Here is why Trillanes is responsible for Sonia Brady’s stroke and Angelo Reyes’s suicide…

Symbol of Filipino sloppy thinking: Philippine ‘senator’ Antonio Trillanes
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If we are to use the logic of the Opposition, we can argue that “senator” Antonio Trillanes caused the stroke suffered by former Ambassador to China Sonia Brady and the suicide of the late Ret. General Angelo Reyes.

Here’s why.

The Opposition are adamant in their assertion that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is responsible for the “killings” supposedly related to Duterte’s War on Drugs. Their key argument is around how Duterte’s rhetoric and demeanor has a negative effect on police attitudes towards law enforcement. They believe the strong words used by Duterte when talking about his “war on drugs” encourages Filipinos to kill one another. On that, they conclude that Duterte is the cause of these “killings”.

So then consider how, In recent days, Trillanes has been making news — and further exposing his psychopathic character — in the tirades he’s been launching during various Senate inquiries. The current subject of his persecution campaign is Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte who he summarily accuses of being a member of the Chinese Triad (a term that refers to crime organisations operating out of China). Trillanes again uses the inquiry to grandstand and bulldoze his way over agreed parliamentary procedure that governs the conduct of such proceedings in the Senate. This has prompted Senator Richard Gordon to lodge a complaint with the Senate Committee on Ethics citing Trillanes’s appalling behaviour which “damaged the reputation of the chamber”.

Gordon goes on to cite Trillanes’s track record of infamy and its toll on people involved in these inquiries…

Dahil sa kanyang pam-bubully nagpakamatay si kwan (late Defense secretary Angelo Reyes) e rightly or wrongly. O kaya na stroke si (former) Ambassador (to China Sonia) Brady. Seryoso ‘yan ‘wag natin sabihin na sinisisi ko lang dahil dun (Because of his bullying, former Defense secretary Angelo committed suicide. Ambassador Brady had a stroke. That’s serious, but don’t say I’m blaming him for that),” Gordon said.

The Manila Times report provides further background…

Brady suffered a stroke in August 2012, days after a meeting with Chinese officials and Trillanes, who was appointed by former President Benigno Aquino 3rd as backroom negotiator in seeking a solution to the standoff between Philippine and Chinese vessels at Panatag Shoal.

During the Senate investigation in 2011 on the alleged anomaly in the handling of military funds, Trillanes told Reyes that he “had no reputation to protect.” Reyes in February 2011 committed suicide in front of his mother’s grave in Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City.

In this regard, Gordon is merely being consistent with the logic the Opposition use to attribute drug-related “killings” on the streets of Philippine cities to Duterte. Using the same logic, Trillanes has blood on his hands and is not morally fit to be a Philippine Senator. This is not even mentioning that Trillanes has, on many occasions in his past, sought to use deadly force to overthrow the Philippine government which, in effect, makes evident a deep context of hypocrisy in the manner with which he accuses people of unlawful behaviour.

In the above exercise in using a like-for-like application of the sort of thinking Filipinos use to evaluate their national issues, we see the reason why all the wrong arguments win in the Philippines and all the wrong solutions are implemented. The selective use of sloppy thinking in the Philippines’ political discourse is what fatally paralyses progress in this impoverished society. It is also the reason why the Opposition have, thus far, been pathetically unable to organise themselves into a coherent influence in politics, been unable to rally around a common vision and, more importantly, been unable to find a credible leader. It’s because there is no intelligent thought that underpins what they seek to represent.

“Senator” Antonio Trillanes not only single-handedly represents the idiotic character of the Philippine Opposition but also the moronic thinking and ideas that serve as the pillars of its arguments.


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It has been my experience that people, if not most humans, are unable to change their behaviors that are deeply embedded by choice. It is often forced by tragedy or outside intervention.

But in the case of Antonio “Sonny” Fuentes Trillanes IV and all their G-D-SOBs LP minions, it’s never applicable to all of them.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing is their best description.

salagintong bukid

somebody is feeding trillanes all these moronic thinking and ideas. and he must obey or else hs’s going back to jail. Is the magdalo group yellows?


And guess who was the genius who let Trililing out of jail so he could spread his shit all over the senate floor? Noynoy Aquino. Just another one of Abnoy’s great “achievements”.

Trililing is a delusional psycho, everyone already knows this. The real question is, why did the other senators allow him stage another freak show at the Senate? Senate President Koko Pimentel’s spinelessness and lack of leadership is appalling. He does nothing while bottom-dwelling scum like Leila de Lima, Trillanes, and Risa Hontiveros use the Senate of the Philippines to repeatedly malign the President and smear the reputation of the country in the international community. I’m not saying President Duterte should be untouchable. By all means, subject his administration to investigations when there is real evidence to do so. But it… Read more »

The poor fella. Anything just to get his handsome face and thrilling surname on front-page headline news. Too bad not many of us are big fans of using newspaper for ass-wipe though.

There’s an easy solution to all this: just ban media from covering Senate hearings. How else will his name-recall program work for the next elections without an avenue for grandstanding?

He will probably need to hijack another 5-star hotel if his KSP fits kick in once again. Then finally Duterte can personally escort him back into the cage where he rightly belongs.

salagintong bukid

neither faeldon talks to the senate or not, he’s going to jail. are these two faeldon and trillanes really parted ways? we’ll know this coming monday’s hearing.

Behaving in an idiotic manner, is the way Trillanes use to attract media attention…”akala niya sikat siya, kung nagiging masungit at bastos siya sa mga tao”… Trllanes was the running dog of Pnoy Aquino; and still the running dog of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis… He has no good manners, without any sense of civility, that require the Office of Senator, that he is in. I still don’t believe he won the Senate seat, by fair means. He is there in the Senate, because of the HOCUS PCOS and SMARTMATIC of COMELEC’s Andres “Si Latigo” Bautista. His behavior is also… Read more »
salagintong bukid

OMG Mr. Kit Tatad regarding your latest article dated sept 11, it’s not you writing speeches for the marcoses for their foreign trips and locally. they were two intelligent ladies initialed NN and MT. they are your boss you know who they are. and you didn’t resigned, you were fired. posting fake news is a sin.