Ambiguity and lack of intent – creative devices lost on Pinoys

For all the exposure that da Pinoys have to not only Western culture, but other Asian cultures, you would think that some of their more creative aspects, such as literary devices, would have rubbed off on them. Yet no, there remains a sizable part of the Pinoy population who remain imprisoned by their “heritage of smallness”, the inability to see the bigger picture, and their predilection towards finding offense in everything that they come across.

One such striking example we have recently come across is that of a commentator, by the name of “jong” from the Filipino Freethinkers, who made much ado about nothing in this portion of Ilda’s most recent write-up:

In the same manner, it is easy to judge Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino by the way he treats his political enemies particularly former President and Pampanga Congresswoman, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA).

Commentator jong regarded the above statement as “tantamount to name calling”, and that it seems out of place with the finer points established in the article.

So how do ambiguity and lack of intent fit in?

It is clear and evident that BS represents the initials of our President’s first name. Somewhere along the line, our “dear leader”, developed an ability to spout statements and to do actions within the scope of his presidency that ultimately amounted to bullsh*t. So put them together, BS Aquino can mean Benigno Simeon Aquino, and/or Bullsh*t Aquino.

The thing with the “BS” moniker is that it is an acronym which is open to multiple interpretations. In short, it is ambiguous. The author did not exactly give any reason for wanting to use BS, not that she has to; it’s a literary device! Therefore, since the use of the acronym is ambiguous, it is impossible to definitively glean or infer exactly what the intent of the author was in using BS. In short, there is lack of intent/motive.

Ambiguous statements are useful when an author desires that the readers draw their own conclusions from the context. If one can noisily claim that the author’s intention was to emphasize the “bullsh*t” definition, then that’s the bias of the reader, not the author. The reader has no right to claim that that was the intention of the author because:

1) He/she didn’t write the article
2) He/she gravitated towards his/her own biases, but blamed the author for putting it in his/her head

What exactly is difficult about taking statements at face value anyway? Kind of hard to grasp for a Pinoy mind that chooses to judge and/or suspect instead one that seeks to understand or just accept, isn’t it?

Perhaps, if jong had asked what Ilda’s intentions were in using BS instead of telling her outright what he thought it was, then this “debate” would not have occurred.

If you claim to be free from the dogmatic thinking of religion yet you cannot overcome the inborn Pinoy predilection toward judgmental thinking, paranoia and pettiness, then exactly what is your thinking free from?!

No wonder our country remains Asia’s basket case. Because we imprison ourselves with such “small” and “unimaginative” thinking, we remain unable to “move on” while we’re being left behind by other people who didn’t “sweat the small stuff”.


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А вы, друзья, как ни садитесь, все в музыканты не годитесь. - But you, my friends, however you sit, not all as musicians fit.

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А вы, друзья, как ни садитесь, все в музыканты не годитесь. - But you, my friends, however you sit, not all as musicians fit.

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How about you become president and receive such awful criticism?


Epic fail excuse vincensus ignoramus. Why? Will you gonna vote him in 2016?


Here’s a columnist who used the initials “BS” in his article. It was even written in 2011:

BS Aquino III is not president?


blood sugar aquino

this post was great until (in true grp style) author managed to turn it into another bash piece against pinoys. please do not flatter jong by making him representative (mascot?) of the filipino people. filipino humor for example is full of double entendres and ironies…

Domingo Arong

Fallen Angel:

Google the following BS Aquino:

–BS Aquino National High School, Concepcion, Tarlac
–BS Aquino Drive, Bacolod City
–BS Aquino Avenue, Bagong Nayon, Baliuag, Bulacan
–BS Aquino Avenue, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
–Barangay BS Aquino Jr., Norala, South Cotabato,

I’ll probably stumble into a BS Aquino Barbershop later. Will let you know.


It could could also mean an interjection such as; “But Sire!” from one of his staff to get his attention since he is Royalty…..:-)


@Fallen Angel

Kudos to your nice post.

Again, the issue is comprehension. Their comprehension.

BTW, I have in my FB Note this Penoy’s Obama-esque note.

Penoy was Noynoy then, suddenly, he became Pinoy during his presidential campaign.

Just like Obama. He was Barry Sotero then this Barack Obama’s name (and he does not want to have the “Hussein” in his name even up to present time).

“BS” Aquino…

For me he is Penoy or Benignoramus. That’s a name calling but calling himself Pinoy is also a name calling in my book.


I remember the campaign website of Noynoy Aquino having a whole bunch of campaign promises. I did a quick Google just now ” noynoy aquino campaign promises”. I did not see any url of any official Noynoy site reminding us of what he is accountable for. It’s like it swept under the rug. Sweeping under the rug and lack of accountability. Sounds like “BS” to me.

Hyden Toro

No matter what you say, we have become Wowoowee people. We already degenerated to YellowTards. Most of us, are watching senseless Telenovela. We listen to the “good” advises of Kris Aquino, on Kris TV. Boy Abundia is also our source of good advises. So, I’m not surprised, if we elected a barely literate Senator, like Lapid…and a President with questionable sanity and competence, like Noynoy Aquino…


Many are bashing ABS CBN here, here is a fact about the broadcast corp:

ABS CBN is Number 1
in overall
ratings, Local Box Office
Movie Charts, Local Music
Album Productions, sold out live concerts, other
multimedia platforms,
patronized artists and
many more.
Others say they are
number one in AGB Nationwide TV ratings

So whether you like it or not, you still watch. Lumabas na si Black Lily kahapon sa Walang Hanggan.


So you watch that crap fishcrap? It is no wonder that you are always showing us how STUPID you are.

Bettet lay off watching channel 2 because it is becoming
clear that your brain is getting smaller because of their shitty and retarded shows.


good article fallenangel

as i posted in ilda’s article, fact is, it’s not our fault dear leader’s initial is “bsc aquino”. it just is! why don’t jong complain to cory or ninoy for naming their kid that way. i agree, it’s the reader who puts meaning to it, and declares it name-calling.

Hi Fallen “F” Angel. You’re right. Saying “Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino” in no way intends to prejudice the reader, whether explicitly or subliminally, against Noynoy as a bullsh*t president, because those letters happen to be part of his initials and that’s how we are supposed to refer to people, right? It’s not enough to simply call him BS Aquino, like what the Daily Tribune did in 2011; the initials should be emphasized by placing them under quotation marks right after spelling his given names: Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino. Because initials are not supposed to be used for the convenience of… Read more »

Darn. And all I ever thought was “BS” was “Balding/Single”. Leave it to the yellow herd to attach swear words to the mundane. *snicker*


Contrary to the pronouncements made here, the Filipino is not a literary savage; but try merely living and coping, and see if you can concentrate on enriching the Filipino language with literary devices.