Philippines’ withdrawal from the International Criminal Court is a source of REAL national pride

“Proud to be Pinoy” is an oft-heard phrase when it comes to world champion boxers and beauty pageant contestants. That’s because it makes perfect sense that the “winner” coming out of a couple of boys pounding one another silly on a ring or an array of girls strutting around in bikinis on a stage could be a source of national pride.

That’s on one hand. On the other hand, it also makes perfect sense that pride in one’s country needs to also appeal to some higher sensibilities — like an ability to stand on one’s own two feet, make one’s own decisions, chart one’s own destiny, and do all that by being true to one’s self. Apparently, that source of pride does not resonate with today’s Philippine Opposition. Led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a., the Yellowtards), the Opposition prefer that Filipinos bow to the rulings of a foreign court when it comes to deciding on the best approach to sorting out their internal affairs.

Inquirer columnist John Nery in his article “Duterte to ICC: I’m beyond accountability” today contributes to the din of shrill cries of “outrage” over the withdrawal of the Philippines from the International Criminal Court (ICC). Nery refers to this withdrawal as an “unmanly” act on the part of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte that “only reinforces the impression that he has manipulated the instruments of the government so as never to be held accountable”. Nery does not cite specifics around how exactly Duterte had “manipulated the instruments of the government” to his ends, but he does assert that it creates the “very condition that would invite the ICC Prosecutor to investigate a sitting head of state.”

Nery says all that as if the ICC, by itself, has an intrinsic right to influence — even directly intervene — in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation like the Philippines. Of course, this is all lost in a corporate media talking head who is part of a political bloc who had, over almost two years, invited his colleagues in Western news media to slander his own country and its government on the back of dubious information he and his industry chums fed them.

The pattern is quite evident now. The Oppostion led by the Yellowtards, in their increasing desperation, are laying bare the perverse reliance on Western political and cultural power that had long served as pillars of their sick ideology. Unfortunately their scramble to regain power had stripped the colour off the ideological morsels thay have been throwing at Filipinos revealing, like M&Ms sucked clean of their yellow sugary coating, the sad little wet nuts at their core.

Nery, like the Western ideological parrot that he is, highlights the rather awkward word, “complimentarity” in ICC policy jargon to justify the imagined ascendancy with which the ICC is encouraged to meddle in Philippine domestic affairs…

The ICC policy paper again: “Complementarity involves an examination of the existence of relevant national proceedings in relation to the potential cases being considered for investigation by the Office. This will be done bearing in mind the Office’s policy of focusing investigative efforts on those most responsible for the most serious crimes under the Court’s jurisdiction. Where relevant domestic investigations or prosecutions exist, the Office will assess their genuineness.”

Nice try. One can easily tell that the ICC struggles from a monumental crisis of relevance today. It relies on pieces of “signed” paper and convolutespeak to back the vapourware that is its imagined “mandate” to serve as the beacon of Western goodness in a world of diverse politics. The Yellowtards, for their part, are using these texts much the way religious clerics use immense volumes of similarly-convoluted scripture to prop up their dying cults. Indeed, the Yellowtards have revealed themselves as no more than a cult — no better than organised religions that rely on a fear of damnation to keep their flock shuffling along the lines drawn for them from ivory towers up those “hills”. Thanks to the Yellowtards, the Philippines is currently ruled by two European overlords — one sitting in Rome and the other a laughable committee in judges’ robes in The Hague.

Does being a European colony well into the second decade of the 21st Century make Filipinos proud? Duterte, in fact, follows a tradition of Asian heroes who sought to free their people from European domination. He has become a reminder that the so-called “heroes” put on pedestals by three decades of Yellowtard rule under the watch of a Roman overlord has done exactly the opposite. Bozos like John Nery would like to convince Filipinos that this is good. That makes people like him liars.

It’s high time these liars are called out and exhibited not just to Filipinos but to all Asians for what they are — traitors to hundreds of years of effort to free Asia from Western European domination.