Filipino Irresponsibility, Perversion, Sadism, Stupidity, Hypocrisy: How Media Mirrors Its Audience

So, I’m assuming you’ve read my previous article and the overwhelming reactions to it.

Did it hurt? Well, I certainly hope it did. I haven’t even started yet, mind you. See, one thing I noticed about the lot of you, when people try to be nice, you just up and ignore them. It’s only when people hurt your feelings that you even start to pay attention. So just for you, I’m going to make everything hurt from now on. I’m going to show you that the butthurt that you’ve experienced so far is just the beginning of the pain you’re about to receive in this article as well as others that will follow it. This isn’t a friendly game of lawn tennis anymore, ladies and gentlemen. This is the intellectual equivalent of a mixed martial arts rumble and I hope you’re ready for the beatdown I’m about to deliver.

Also, let me make this abundantly clear, I’m not getting paid to write this article. Yes, I write stuff like this for free because I see it as my personal duty to wake you all from the delusion and ignorance that has essentially taken hold of your minds and, possibly, souls. As a matter of fact, even if Benign0 charged me $100 for every article of mine that he posts here, I would gladly pay it and even add $20 weekly as a donation for his troubles. See, I’m not doing this to make myself famous or rich. I’m doing this because something is seriously wrong with this country and, unless we act now, we are truly doomed as a people.


So let’s begin…

First off, I’m assuming that majority of you thought that when I spoke of the irresponsibility, perversion, sadism, stupidity and hypocrisy in my last article, I was excluding or exempting myself from them. Well, let it be known that no, I was not. I did not claim to be perfect in that article nor did I even imply it. You merely assumed that. I am a Filipino just like most of you with the very same flaws I mentioned. However, let’s just say that there have been certain twists and turns in my life that have changed me thoroughly and have made me see things in a light that’s very different from what most of you are accustomed to.

On Pinoy Irresponsibility

You see, more often than not, a lot of us just outright refuse to take responsibility for anything. Though I know a lot of you don’t want to admit it, we’d rather play the blame game or use the victim card instead of taking responsibility for our actions. Instead of owning up to our mistakes and misdeeds and seeing what we can actually do to fix them, we make up all kinds of excuses and rationalizations to get away from responsibility.

Here are some of the excuses I hear the most often. Now let me shoot down each one for you:

  • Don’t blame the people, it’s the corrupt government that’s making the Philippines the miserable place that it is!
    • Well, let me ask you, who elected the corrupt government officials in the first place? Or did they somehow magically become the leaders of the Philippines? You tell me.
  • The masses are poor so they have no real choice about their stance in life!
    • What about finding a job, working hard and saving money? Let me remind you that some of the richest people in the world started poor. Being poor is not an excuse to stay poor you know.
  • The masses are uneducated or illiterate, you can’t expect much from them!
    • What about the poor people who try to study hard so they can make something of themselves? There’s also the internet which just about everyone has access to which has tons of information on any given subject. Really, a lot of people are just lazy and are essentially just an insult to the kid trying to study by the light of McDonald’s and the homeless girl trying to read a book under a bridge.
  • People just want to have fun!
    • Aha, here’s a favorite. Did you know that a lot of drug junkies out there just want to have fun all the time? Now where does that get them? A rehab? Dead in an alley somewhere? Look there’s nothing wrong with having fun but having fun all the time is not realistic, sane or safe. At the end of the day, this kind of mindset only caters to alcoholics and drug junkies who only want to escape their troubles without actually wanting to face them.

I’m not asking anyone to be perfect, because I’m not either. I’m only asking that we start owning up to the bad things that we do rather than use scapegoats and excuses. Sure, not everything bad that’s happened in our country is our fault but we still need to admit the fact that we had a part to play in it as well.

On Pinoy Perversion

No, I’m not a pervert actually…


And unlike most of you, I’m not going to deny that! I love watching vintage Italian porn! I like actresses like Laura Angel, Venere Bianca, Rita Faltojano, Sylvia Saint, Karen Lancaume and many, many more! I make attractive women very uncomfortable with my gaze alone and I’m not going to lie about that!

However, while I certainly appreciate porn, I will never put it above more meaningful films like Schindler’s List, District 9 or Perfect Storm. If anything, porn for me is just a tasty side dish that I eat whenever I feel like it. It does not constitute my main meal and is reserved for those moments of boredom and lack of motivation.

Sexy or at least attractive mainstream actors and actresses are also the norm but I see them more or less as bonuses to already good movies. After all, even Schindler’s List had plenty of nude and sexy actors and actresses in it but they were never the point of the film. As I said, they’re just icing on the cake so to speak.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Philippines, people seem to be too focused on the icing instead of the cake…

For instance, when the movie Jose Rizal was released, I overheard a conversation between two women wherein one of them mentioned: “I’d rather watch Anakan Mo Ako than Jose Rizal.”

For those not in the know, Anakan Mo Ako was a bold film (the Philippines’ version of softcore porn I suppose) about a tribe of women looking for a man who can repopulate their diminished tribe. Look, like I said, I’m not going to hide my sexuality, but I can at least tell you that one film is more relevant than the other. Unfortunately, for those two women mentioned above, hot love scenes are apparently more important than the story of one of our greatest heroes.

Just so you know, I’m also a fan of Francine Prieto. However, I’m not going to put her film Liberated over something like Magnifico because, at the end of the day, Liberated was just a naughty interlude for me. It was never meant to be something taken seriously or waste good money on.

So yeah, I can easily admit to being more perverted than a lot of you, but mark my word: Nothing screams “pervert” more than putting immorality-themed media over more socially relevant ones.

On Pinoy Sadism

A lot of typical Pinoys find Vice Ganda’s comedy funny these days. So he makes fun of rape victims, depressed people and folks who aren’t exactly attractive and gets away with it because, for a lot of you, it’s funny. When called out, like the typical Pinoy, Vice Ganda plays the victim card and claims that people are simply attacking him because of his gender.

Okay, here’s a scenario:

Suppose one night Vice Ganda gets attacked by a gang of thugs. The gang of thugs then give him a Glasgow Grin. For those not in the know, that’s slicing open one’s cheeks with a knife to make them look like they’re grinning. For reference, the Joker of Dark Knight sports one. Do you think Vice Ganda would find that funny? Would you find that funny? Or better yet, would you find that funny if that happened to you?

The thing is, we like to laugh at other people’s expense but when other people do the same thing to us, we scream bloody murder. We like to insult foreigners, especially their appearances and traditions, but when they insult us, we bawl like the immature drama queens that we are.

On Pinoy Stupidity

Okay, how’s this for stupid?

already mentioned several times in my previous article that I did not choose the AlDub photo and that it was Benign0, the webmaster for GRP, who chose it. Benign0 also went on that it was not an attack on AlDub either, he just thought that it best represented Pinoy mainstream media. Yet still, a lot of commenters insinuate that I am attacking AlDub with my article even when it was quite clear that I wasn’t.

I swear, as I said, if it had been instructions on how to carry out an emergency medical procedure, majority of you would have probably injured yourselves!

I mentioned it again and again: No, I did not choose the picture for the article and no, I’m not attacking AlDub. Unfortunately, you people let your emotions get the better of you and assumed immediately that I was criticizing your favorite noon-time couple even though I never really said anything about them at all. At the end of the day, as I have said, you just saw what you wanted to see, heard what you wanted to hear and thought what you wanted to think. It never even occurred to you to consider what was actually being said before you acted like a bunch of children who won’t accept that Santa Claus is actually your dad and that the Tooth Fairy had been your mom all along.

Suppose, even if I put a warning on that article that clicking anything on it would get your computer infected by a powerful virus that will immediately erase your identity, bank accounts and other records, would you have clicked it anyway?

Then, there are those people who actually think that this article about Grace Poe is real even though I already wrote a disclaimer explaining that it is in fact a “spoof” or “comedy” article…

On Pinoy Hypocrisy

See, the problem here is, as I stated above, you all assumed that I’m implying that I’m perfect. However, I am willing to admit that I have all of these and more. What makes a lot of you more hypocritical than I am is that I’m sure there are those of you who will go to great lengths just to deny these accusations rather than simply accepting these things as aspects of their own personality.

We all have moments of weakness, there are no exceptions. But then again, denying your weakness won’t necessarily make them go away. Saying that you aren’t a thief won’t make people trust you if you keep stealing their stuff anyway. Saying that you aren’t a pervert won’t make the opposite (or same, in some cases) sex trust you if you keep getting caught masturbating with their underwear. Saying that you’re a nice won’t make people like you if they keep seeing you bullying people for their appearance. Saying that you’re smart won’t let you score big on an exam when you fail to follow even simple instructions.

Only by accepting our weaknesses and learning to work with them can we develop them into our strengths. It is through confronting the truth, no matter how difficult it is to come to terms with, can we hope to change ourselves for the better.

Now, let me utter my challenge again:

So you don’t believe you’re irresponsible, perverted, sadistic, stupid or hypocritical?

Prove me wrong…



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I came that you may know PAIN and have it in abundance…

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nice follow up Grimwald…you actually wrote more in length of what i commented on your previous blog..


This is what we,the society should be feeding our minds instead of the usual garbage the media feeds us. Superb perspective!I hope you won’t let shallow-minded bashers keep you from writing articles such as this. Do you have a personal blog or website I can follow?


LOVE IT!! I’m a regular reader of GRP and I happen to agree with the articles that tackle on the so-called Filipino pride and pa-victim mentality.

I too have observed these traits among us Filipinos and I believe that it is what’s keeping us from becoming a progressive nation.

I’m sad for our country ….

No Way Out
@ Purple Lady, the country is being held down by the corrupt oligarchs who control every aspect of the government. From the Congress, to the Judiciary and the Executive branch these oligarchs tell the puppets what to do and when to do it. The people do not matter, just as in the West now, the people have lost all power and representative governments only represent the 1% elites. To these oligarchs, the politicians are clowns that do their bidding, while they laugh and chuckle at the folly of the people who think they have a ‘voice’ in the say of… Read more »
No Way Out, you are EXACTLY what the article wrote about. ALWAYS have an excuse to blame others but yourself. Heck, even your user name reeks of denial and hopelessness. Govs will always be corrupt no matter where you are BUT if you SURRENDER your own dignity to them by always blaming OUTSIDE situation and relinquish your God-given ability to DO AS MUCH AS YOU HUMANLY CAN to upgrade and improve yourself, you only have yourself to blame. One simple example is this. You’re not the only pinoys living under the corrupt Pinoy gov, BUT how come there are PInoys… Read more »
Christian Exaltado

Great piece, Grimwald. Cheers!


There’s a lot of holier-than-thou air about you and this article sounds arrogant (with all due respect). I laud that though, and you especially for bringing up issues in the attitudes of our society without the fear of backlash. Your approach in writing is certainly far from constructive and mature and you struck a lot of people’s nerves (congrats for achieving your objective, btw). I can only hope those who’re butthurt can accept the reality instead of retaliate when it’s brought before them. Acceptance after all is the first step towards change.

No Way Out

@ Grimwald, The idiotic mind of the Failipino is known Internationally. Pointing it out is passe, so rather than piss people off, try praising those willing to change the status quo ?
You are certainly just going to get a negative backlash with essays like this.

Jim DiGriz

“…unless we act now, we are truly doomed as a people.”

The second part of the sentence is reality and it will not be changed by anyone.

I applaud your efforts by holding a mirror in front of their faces, but in all honesty, if you would take a nap instead of writing, it would have the same result.

This country is FUCKED! Period!

Zekira Drake

See, this is exactly the kind of attitude of that are not gonna get us anywhere. Giving up in the face of a big challenge is the same as killing what you just gave up on.

If no one’s going to make the push, then who? And then when someone actually succeeds, everyone just rides on the wave. Like, really?

This post falls neatly under the Irresponsibility section of this post. Funny how we have samples right in the comments section…

Dick S. O'Rosary

Whatever you say, you can’t prove Grimmwald wrong! Hahahaha. Belat face!

Anyways, seriously. Grimmwald pointed out the characteristics and the behaviors that manifest those characteristics of us as a Filipino. As you can see, none of those (irresponsibility, perversion, sadism, stupidity, etc) are desirable. Are you just going to bitch about them?


I say you do something about it. Study, work, learn, BEHAVE CIVILIZED. Do it, even if nobody around you is. If you got it in you, lead by example.



the aldub photo on the previous article was apparently a clickbait. and seems to be very effective coz almost all of the pinoy facebook users are so into aldub right now.


And so the ancient truth rings out once again. Before we can truly achieve anything we have to take a good, honest look at ourselves.

Honesty is the best policy.


nice article… and who or what is AlDub anyway? hahahaha

ice cube

Know your role and shut your mouth on Aldub — Joey D. (he still got it)

by the way what’s wrong with being critical about aldub?

just own it, wear the black hat…watch it, get the gist of it, and criticize it…welcome the hate


Bull’s eye! Kudos to the writer. I hope you write more, and I’ll invite some friends to read too. Thanks!

The masses are poor so they have no real choice about their stance in life! The masses are uneducated or illiterate, you can’t expect much from them! These are pathetic excuses! I see some poor people playing DOTA or putting too much time browsing FB. Nothing wrong these activities, it is just that there are other better use of internet to improve oneself. I have a friend who was poor and she only finished high-school due to financial trouble. She worked as factory worker and in a span of 10+ years she was promoted to leadership position in the same… Read more »

I’d like to suggest an edit to the quote…

Kung gusto may paraan. Kung ayaw, tamad!


I’m surprised that those who screamed bloody murder back on Grimwald’s article didn’t comment in this present article.

They just proven Grimwald’s claims in his article. I just laughed my ass off.

Dick s. O'rosary

I’m afraid that it was only the picture of alden and maine which caused the flood of comments.

Dear Benign0,

I humbly suggest that you put up the picture of Alden and Maine Mendoza again so that the same people who reacted in Grimmwald’s previous article will be attracted [read: baited] into reading this present article. Sadly, the readership of the previous article was unwittingly skewed towards Aldub fans who missed the point.

Ron Angelo
My question is what makes us different from any other country that simply changing “Filipino” to any other denomination would make this article wrong? It’s okay as a wake up call, I guess. But I don’t see this article as anything other than a pedantic rant. For example, I’d rather watch Lexi Belle than Heneral Luna. So what? I’d rather listen to Dong Abay than Miley Cyrus. Hastily generalizing those two women or anybody for that matter is not something I don’t recommend. Sure, there are individuals out there that fit your descriptions of the normal Filipino. But is it… Read more »
Yeah keep em coming Grimwald! Hit them hard! You know, kill-joy prophets were hated in the olden days (even stoned to death) because people didn’t like being told the truth (esp. in the middle of all their fun). The truth hurts. You took a lot of flak but you still keep going and going. There’s one word for people like you – Manhid. In stark contrast to typical tampuhin/irrational/butthurt Pinoys. So what’s your secret? Got depressed once, and finally overcame? You exposed much of the tip of the iceberg of the Pinoy psyche. Pages 5,6,7 in the ff would be… Read more »

@Grimwald. Not bad for a “depressed” guy, considering you’re the most prolific article writer around here.

I share the same passion you do to wake these guys up from their zombie state of utterly irrational behavior. I agree – you can’t be gentle at least not on zombies. We need to fight it out like Milla Jovovich does it in Resident Evil.

There is still a ray of hope. I myself wouldn’t be writing stuff like the ff if there wasn’t any:

BTW, would you consider running for higher office?


Failippines Mass Media–wonder as it may be technologically and something to be appreciated and valued–presents Failipinos with a serious daner, the danger of conformism, due to the fact that Failipinos all view the same things at the same time in all the cities of the Failippines.

I don’t see this article as constructive criticism. It’s more self-righteous. The problem I see in @Grimwald’s articles is that, the articles are too black and white. I am not any good Filipino citizen, but I am not sure I AM A TYPICAL Filipino. I’m selfish. Maybe self-serving. I seat in front of the computer almost 12 hrs a day. I work for myself. I loathe traffic, but I don’t do anything about it. Because, how? can I squabble with the traffic officers and demand them to make traffic easier? or can I man the traffic? I see a lot… Read more »

And I’m hoping someone will comment on my grammatical errors. *bow* thank you for your great service.


Seems like you missed this;

First off, I’m assuming that majority of you thought that when I spoke of the irresponsibility, perversion, sadism, stupidity and hypocrisy in my last article, I was excluding or exempting myself from them. Well, let it be known that no, I was not. I did not claim to be perfect in that article nor did I even imply it. You merely assumed that. I am a Filipino just like most of you with the very same flaws I mentioned.


Everything’s well said. On point and clear. Not the sweetest thing to read but a very eye-opening one.