Why liberals are to blame for the ban on US immigrants and everything else to follow

Just recently, US President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order placing a ban on US immigrants coming from seven Muslim-majority nations. The news spread like wildfire overnight, and airports are on the frontlines resisting protesters. Normal flights are disrupted as even legal immigrants aren’t spared from “extreme vetting” and are thus prevented from landing on American soil or are deported immediately upon arrival. Around 130 million people are immediately affected by his Executive Order. Protesters plead for Congress to nullify the Executive Order while some state leaders protest by allowing the targeted citizens to stay in the US. All eyes are on President Donald Trump, and many are looking to put a bullet in his brain, but who is really to blame for this? Let us analyze the sleight of hand that happened here.

A President wins by having stances that resonate with the majority; after all, that is the purpose of Democracy. President Trump won because the people got tired of the wicked ways of the left. Liberals have long abused their way of life, and the silent majority decided it was time to put an end to it. Enter Donald Trump. He knew that it was the right time to run, the right place to run, and the right way to run, and so he won. Now, the silent majority is silent no more, but why was the majority “silent” in the first place?

Liberals have an air of arrogance, immaturity, insensitivity, pretentiousness, an inflated sense of entitlement, and worst of all are hypocrites. Amidst all these shenanigans, they have the audacity to take the moral high ground. Upon setting their agendas pretending to represent the people, they have shunned everyone that will go against their wishes instead of initiating a discussion with the rest. Have you ever heard the words “racist”, “homophobia”, “xenophobia”, “misogynist”, “Islamophobia”, or even “bigot”? Well chances are liberals love to use that, and they have done so in a clever way. If you were to draw a language map, it is literally impossible to debate with them without stepping on any of these lines. They have done this slowly over decades starting with their gay agenda. Upon seeing its success, they implanted further changes to society with feminism, gender studies, and political correctness. People have endured them and before you know it, they have control over what you say and do.

In a shocking irony, this very set of rules have backfired on them in the last election. The results show a drastic difference between election results and previous polls, but it shouldn’t be a surprise to people like me who can see the patterns. How can the people speak freely during the polls when people who want to vote for Trump would be labeled either a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, misogynist, bigot, or even all of it simply because of their stance? Of course, I’m sure liberals have a perfect way to justify these labels. They always do, don’t they? So, the people bowed their heads and kept quiet, and they took revenge by voting for Trump. Yes, ladies and gentlemen! The liberals created President Donald Trump!

While I do not intend to discount the fact that there really are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist bigots, there are also people who have genuine concerns and fears, but what did the left do? They shunned them and called them labels instead of opening a dialogue to discuss their concerns and find a diplomatic solution to address these concerns.

The racial profiling of the NSA was shrugged off as racism.

To raise security concerns regarding illegal immigration was shrugged off as xenophobia.

To raise security concerns regarding radical Islamic terrorism was shrugged off as Islamophobia.

To raise concerns regarding abortion was shrugged off as misogyny.

To raise concerns regarding the general stances of the liberals was shrugged off as bigotry.

How then do you expect to unite a country and ease its people’s fears? It is not like only the liberals have a voice in the matter, but that is certainly the direction they wanted to take, but thank God for President Trump who arrived just in time to represent the wishes of the other half. Had the liberals opened a dialogue with them across time instead of whining like a bunch of kids who lost and got a participation trophy, then maybe they wouldn’t be in such an extreme position. Now, they no longer listen to you, and by you, I’m talking to the liberals. They will no longer listen to you, and rightly so that they do not. Now, how does it feel to be on the very same short end of the stick that you placed us before? Ironic, isn’t it? Well, get used to it. For too long you have screwed us over, and now the tables have been turned. This is where it ends for you, and this is just the beginning of the end for you. Remember that everything happens from here on out is on you. You have caused this. You have created this. So, savor the aroma of consequences as I enjoy every moment that you suffer. Now, it is your turn to take a bow, and speaking of which, let me end this article by singing a song for you from Rihanna:

But you put on quite a show, really had me going;
Now it’s time to go, curtain’s finally closing;
That was quite a show, very entertaining;
But it’s over now, go on and take a bow


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Vladimir Santos is a divergent writer. He avoids government-level politics. Instead, he promotes modern conservatism as a means to solve societal issues innate within Filipinos. If an article you see is not about bashing a politician, it's probably his.

15 Comments on “Why liberals are to blame for the ban on US immigrants and everything else to follow”

  1. If Trump really had some balls, he would also ban immigrants and people with green cards from Saudi Arabia )and other ME countries as well). But he didnt (so far). Anything to do with oil? So for now, Trump is hypocrite to me

    1. above all, trump is still a businessman. notice that the concerned countries/citizen have no potential benefits whatsoever to give to the us.
      saudi arabia, on the other hand, has strong ties with the us, and still may be used as they are still the largest exporter of oil to the us. and with the global price of oil dropping, you can expect the us to get the most of it (as they just keep their own oil reserves as, well, reserves).
      despite a lot of radical islamic terrorists are saudi arabian, do not forget that they are still considered criminals in their own country.

      1. Yes, yes, we know DT’s a fucking douche, but that’s not the fucking point, is it?

        One of the cardinal rules of diplomacy is that one doesn’t work it over like a business, where only profit margins are important. Securing goodwill and building enduring alliances is orders of magnitude more important than sheer revenue alone; that’s why NATO exists, that’s why Iraq is a valued partner in the fight against ISIS and Islamist terrorism, that’s why Obama made every effort to bring Iran to the table regarding its nuclear program and finally got Iran to sign the deal.

        Now, not even two weeks into his… whatever shit out of sHitler’s playbook he and his minions are trying to pull… he’s not just pissing on everyone, he’s setting the world on fire.

  2. Lasa,
    where did those guys came from who started 9/11; wWhere did the Boston brothers came from; where did the Florida shooter came from?

  3. No, Vlad, you don’t get to blame DT’s rise on liberals in America or anywhere else.

    Fact of the matter is, nearly all issues raised by the wannabe sHitler in his war against reality itself are either baseless, misinformed, or bigoted.

    Fact of the matter is, you’re mad as all fuck less and less groups of people are oppressed or fagshamed or slutshamed or bitchslapped or lynched or exterminated than ever before.

    Fact of the matter is, your advocacy of “modern” conservatism is nothing more than a return of the repressed — you just want to make America a fine good place for bigots (of the Stormfront or Daily Stormer or whatever) again.

    Fact of the matter is, you fume and rage over hatred and bigotry not being a universal norm anymore.

    No, Vlad, don’t blame American liberals for DT. Blame DT for DT — he was a super callous fragile racist sexist Nazi con man from the day he, poor thing, got his first million from his poor papa dour.

    Enough people were taken in by him — or chose to see what little positive they could string up in him — to vote him as president. But winning the way he did gave him no mandate to throw the USA and the world into chaos as he has.

    1. Bob, just name those ME countries, aside from the seven that Trump included in his travel ban. That’s all I am asking.

  4. The Liberal Democrats, created this mess in the first place; by trying tp overthrow, Pres. Bashar Al Ashad of Syria. Obama withdrew the U.S. troops, too soon, from Iraq; and after withdrawal, the remnant of the late Saddaam Husseins loyalist Army, filled the vacuum. They were armed by Obama and Hilary Clinton, to fight and overthrow, Pres. Asshad of Syria. Instead, they became ISIS, headed by a Caliph, named: Al Bagdhadi..

    The Calipahte capital is in Raqqa, Syria. ISIS fighters and terrorist had penetrated the refugee program of the U. N. They are already in Europe, and are trying to sneak into the U.S. !

    Any sovereign nation has the Right to deny entry, to any foreigner into their country; refugees included.
    Non citizens cannot demand entry into the U.S., in any way…

    The Democrat liberal created this mess…by interfering in Syria, Lybia, Yemen, etc…
    Now, they are howling, because of the influx of refugees ; and extreme vetting required by Pres. Trump. These Liberal Democrats are running around like crazy !

  5. Where were the objections before people were made refugees? Oh, that’s right. The land of the free and the “liberator” itself couldn’t be wrong in its endeavors. How can you challenge their hedonistic ways and me-first attitude? It’s what you emulate for freedom’s sake, no?
    Next thing- Unity. Right after people have lost the ability to think independently. They’ve managed to dumb people down just in time for the age of info, right? People sense that something’s off, but we shouldn’t let our guards down. No matter who it is in office. Case in point: Obama and his then promise of change after the Bush rule.

    1. You are correct. Obama, Bush and Clinton blew up the Middle East, and terrorist groups formed as a result. The U.S. has no business there, as these countries were not a threat.

  6. Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.

  7. Have you ever heard the word “liberal”? That’s what people call you whenever you voice out your anger at a racially motivated crime which YOU sometimes happen to be at the receiving end. That’s what people call you whenever you are indifferent about having sex outside of marriage. That’s what people call you when you support universal healthcare where a large percentage of the population have no access to. That’s what people call you for being an Atheist. That’s what people call you when you are smart enough to be admitted to Harvard and start your own company. blah blah blah

    If you’re going to blame people, point your finger at those who are truly responsible. Not a group of people who don’t all share the same beliefs. Liberals from A are not the same as Liberals from B. We may coincide on some beliefs but not all.

    “These aren’t the liberals you’re looking for.”

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