Why PNoy’s call for Filipinos to wear the yellow ribbon was an EPIC fail

One wonders why people are still surprised that Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III’s call to his people to wear a yellow ribbon in support of his personal war against the Philippine Supreme Court had fallen flat on its face.

BS Aquino continued behaving like a presidential candidate the whole time he was already President.
BS Aquino continued behaving like a presidential candidate the whole time he was already President.
It is a fact, that his and his family’s whole “Laban” (‘fight!’) thing had died a long time ago. We recall the way calls to the streets coming from his own mother, former President Cory Aquino had also been snubbed by a rally-weary people following a failed impeachment bid against then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2005.

Back then, the Opposition was supposedly faced with “no other option” but to call “the people” onto the streets after the incumbent government remained standing after an impeachment complaint against Arroyo failed to pass Congress on the 6th September 2005. The rallyists were to enjoy the support and leadership of Cory Aquino as its guiding beacon. Unfortunately for them this was, by then, one call too many after several years of street parliamentarianism since Arroyo’s ascent to power in 2001. And failed miserably it did. Bursts of little street protests sporadically erupted in Manila’s streets in the days following the House dismissal of the impeachment bid, but none even remotely approached the kind of numbers these would-be anarchists claimed they could mobilise.

Each were in fact smaller in number than the first big street rally in Ayala Avenue, Makati on the 25th July 2005 shortly after the release to the public of incriminating recordings of Arroyo speaking to a COMELEC official during vote counting back in the 2004 Presidential elections. Sunstar.com related an account of what transpired in a report published the day following the rally (excerpt below):

It looked like a huge street party with an interesting mix of characters… Street vendors were out in full force, peddling corn on the cob, boiled bananas, fish balls, deep-fried chicken gizzards on a stick and scoops of ice cream on hamburger buns…. Music and entertainment were another crucial component, keeping the crowds from drifting away. Pop stars crooned on a huge stage and the “Sex Bomb” dancers–a group of young women in tight white tops and blue capri pants–did the classic bump and grind.

Indeed, yellow-flavoured street parliamentarianism in the Philippines had already become a joke even back in 2005 when gimmicks had routinely become part of efforts mounted by organisers to “keep the crowds from drifting away.”

Amando Doronila wrote what reads like a eulogy to Pinoy-style “people power” in an Inquirer article on 09 September 2005:

One of the ‘truths’ that emerged from the dismissal of the impeachment complaints is that people power has been drained of its mystique as a magic formula to oust much-demonized leaders. The indiscriminate use of people power to overthrow unwanted leaders has drained its potency as a weapon for effecting political change. Its potency has been depleted by frequent use. The sputtering of protests after the House vote should be a rude reality check to Cory Aquino. She has been deserted by people power. And nothing could be more pathetic.

Back then, the lesson was already clear. “People power revolutions” (of the sort that happened in 1986) cannot be replicated by command. And as to those sporadic bursts of activist fervour that had erupted since 1986, it has been proven time and again that nothing of lasting consequence ever comes out of them.

This is the same conclusion University of the Philippines Law Professor Dante Gatmaytan articulated in the paper It’s All the Rage: Popular Uprisings and Philippine Democracy published in 2006 where he wrote…

Because it is temporary, people power does not claim to initiate structural reform. It is a declaration of outrage that dissipates when the immediate issue is addressed. It gives hope but cannot provide a blueprint for reform. The political processes are, therefore, left vulnerable to predation. People power may be triggered by the ideal of justice, but it cannot see beyond its own rage and—it lacks the vision of reform.Wandering aimlessly, it is easily hijacked by remnants of the state.

Indeed, President BS Aquino, in calling on Filipinos to wear a yellow ribbon to protest the Philippine Supreme Court decision to rule his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) unconstitutional, had, in effect, sought to subtract rather than contribute to an effort to build a strong nation. He aimed to achieve nothing out of it of consequence to the Filipino other than to assuage the personal slight he felt following the SC ruling. The only thing he inadvertently achieved was further bring attention to the fact that he has, for the most part of the last four years of his term as President, remained loyal to a party affiliation built upon an obsolete mid-1980s activist notion rather than exhibit allegiance to the national colours.


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Hyden Toro

Colors do not mean anything…it is just a political tool of the Aquinos to get what they want.

The DAP issue is a massive Thievery issue of Public Funds. It is your Money…your taxpayers’ Money they have Stolen. Why would you go and support someone, who have stolen your money? You love to be Robbed Blind?

Unless, you are a moron or mentally ill; you will go there and risk your life and limbs, to support the Thieves who stole your taxmoney…You will not get anything from it…they will benefit from it…

Thomas Jefferson

The Sovereign Filipino People are already awake. They know what the PDAF/DAP is all about. Come Monday the colors of the day would be peach, black and yellow(Guy Fawkes masks and judges protest). Rally to the flag people! Wave the red, white and blue!


INB4 jigs the dakilang mangongontrang noytard.

Thomas Jefferson
I suddenly have this weird thoughts. What if this whole political trouble is part of PNoy’s crusade of anti-corruption, which, who knows, he himself is the only one who knew since then? I suddenly think of it this way because this anti-corruption campaign is his main slogan since running into presidential seat in 2010. If this is true then I would admire him of his sagacity. From the abolition of PDAF, SARO, DAP to an eventual next prospect, the JDF, which happens consecutively. This maybe orchestrated by PNoy to disclose to the public the decades-old discretionary funds that were abused… Read more »

President Aquino is a weak president PERIOD

Thomas Jefferson

“Your decision is difficult to understand.”- BS Aquino HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!


Jigs, Kung walang corrupt , walang mahirap and wear the yellow ribbon are the epitome of non substantive rhetoric. How do you think your non accomplished idol got elected???

Tonyong Muta

Spoiler Alert:

Isn’t DAP created during Aquino’s term? (2011).

So why would he create something that (after serving some prupose) abolish it, “to make a point”?

He already had PDAF, JDF and other discretionary funds to “abolish” why did he not start at those outright when he assumed office?

Aren’t we getting way too much ahead with the conspiracy theories of PNoy’s “grand scheming of things”?

Not that I am questioning PNoy’s CAPABILITY to devise a complex scheme as Jigs proposes or trying to insinuate that he is way to stupid to actually come up with such an intricate conspiracy plan.


Hyden Toro

Aquino and Abad conspired to STEAL money in the National Treasury. They deviced a plan that cannot be easily detected by ordinary people.

Unfortunately, some of his co-conspirators, turned against him. They are now in jail, after “singing” a finely tuned “song” about Aquino’s bribery ; that resulted in the exposure of the DAP Thievery…


Entire country is a epic failure.

Hyden Toro
@Roly Dava: Aquino family sacrificed? They sacrificed to steal the lands of Tarlac called Hacienda Luisita. They sacrificed to connived with the NPA to protect Hacienda Luisita. They sacrificed to protect corrupt people, who patronize them. Daan matuwid? Going more “dawn” na deeper poverty of people. And straight to the “bangin”… Aquino and Abad sacrificed to connived together, to Steal money from the National Treasury thru the DAP. Aquino sacrificed to use Pork Barrel Funds, to bribe Senators, to impeach SC Chief Justice Corona. Lock up corrupt people? Aquino lock up political enemies. He protects corrupt friends and party mates/cahoots.… Read more »

I feel sorry for the Filipino people so much. They are so trusting and hopeful for the future of the Philippines. They want things to be ideal and they project it into the president. They want Pnoy to be a hero, even if the sad reality is that the president is just a mechanism for the chinese elites of this country.

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