Finished or not finished, pass your papers!

My teacher used to shout “finished or not finished, pass your papers” as we hurriedly tried to cram in answers to questions during written exams in grade school.  The same situation awaits President Aquino come June 2016.  There will always be unfinished tasks and unfulfilled promises in a politician’s term but eighteen (18) long months away there is still time to act before the final bell rings.

noynoy_aquinoPresident Aquino has inspired many with his honesty and sincere desire to rid the government of corruption.  It is only during his term that a Supreme Court Chief Justice was impeached and erring Senators were jailed.  He gets an A+ for his “Tuwid na Daan” crusade.

There are however major infrastructure issues that he should address (or at the least lay the groundwork for) before his term ends.

#1 NAIA, my favorite pet peeve and one of the world’s worst airports

I went through NAIA last November on my way home.  I could not help but stare at the P550 passenger service charge receipt I had when I was seated on the plane.  I do not remember ever paying such a fee at any airport I have been to.  (My company’s expense reporting system does not even have an item for such an expense!)  How in the world can the NAIA airport collect $12 and still be ranked as one of the worst airport’s in the world?

Our international airports are used by at least 15 million passengers (half of them OFWs) yearly.  15 million multiplied by $12 is a whopping $180,000,000 per year.  Where in the world does the money go?  There is something obscenely wrong here.  (The airport service fee has been levied on every airport passenger for more than 25 years!)

NAIA bears the president’s father’s name.  On behalf of the OFW’s, Mr. President please have a concrete plan (not just face-lifts or structural improvements at NAIA 1) to address the situation.

#2 A Looming Power Crisis

A friend who lives in Angeles City has readied a generator just in case there is a recurrence of the circa 1990s power outages.  The former energy secretary was apprised of the looming shortage of power as early as 2010.  Again, there does not seem to be a concrete plan to address the energy situation.  This issue has wide repercussions on our surging services industry.  The emergency powers that the president now seeks to address in addressing the power crisis would not be necessary had the issue been addressed and acted on early in his term.

#3 Broad Band

It has been some years since the ZTE broad band controversy. There does not seem to be an alternative proposal to address the poor state of the government’s IT infrastructure.  This is not only primordial for global competitiveness, it is needed for operational efficiency and a means to improve services to the “bossing’s” (a.k.a. Filipino people).

Bonus Points (to be earned if time permits)

Please review the performance of the people tasked with alleviating the plight of the Yolanda victims.  Let us measure the results delivered by governement agencies and develop a system for addressing future calamities.

Some say that 6 years is too long for a bad president and a bit short for a good president.  You have been good Mr. President, but as in grade school “finished or not finished you have to pass your papers” (by June 2016)!


About Soy Lagman

The author visits his family and friends in the Philippines every year.  He plans to retire in the Philippines.

Post Author: Soy Lagman

The author visits his family and friends in the Philippines every year.  He plans to retire in the Philippines.

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President Aquino has inspired many with his honesty and sincere desire to rid the government of corruption. It is only during his term that a Supreme Court Chief Justice was impeached and erring Senators were jailed. He gets an A+ for his “Tuwid na Daan” crusade. I’m sorry but I have to ask, what is your basis in saying he is honest and sincere in his desire to get rid of corruption in government? If he was really “honest” and “sincere”, he would have fired his budget secretary Abad when he got implicated in the pork barrel scam and DAP.… Read more »

You are giving him an A+? Makes me question what you absorbed from your teacher. No evidence? Guess you bought this explanation from Drilon hook line and sinker. Horay for Noynoy who always defends his allies and condemns his opponents. Who always lets the system runs it course. Where have you been all my life to illuminate my distorted view?? If you weren’t expecting pushback from the audience of this site then the more you should demand a refund from your teacher .

Jim DiGriz

Wow, I’m almost speechless after reading this time-waster.

That coconut has in no way improved this country. He has actually done the opposite. The Philippines has lost 6 years in which things could have been done, but weren’t. Poverty and crime have gone up while traffic in Manila is nearly collapsing. Billions upon billions have been stolen and no one has been held accountable. Mentioning the Chief Justice is laughable. That was nothing but a personal vendetta. As if anyone has been convicted… Give me a fucking break!


Back in the early 80s one of the first adult movies I ever saw went like this. Student gets an F. Goes to her teacher then one thing leads to another. While they are still in the process of one of one those things, the student hands the teacher the test back and he scribbles (somehow) “A+”. You are entitled to your opinion that Aquino’s “Tuwid Daan Crusade” deserves an A+ but then again so did that teacher giving out that grade. I also wonder which one of the two required more thought.

Nobody here is necessarily absolving Corona of any wrongdoing in the overall scheme of things. What was originally questioned about his impeachment was the manner with which it was conducted. The prosecution clearly displayed an astounding level of blatant incompetence and dishonesty which offended the legal sensibilities of Enrile himself who, as Senate President at the time, presided over the hearings. Much of the evidence presented by the prosecution was obtained illegally, downright false, or inaccurately organised or interpreted. You wonder, in fact, why that same amount of resourcesand energy that BS Aquino threw into the effort to impeach Corona… Read more »

Let us focus on what the article wishes to draw attention to – The major infrastructure projects that need urgent attention in the last 18 months of the present administration.

Don Timbol

A Noytard publishing an article at GRP? Now that’s new.


While the three issues raised are valid, for me, they point to Aquino actually being remiss and actually doing little to solve them. Aquino had four years, he instead focused attention on political enemies (ousting Corona, which isn’t an achievement at all). He certainly isn’t honest if he lied about JICA suggesting that Tacloban airport be moved to Palo.

He gets an F from me.


What a waste of time reading this article and to say that BS Aquino is an honest person? You’re crazy!!

Critical Thinker

I’m very impressed with the GRP community because this article was allowed to be published. If we are to have a truly open forum to discuss, we have to allow those who are outside the website’s worldview to have a voice, even if we disagree with their views. Cheers to a healthy discussion with regular, and hopefully to infrequent visitors who find their way here.

francisco santos jr

You said “finish or unfinished, pass your papers” we experience the same thing, except our teacher used “PLEASE” and so we continue, what happen if the teacher committed a mistakes!! what do you say to your teacher? well, in our time we (students) said, Sir!! simple follow cannot instruction” instead of the usual “simple instruction you cannot follow” hence, the filipino has spoken many times “get rid of corruption and corrupt officials” and so Mr. President we say again “simple follow cannot instruction”


I just read in an encyclopedia that ferdinand declared martial law because of some muslim seperatist and some chinese rebels. Anyways just leaving this in here.


Annoying Yellow Noytards…It’s like insulting the Crazy Frog on YouTube.

Hyden Toro09hy
Aquino has honesty? Where in the world this Yellowtard, has picked up this idea? A+, for “tuwid na daan”? The “tuwid na daan” has gone straight to the “bangin” already… Aquino has never started anything; he has nothing to finish. The DAP is a “clever” way to steal public funds, together with his cahoot thief:Abad. CJ Corona was impeached, to protect Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita, from Land Reform. Aquino is the most corrupt President and the most vindictive President, in Philippine History. He encouraged Patronage Politics. He used the Pork Barrel Funds to BRIBE Congresspeople and Senators, to bend to his… Read more »
…and this PNOY guy? LMAO, the Maguindanao Massacre is still un-solved, and the government has not prosecuted the perpetrators and is most likely waiting for the witnesses to die from being hunted down and murdered by the perpetrators family or natural causes/disasters. The Banana Republic that is the Philippines is just a Kleptocracy from the top down. The fee’s at the NAIA terminal is a prime example of the thievery that goes on there. NOWHERE else in the world are these fee’s collected.It is a disgrace and speaks volumes of what a dispicable bunch of thieves run the country. Soon… Read more »

Looks like this is the first and last GRP post of the great Soy Lagman. Who has not checked in since the first day. Noytards can’t withstand scrutiny. That’s why they are Noytards.


point of order, please. may i cite a comment from Gogs, to wit:
“…since you are as limp wristed as your idol Noynoy.”

was there intent to insinuate the following:
1. “limp wrist”, as in homosexual or effeminate?
2. there is something inherently wrong or flawed with being a homosexual person or being effeminate?

please clarify.


another point, please. also a comment from Gogs.
“That’s why they are Noytards.”

1. i presume that you are referring to the defenders of Aquino and his people as “Noytards”, an amalgation of “Noynoy” and “retard”. correct?
2. when you say “retard”, were you referring to people of different mental ability? and were you inferring that such people were somehow inferior?


Don Timbol uses “Noytard”. Hayden uses “Yellowtard”. i guess an iconic Presidential spokesman does not have a monopoly on labeling. these labels intend to demean the other side, but demean the issuing party more. need this be said? and i had hopes that this would be one of the more intelligent forums on the real state of the philippines. can we just stick to the cold facts, please.