Did VP Jejomar Binay Just Lose All His Credibility?

binay lalaban ako2So the debate between Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay and Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV won’t push through, eh?

Not that I think that the Filipino masses really care about a proper debate and would actually make a VERY early decision on who to vote for as President in 2016 based on how such a debate would pan out.

First, I think most Filipinos actually don’t know what a real formal debate is and it didn’t help that for years a popular Philippine “debate” TV show gave people the wrong notion of what a debate really is.  And, NOPE, sorry to say this but I doubt you can call flooding and hijacking threads of Facebook posts a debate either. Thing is, what most people would call a debate is really just people arguing and it would be great if they stuck to disciplined reasoning as well as rules of civility, but most people don’t. AND NOOOOO, for crying out loud, a debate isn’t about people taking turns talking fast on television either. Not even the self-proclaimed ‘geniuses’ and ‘soldiers’ who once shouted “Tulta munille!” have been seen to engage in a real and proper debate online.

Second, I think more Filipinos tend to vote for the candidate that they like and remember, more than anything else. And the reason why they like one candidate or another isn’t based on facts about that person or his/her politics, but more likely a misconception of who that person is and what their politics are. For a bunch of people who blame the President of their country for a whole slew of things, I think they tend to make decisions on who to vote for in the very same way that they decide on which brand of soap to use — they just look at the picture and read the product’s packaging claims.

In my view, the Binay-Trillanes debate is largely misunderstood. It’s not a debate in the formal sense or any sort of contest that will result in someone winning and someone losing. At least to me, what may be closer to the truth is that what we have been seeing over the past few days is actually just the hustle of main players laying down the groundwork for the monumental DEAL MAKING that’ll happen with the coming of the 2016 Presidential Election Piñata.

At this point, I’ll wager that some sort of deal has already been struck and the on going circus at the senate will draw its curtain. I have no idea what the details of that deal is, but it will certainly involve all the players coming away from the whole thing with their fortunes largely intact.

Ever wonder why any of the public contests between politicians never result in any kind of closure? (And while we are at it, let’s also ask, why did Philippine Independence have to be legislated by the US?)

If we looked at the whole thing as a round of deal making, all the corruption allegations hurled against Binay at the senate may just be a round of brinksmanship —  this is the practice of pushing dangerous events to the brink of disaster in order to achieve the most advantageous outcome.

The question is, for whose advantage?

In figuring this out, you have to consider King Noynoy Aquino may be open to suit because of the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP and of course, there’s also Hacienda Luisita to think about. Having what we can merely assume as incipient corruption cases hanging over Binay’s head could be an effective tool to dissuade him from acting in anyway against King Noynoy’s interests.

As for the supposed other contender for President in 2016, Secretary of Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas, the only advantage brinksmanship would hold for him is if things go so bad for Binay that he decides not to run.  But as it is, things don’t seem bad enough and conversations with a couple of political players seem to indicate that they’re still supporting Binay — at least for now.

And as for credibility?

There’s a rather apt quotation that bears posting here, and that is… “If you don’t know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter which road you take.”

The bulk of Filipino voters can’t see a future beyond their next meal or next pay check (if they’re lucky enough to have a job), how can we expect them to have any idea of what direction the country should take in the next six years?

Binay’s credibility would matter ONLY if the voting population actually had an idea of WHAT DIRECTION the next President should take.


Post Author: Paul Farol

Try not to take me too seriously.

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A good read Sir, thank you.

“The bulk of Filipino voters can’t see a future beyond their next meal or next pay check (if they’re lucky enough to have a job), how can we expect them to have any idea of what direction the country should take in the next six years?”
-*The Painful Truth.


There is always a deal made. Everybody on top are crooks. Crooks protect crooks.If the incumbent government really believed Binay was evil what happened in 2014 caused that Eureka moment? Government is there to protect their own and government composed of crooks. Its a win – win scenario for them and a lose- lose for us.




I will practise my right to absentee voting to vote BInay as president in 2016 lol. Foreign exchange would then be expected to soar through the roof after that, and by that time, I’ve already took my oath of renunciation trololol

Last paragraph is well said — just perfect. In the current brinkmanship, Binay is winning; the surveys confirm this. Binay does not care about his credibility, he is catering to the economic classes C, D and E, the mass of people that decides who becomes the president. We cannot even attempt how CDE defines credibility for they define anything universal based on particulars they may be individually in. It has nothing to do with what is good for the nation, and that is why they have elected time and time again bungling fools as leaders. Binay still has to be… Read more »
Proud Pinoy
Noynoy has made great progress for the country. We are at critical point in our history where we cannot afford to waste any more time and resources. That is why we should amend the constitution and allow Noynoy to run again for President as it is in our best interest to allow him to build upon his great achievements. Furthermore, Noynoy is the only Asian leader who can stand up to Chinese and Russian aggression. He has what it takes to keep these bullies in check. Noynoy will harness the power of the Filipino spirit and show the world that… Read more »
Beawolf Agatte

he he he there is a big difference between a Proud Pinoy and a Proud Noytard.


@ GRP, SO WHEN DID THE SCUMBAG BINAY EVER HAVE ANY CREDIBILTY ? PLEASE, enlighten me ?as far as anyone can see the guy has had ZERO credibility for as log as anyone can remember.
SO, what is up with that?

Sea Bee

Someone should ask Binay if he intends to pardon GMA and the # bandit senators?

Hyden Toro898
I have never seen a Filipino Politician with Credibility. They are all liars. We were bought by the U.S. from Spain; when Spain ceded its colonies thru the Treaty of Paris. So, we were part of the U.S. U.S. laws like the Tydings-McDuffie Law , had to pass in the U.S. Congress and Senate; to grant Independence to the Philippines. With a price: the Laurel-Langley Agreement… The Debate is important; to feel what the Candidates are thinking…or , if they are Boneheads or have little brains in their heads… What we have now, are Outside Appearances. They just wave, have… Read more »

First off,the little monkey puss has no credibility.It is impossible for the little monkey puss to lose what he does not have and so the supposition asked in the title of this article is a moot point, a non-issue.

Frankly, I’m a bit lost on the main idea of the article. It started about the alleged aborted debate between Binay and Trillanes. And then it jumped on the masses for not knowing what a real debate is and for not knowing how to vote. And somewhere along the way a ‘deal making’ or a deal was mentioned. However, the writer admitted he has no idea what the deal is all about. Whew! Finally, it shifted on credibility issue. Ending with a paragraph that talks about Binay’s credibility mattering depending the the voters’ knowledge of the country’s direction. I’m sorry,… Read more »