Ferdinand Marcos was just another Filipino president


The truly revealing thing about the way Filipinos have turned the burial of former Presdident Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) into a massive circus is in how they hold on to the belief that the country’s evil’s are embodied in a single man. The underlying psychology here seems to be that if a single man can be put up as the “source” of “evil” in the Philippines, then it absolves Filipinos of the collective sins of their society.

But the truth is a bit less peachier than that. The fact is, the Philippines is a haven for criminality. It is a country infamous for its citizens’ lack of respect for their own laws and where shortcutting, bulldozing through, and circumventing the law is seen to be more a mark of cleverness than behaviour befitting a person who should be locked up. The truth about Marcos is a lot more confronting when stripped of the emotionalism that has come to surround his legacy. The truth is that Marcos (as he is painted today) mirrors the Filipino character.

In former President Marcos, Filipinos found not only a scapegoat for the wretchedness they are renowned for today but a modern-day messiah — a man who absolves Filipinos of their sins by taking accountability for all these on their behalf. In the Filipino mind, Marcos being the Philippines’ “Supreme Evil One” is a convenient bogeyman whose size easily dwarfs the evil in the ordinary Filipino.

This narrative is consistent with the general template of most belief systems Filipinos latch on to — that some kind of Satan embodies and originates the world’s evils and that those who are subject to those “evils” are mere victims and are not to be blamed for the persistence of those evils.

That narrative, to its credit, has worked spectacularly in the Philippines. Filipinos are convinced that the wretchedness of their country has nothing to do with their collective character and their collective failures and is entirely to blame on a single evil man — Ferdinand Marcos. So to even suggest to the average Filipino indoctrinated to this notion that there is something about the inherent character of the Filipino that contributes more to her society’s backwardness than any one person is regarded as an outright heresy against the Filipino gospel.

And so this is why the impending burial of Marcos at the LNMB has become an explosive issue — because his burial there throws into question an entire philosophy that several generations of Filipinos have been raised to adhere to.

Seen from a different, perhaps an outsider’s, perspective, the re-branding of Marcos from “pure evil” to just another Filipino president is nothing short of a massive paradigm shift in Philippine society. Looking at the bigger picture, one can see that there is nothing about Marcos (other than the exceptional length of his rule) that makes him fundamentally different from any other Philippine president. Indeed, deep in their little hearts, every Filipino knows that all Filipino politicians are fundamentally the same. They lie, they steal, they issue empty promises, they serve their family and friends first before anyone else, and they all owe their patrons big time.

And in that simple notion, that Marcos is just another Filipino president, lies the elegant simplicity of the Supreme Court decision to allow his burial at the LNMB. Because to say that Marcos is ineligible for burial in a site to which Filipino presidents are entitled to be buried constitutes a level of hypocrisy that has long-term ramifications on the Philippines’ constituted “democracy”. How, after all, can we look one another in the eye and say, hand on heart, that there has ever been any president significantly better than President Marcos to begin with?

In short, Marcos was nothing special. He was just another Filipino president. No more, no less. Filipinos need to come to terms with the reality that he was made to stand out by nothing more than a small clique of oligarchs who are very familiar with their compatriots’ penchant for latching on to biblical belief systems that are not substantiated by any coherent logical bases. This familiarity with the sucker nature of Filipinos’ minds is what keeps them in power. To get rich, one only needs to come up with a mediocre product, and 100 million suckers willing to buy it for a dollar. Ferdinand Marcos branded as “The Evil One” was one such product that generations of Filipinos happily lapped up.


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yes. pres. marcos sr was just another president. he became president at the wrong time – the end of laurel-langley act (preferential trade between PH and USA), the danger of communism in southeast asia.


Amen for burying the President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

It is better to be branded as a Marcos Apologist than a Vengeant Noytard Yellow Zombie.


Yes Marcos was just another president like all the others but there is one big difference. The others did not have to kill many innocent victims to illegally extend their term of office. Do we have the moral justification to ask the relatives of these victims to forgive what Marcos did? And the billions so far recovered by the government proves the enormity of the amount stolen which all of us has to pay.


“And in that simple notion, that Marcos is just another Filipino president, lies the elegant simplicity of the Supreme Court decision to allow his burial at the LNMB. Because to say that Marcos is ineligible for burial in a site to which Filipino presidents are entitled to be buried constitutes a level of hypocrisy that has long-term ramifications on the Philippines’ constituted “democracy”.”

Bravo Sir!


I still find it funny how nobody’s noticed that Ramon Magsaysay – who named the Libingan ng mga Bayani – is still buried in Manila North Cemetery.


And don’t forget that FM is also a human being & make some mistakes. And strange though some of us are doing an imperfect way to be a human like stealing money, spreading hate speeches, using/selling illegal drugs, killing people, rapes women, etc., etc. Oh the humanity!!!

Sidney Lumpkin
If you strip away the BULLSHIT conjecture in this article and look at what Ferdinand Marcos and his wife did while they ran the country it becomes apparent that the guy was a thief and a scumbag of the lowest order. That is really alll there is TO it. To say he was ‘just another Preesident’ appears to be an attempt to absolve him of his wrong doings ,at best Or at worst,admit that every single President the country has had is just as big a thieving scumbag, which is true enough but Marcos is the only one to declare… Read more »
The Aquino Cojuangco political propaganda machine. And the U.S./C.I.A., demonized the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Sr. that we cannot even recognize him as a human being, like us, anymore. Marcos Sr. had his strength and weaknesses. They portrayed him as the ultimate personification of “evil”… The Aquinos did the constant demonizing, to put themselves on pedestals; as heroes and saints. They put their faces on our currency. They named airports, stadiums, buildings, etc…on themselves ! They are the ultimate narcissists ! When the Truth seeped into the “collective consciousness” of most Filipinos. The YellowTard Hordes of Aquino; his “hakot demonstrators”… Read more »

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