often embraced under the assumption that it is necessary for love of country. That is wrong, and “feeling special” actually does us more harm than good. It is one of those placebos that […]