A Culture of Exploitation

Greed has always been a big problem here in the Philippines, from the criminal syndicates that now run the country to the media moguls that dumb down the people. Almost always, it is the Filipino people who suffer and, at the end of the day, it’s almost like no one even cares anymore. However, upon closer observation, it has baffled me whether greed is the only problem that we have or do our issues run even deeper than we’d care to think. Going back to some of my earlier posts here in GRP, it’s like some of us are just too submissive to resist the much more powerful and much more corrupt elements of our society.

I think that our biggest problem is the fact that while some of us may indeed be “awakened” in some way, these few are far outnumbered by exploiters and the exploited, as mentioned by one commenter here in GRP. This system of exploitation is essentially a slave-master relationship, no matter how people choose to phrase it because it doesn’t seem at all that different from the way colonists treated their native slaves in days of old. One guy or one party holds the whip and the rest do what the holder of the whip says or else.

Need me to elaborate? Well, okay…

Everyone Tolerates Political Corruption

exploitation_philippinesOkay, this page as well as the various protesters we see here and there are evidence that not everyone puts up with corruption. Unfortunately, the fact that many of these scoundrels remain in power gives you a good idea that not that many people are willing to do anything about them. Sure, you can name all the politicians who are either corrupt or outright thugs, but I strongly doubt that you can get people to rise up against them and oust them from power.

Of course, one can surmise that most people are probably just scared. Well, I don’t blame them. A gun in your face or the face of your loved ones is one sure way to convince you to keep quiet. However, how many more tragedies do we have to put up with before enough becomes enough. After the death of the SAF 44, the loss of Mei Magsino and other journalists as well as the dangers faced by OFWs like Mary Jane Veloso and all those who need travel overseas just to make ends meet for their families, you’d think that most Pinoys would have learned their lesson by now.

Unfortunately, that is simply not the case. While lauded as a hero, Manny Pacquiao is still in cahoots with people like Chavit Singson who could probably be considered the Philippines’ champion asshole. Take note also that despite trying to make himself out to be another hero with the ousting of former President Estrada and a rather hilarious grade-B movie to promote his image, a lot of people still remain subservient to the current system and refuse to even acknowledge the fact that Chavit has cheated, bribed and killed so many in his career in politics.

Credit Grabbing Has Become The Norm

Now, a lot of Filipinos are indeed hard-working and industrious. Indeed, I applaud those who manage to succeed in life honestly and with a clear conscience. Unfortunately, like those who are politically awake, they are few and far between and are plagued mercilessly by those seeking to take credit for their successes.

Indeed, this is the true essence of “crab mentality”. In fact, I find it silly that many accuse us here at GRP for having “crab mentality” when its true meaning is forgotten by many of our accusers. Crab mentality is essentially trying to bring down others by either taking credit away from them or seeking to discredit them with the intent of tearing down their hard work.

Anyway, while I can attest to the fact that it took the effort of many to free Mary Jane Veloso from her predicament, it strikes me as wrong that only one or a few people want to claim credit for rescuing the poor OFW. At the end of the day, MJ Veloso has become similar to Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter whom a lot of people were fighting over because of the wealth she could bring to her potential foster parents.

Look, before you react again, let me tell you this. If you want to get somewhere in your life, then you have to go out there and do it yourself. The people you voted for, the celebrities you admire or your next door neighbor who became rich through the lottery probably won’t be doing anything for you. Remember, be your own hero. Don’t rely on others to bring you wealth or credit. Any positive changes must start from within you.

People Are Happy With The Status Quo

Let’s face it, our system is deeply corrupt. As a nation and as a people, we are largely insignificant on the world stage. Sure, there are quite a few of us who make it big like Manny Pacquiao or Charice Pempengco, but again, these people became what they are through dedication and determination. While they certainly support our people spiritually and, occasionally, financially, they can’t change the fact that a lot of Pinoys are content with being parasites. Just take note of the squatters who are all too often squatters by choice as while the government does indeed support them, they often leave their free homes out of sheer stubbornness and go back to being nuisances to society.

While this mindset remains in place, I can promise you that whatever progress we can make in our country will either be too late or insignificant, resulting in an even worse condition for our beloved country. While I do not believe that it’s too late for the Philippines to rise up and become something truly great, I think it is now trapped by distractions provided by the media and restrictions placed by the government. Unless we can free ourselves, then I can only imagine a bleak and terrible future awaiting the Filipino people.


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Jerry Lynch

How do I make a post here myself? It would be 2 letters written by a friend to various politicians and directly to PLDT about their poor service, which exactly mirrors that of Globe.

Sick Amore
Nice. Very nice article, Grimwald. In the case of MJ Veloso, nobody should take credit in the first place. You do what you got to do. If it’s your job, you do it because it’s your job. If you care, you do it because you care. That’s just that. Bakit kailangan magbuhat ng sariling bangko? Will it prove MJ Veloso’s innocence and free her from death row or jail? People who are dependent to their government, sorry, but they won’t go anywhere. They are simply puppets same as with the people who are crazy with what the media is showing… Read more »
Life cycle of a typical Trapo 1. Politicians are elected (with the best of intentions… or not. doesnt matter). 2. Politicians rise to power, spread their influence. 3. Politicians start to funnel taxpayer’s money. with their power and influence, people who know of their dubious activities are paid off, silenced, or do not come forward out of the fear for their (and loved ones’) lives. 4. Power and influence expands. The masses are aware of the corruption taking place (mostly thanks to second-hand stories passed over by the people in point 3), but the monster is bigger and badder than… Read more »
I still blamed the local media/networks for giving us trash issues in our plates as well as those trash telenovelas. What we have right now in the Philippines are the same things, we had, way back in 1986; the time when I’m starting to watch and appreciate local tv shows. But throughout the time, it became more boring and annoying to watch the same recycled stories such as the battle of Mayaman and Mahirap, Angel and Demons, Aswang, and Illegal Affairs; people tolerated these kind of things because most of them don’t have International Cable Channels; that was before. What… Read more »

In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the people.


“For lack of better term. Greed is good. It works…” from Gordon Gecko, movie: “Wall street”…

We as people love to be submissive. It is some sort of Sado-Massochistic mindset. The Political leaders know this mindset. So, however evil that Politician is; if he is popular. He/she can be elected and re-elected.

Erap Estrada is a good example. Chavit Singson, made himself a hero. Now, he is a waterBoy of Pacquiao in his fights.


luzon are politically corrupt i’m from San Juan City, NCR, 2nd district. status quo, popularity contest. etc. this is what kills us. tropa ko naging kagawad dahil sikat lang daw siya. hahaha! pakshet.
i hope that mommy mirriam’s bill that only taxpayers are qualified to vote is passed.
in the meantime this should be applied. punta tayo parliamentary taena yan. tapos 3 states: luzon, visayas, mindanao – federalism

para hindi madamay ang ibang islands sa mga kagaguhan ng tao sa luzon. lol.

“Even if you throw open the door, all they will see is the cage.” ~Ping Wu (Battle Angel Alita/Gunnm) As your article points out, part of the reason why the Philippines is in such a rut was because it was made that way by a few people who sought to exploit their fellow compatriots. Depressingly enough, thy succeeded. We now have a country full of deluded fanatics who despise what is right, whose sense of morality is dictated by their media, and people who are all too willing to shovel down local half-hearted mediocre works as “masterpieces”. In short, a… Read more »