Filipinos are poor because their “activists” teach them to be obsessed with the rich

Most Filipinos would like to believe that the outrage they feel (or are encouraged to feel by their “activists”) about excessive displays of wealth comes from a deep need to see social justice delivered. Thus, the typical screeching lament we hear when such “social justice warriors” (SJWs) are confronted with displays of wealth goes like this: “If [so-and-so rich person] had donated the money she spent on [so-and-so expensive thingy] to the poor, [so-and-so social injustice] would have been solved.”

When will these “activists” get it? It is a tired old “activist” cliché that, for so long, has utterly failed to move people.

‘The Rich Owe the Poor’ mentality is what keeps Filipinos poor.
(Source: Bib Macasaet on Twitter)
The truth is, given the opportunity, most people would prioritise conspicuous consumption over altruistic initiative. That’s just human nature. And therein lies the whole trouble with the “socialist” ideology that underlies the Philippines’ liberal “activist” community. They preach things that go against human nature. They focus on harping about what society owes its “less fortunate” members rather than on what sort of capabilities people need to acquire as individuals to help themselves earn what opportunities society has to offer.

What Filipinos need to unlearn after 30 years of being fed liberalist drivel by their church, their media, and their “heroes” is that the rich owe the poor jack shit.

Who contributes more value to society: a person who makes $100,000 or a person who makes $20,000? If this question is at all difficult for you, it’s because you’re secretly at war with yourself. You despise people who make a lot of money, yet you daily affirm the social value of making a lot of money when you pay more money for the things you want more.

Liberal “activists” will insist that acquiring wealth is beyond the imagination of most Filipinos because there are “social” forces that prevent them from achieving such levels of prosperity. The alternative view is, to be fair, quite confronting — that, perhaps, most people lack the inherent capability to imagine, much more achieve at such levels.

Filipinos should get over their obsession with what the rich have that the poor don’t have and, instead, focus on what it takes to have what the rich have. People are poor not because they are “victims” but because there is something they or their ancestors had not done right. That is where the real lessons on how to eliminate poverty lies — not in the drivel written on placards raised along with pumping fists by so-called “activists” in their quaint street protests.


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How about we start with the same opposition full of hypocritical moral crusaders that said Martial Law should not be used for Mindanao, because keyboard warriors and fat political crocodiles from Manila knows what’s best or maybe the idiocy of VP Leni to “preserve” ruins as a Monument to the sacrifices of the soldiers she did not give a damn about, or how about them blaming Duterte for “inflaming” the poor terrorists that even the last President admitted that the next one would inherit the problem of Islamic Terrorism that he ignored, or maybe the opposition should focus on the… Read more »
Well, that’s another fascist bullshit. Think of Jeff Bezos, currently the wealthiest person. This year he is making around $30b. Does that contribute to society? No, it’s due to a perverted economic system. Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon and Amazon has about 400,000 employees allover the world. Most of them get a low salary, barely enough to feed a family. Now, just give each employee just $1000 mer month additionally. This would be a fair share because they would have enough to feed a family, move out of an informal settlement etc. And Jeff Bezos would have to… Read more »
Pinoy Citizen
This blog and many others you wrote in the past about the poor is like preaching the kind of elite aristocratic mentality in the government. You are no difference to your so-called enemy liberal party. Instead of helping the poor because they have few opportunities in their lives, this Benigno and other supporters here are blaming them all the way. You are adding misery in their lives that of instead doing the act based on your education and knowledge, you are comfortable with using your knowledge in vilifying the poor down to sink. You have no sympathy to the poor… Read more »
If it was true It should be different before acts of those “activists” you refer. But, unfortunately for you, it was not. As for whom is more useful for the society (those who make more or less) I have to tell you those who product more. And this, whom product, are usually the more poor. Especially on society been leaded by blood vacuums. Philippinos, as well as many others, are poor because they are ignorants. Please read the book THE BASIC LAWS OF HUMAN STUPIDITY by Carlo M. Cipolla. If you really want a further explanation compare Philippines with Vietnam… Read more »

To be content with little is difficult; to be content with much, impossible.

With those kinds of statement from the socialist liberal minded YellowTards. If we all go barefoot, and we all will be cloth with rags; the Filipinos will be one happy nation. Miseries, poverty, and all kinds of evils associated with being poor, will be commonplace. Because poverty is distributed to everybody. It is a “carabao shit ” idea. How about the Aquino Cojuangco families. They got rich by stealing government money and lands . Kris Aquino, the “may tulo” and “may kuto”, used government resources during the term of his brother. She dominated the show business. Her face , her… Read more »

They are poor because they have no skills and have very little to offer other than performing menial services

I AM CALLIN BULL SHIT ON THIS ONE, The poor of the country are poor for many more reasons than what is pointed out here. the economy is controlled by the rich, for their exclusive benefit. the poor simply haven’t a chance. lack of decent paying jobs, sky high tuition in universities, the highest electricity rates in the entire world prevent people from opening business’s and being able to pay employees anywhere near a decent wage. the electricity rates alone are a HUGE detriment to the entire nation, as it drives down opportunities to open new business, so more people… Read more »