Why Donald Trump Would Never Win A Presidential Election in the Philippines

Donald Trump is known for being a real estate mogul in the United States, host of The Apprentice, business author, and most importantly, a Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential Elections, He is dominating the polls in almost all states as we speak. On a more personal level, he is known to be frank, aggressive, insulting, boastful, politically incorrect, obviously very rich, full of himself, target of hundreds of civil lawsuits, disrespectful, a douchebag, and racially-discriminating, among many other negative adjective his haters can say because of jealousy. Oh, did I mention that he is honest? Yeah, they left that out, huh? What a shame!

Amidst all the negative aspects of Donald Trump, honesty is what keeps him alive in the elections. Notice how he rarely makes use of a scripted speech unlike, say, current President Barrack Obama as well as generally every other politician. I guess this proves how honesty trumps (pun intended) all these other adjectives. You cannot call him a murderer. He is neither dishonorable, nor corrupt. He is against “political correctness”, something we both agree on is merely a way for the inventors of this concept to try and control what we can say and cannot say while these people are free to move around. This is the price one must pay for complete honesty! It includes not being politically-correct and generally less filtering of words.


He is also against illegal immigration, but since this topic is about the Philippines, we will not go into that much. He is against gun control, something that we both have in common. After all, gun controls prevent law-abiding citizens from having guns, but it does not prevent law-breaking citizens from having guns; that is why they are called criminals, just so you know. The term refers to people who break the law. Suppose I was a lawbreaking citizen, and suppose I know I am one, then no matter what law is imposed, I simply would not care, and that is why gun control policies simply put law-abiding citizens at a disadvantage from the “sickos and mentally ill” as Trump would call them. Finally, he speaks in black-and-white and uses simple terms. He is not like those other politicians whose loyalties you cannot really readily work out, where they stand on certain issues, etc. Do not, however, interpret his preference for simple words as indicating a lack of intelligence.

In America, you can clearly see the split between his fans and haters. Some people there feel that he is too arrogant, and I can respect that, not because of how they said it but because of who they are. On the other hand, some feel that he is a necessary figure and a fresh face in politics.

Here in the Philippines, Donald Trump does not stand a chance with the bobotantes for many reasons! But before I go into that, let me describe the bobotantes. These are the people who are gullible, family-oriented (please see my other article to see what is wrong with being so), easily-bought-for-a-P500-vote, stupid, and refuse to be educated, with a crab mentality issue, who like to blame the government for practically all of their problems, yet desperately cling to them, calling anyone richer than them an elitist if they are not humble, and vote by applying the most stupid criteria such as handsomeness, number of movies starred in, etc.

These are the same people who refuse to acknowledge that their way of thinking is what keeps them poor, which is basically what every “how to be rich” book is saying, and so instead of learning from the ways and thinking of the rich, they would rather spite them, call them elitist, call them thieves, etc. These are the people who do a lot of stupid actions that result in their demise, yet when a white foreigner comes by, they would hide it with a smile and sugarcoat all of it as “Pinoy Pride”. Speaking of white people, I find it disgusting how gold diggers love to open not only their doors but also legs to these people. I guess it goes both ways: women are at fault because they have to depend on men for income as well as generally like “imported goods” better than the local ones, and men for being such incompetent, alcohol-induced, lotto-dependent, and lousy bachelors for them. All of these can be summed up into a single term from hereon called “Filipinos”, and I want to change this! Anyways, let us not get carried away with the insults and criticism. I have introduced both sides, and it is now time to integrate them. After all, this an article about both of them. Now imagine Donald Trump is a Filipino, born Filipino, spoke Filipino.

First, Donald Trump would never win a Presidential Election in the Philippines because he is not humble! Notice how successful Vice President Jejomar Binay’s campaign is with the gullible, easily-bought-for-a-P500-vote…oh wait! I was supposed to summarize that as “Filipino”, right? Okay, let’s try this again! Notice how successful Vice President Jejomar Binay’s campaign is with the Filipinos! He inflicts derogatory terms to himself. The Filipinos respond positively to this “humble” gesture. Even though you, the readers, the last hope of this nation, can see through his pretentious bullshit (and I commend you for that), the rest cannot for obvious reasons. For whatever reason, humility seems to be a top priority for Filipinos, and I can see that it is not out of a genuine reason of seeking goodness, but simply a variant of crab mentality. They do not feel comfortable seeing someone who is not humble. They are threatened, forced to evaluate themselves which they do not want to do. They are met with insecurity that they should not blame on anyone else but themselves.

Second, Donald Trump would never win a Presidential Election in the Philippines because he is an elitist! This is somewhat close to the issue of humility. He is not afraid of flaunting his riches, something that understandably split the crowd in America, which I respect. Here in the Philippines, anyone who tries to do that would get no support from the Filipinos. Rather than focusing on the point that he is rich because he has been through so much in life, made the right decisions, and no longer needs to be corrupt (which is the most important reason by the way), Filipinos would rather spite him! I know because I too, though obviously not as rich as him, am called an elitist for the things I say. “Oh, taga-La Salle ka kasi kaya napaka-elitista mong hayop ka!”. Perhaps even now some of you may call me that, and with that term comes the notion that I am a bad person, spits at Filipinos and berate them for the sake of doing so, for the sake of pleasure and maintaining power, etc. You may not believe me, but I have seen what true “elitists” are, and these are not the people who write articles that criticize Filipinos because they want them to improve, who would want to run for President someday, who would support agricultural sector development. These true elitists are those who will not even bother to notice you! These are the people who would not even listen to you, say sorry, or even bother to look at you when they bump your shoulder along the street. These are the real elitists!

Third, Donald Trump would never win a Presidential Election in the Philippines because he is boastful! “I believe in bragging about yourself” as he said one time. If that does not prove that he is boastful, I don’t know what will. He actually admits it. In America, that sells. Here, Filipinos would vomit at the sight of it! I guess this sums up the two characteristics before. He brags that he is smart, which is probably applicable to Sen. Miriam Santiago as well, and may even be the cause of her probable loss in the 2016 elections. I guess Sen. Santiago should act dumb as well, you know, just to level down with her voters? Trump likes to brag that he is rich! Nothing makes a candidate lose immediately than bragging that he or she is rich! Like I said before, being rich can signify that he no longer needs to be corrupt to have money because he already has it. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but probably improbable, but definitely not justifiable anymore. I’m sick of how corrupt employees in the government are caught on tv and then play the family-oriented victim card “kailangan ko lang po ng pera para mapakain pamilya ko”. When Filipinos hear the word “pamilya”, don’t their hearts just melt?

Fourth, Donald Trump would never win a Presidential Election in the Philippines because he was not born poor! Nothing gets the hearts of Filipinos like that good ol’ rags to riches bull! But what am I saying? Even Henry Sy who started from the bottom and ended up on top is one of the most hated people by Filipinos, so I guess in any way you look at it Filipinos will really find a way to hate you when you are successful in life. Ah, classic crab mentality, isn’t it?

Last but not the least, Donald Trump would never win a Presidential Election in the Philippines because he is “politically incorrect”. Filipinos hate liars as much as anyone else, but they also can’t stomach the hard truth. This is one of the reasons Donald Trump is such a hit in America. Notice that when he speaks to the people, he rarely reads a script word-for-word. It means that he memorizes the outline in his mind, and when he steps into the cameras and in front of the audience, he speaks whatever comes to mind. If that is not complete transparency, I don’t know what is! It does not matter how one can try to justify it, but filtering your words in any way, making it politically-correct, more respectful, less harsh, less intense, are all ways to lessen the complete truth, because the complete truth exists within the mind, and when the exact words formed in the mind are the same words said by the mouth, only then is there complete transparency! The truth shall set you free? No! The truth TRUMPS all!


About Vladimir Santos

Vladimir Santos is a divergent writer. He avoids government-level politics. Instead, he promotes modern conservatism as a means to solve societal issues innate within Filipinos. If an article you see is not about bashing a politician, it's probably his.

17 Comments on “Why Donald Trump Would Never Win A Presidential Election in the Philippines”

  1. One can be an honest douchebag and still be a douchebag.

    Fortunately, the American presidency has rested its laurels on a different set of leaders. It does not need Trump; Trump needs it.

    (I’m leaving aside the obvious problem residing in one of the United States’ richer businessmen getting elected to the presidency — the exorbitant influence of bidness on government has been a huge problem for nearly as long as the country has existed, though never is it so all-pervading, and the threat to republican government or to the democratic experiment never so grave, as it has been in the last three decades, from the disastrous presidency of Reagan to the all-corroding second term of that son of a Bush.)

    1. Reagan? Disastrous? One of the few US presidents who enjoyed 90% of approval during his tenure and upped the prestige of the country by leading the way to the unification of Germany for instance.

      You’re of many things, but I’d never thought you’d be such a complete left sucking ingrate.

  2. Sites Politico does a Fact Check of the statements made by Politicians or people running for Politics like Trump. You can check it out and it shows Trump’s statements are 60 to 70% false and 0% is considered completely true.

    I think calling him honest is a bit of stretch

  3. Here we go again using the US as an analog. get real Philippines you are not the 51st state. Maybe compare yourself to Latin American countries it makes for better analysis.

  4. First, Donald Trump will never dare to run for any public office, in this “hell hole country”.
    There are too many problems to be solved; that neither Trump or anybody else, running for President, can solve.

    The Filipino culture is dysfunctional; the Filipino mindset is appalling; the Government in the Philippines is very dysfunctional.

    I believe , Donald Trump will ever have a second thought in deciding not to run for President in the Philippines.

  5. There are some errors. At first, Donald Trump does not lead the polls for the election itself, he leads the polls for the primaries against all other republican candidates. He does not lead in polls against Hillary Clinton.

    Second error is the origin of political correctness. I refer to the Wikipedia article rather than working that out in detail.

    Armed self defense against criminals doesn’t work. To see this simply loot into countries where guns are widely available such as US or Philippines. There are just a few isolated cases documented whee a dun owner was able to defend himself. To be able to do so you need many hours of training in police tactics. Just a few weekends of shooting practice is not enough. Think of a woman who is attacked by a rapist. Pepper spray and some martial arts skills are more efficient to defend herself than a gun. Think od an armed street robbery. If you attempt to draw your gun you will be killed immediately.

    In Europe there is strict gun control. Far most criminals don’t have one. Only internationally operating gangs may have illegal guns but rarely use them. And if they use them then mostly to fight eachother in a gang war or to defend themselves against police.

    And now imagine you give every Filipino a gun, what would happen? Maybe the fastest program against overpopulation?

  6. While I do see your point, Donald Trump is just a “gimmick” IMO.

    His bluntness and honesty is refreshing for either the US or Philippine politics.

    Besides that,i see no other positives in him.
    He is ultimately a businessman turned into a joke politican-to-be with sexist and racist(or attracts racist (see first comment of this article)) attitudes.

    I can only see a Bush 2.0 if he becomes the president

    Either that or he is pulling a George Wallace (unlikely).

  7. God forbid if t-rump wins the election. i think he stands a good chance to win the republican primary (something the rnc/roger ailes/koch bros are not so happy about). which makes the election a battle between bernie and hillary.

    I hope bernie wins so he can steer the most powerful nation on earth towards a more democratic-socialist stance ala nordic countries.

    i shudder to think trump’s bravado going up against putin’s ego-maniacal whims. playing nuclear “chicken” with the entire world as their unwilling passenger.

    1. Florina is the one who is a warmonger.

      Trump maybe full of bravado, but he’s a businessman at heart, he’ll not do something that stupid. He’s one of the few candidates who don’t want to involve the US in the Syrian conflict and prefers talking with Putin if you watched the CNN debate.

  8. Trust me. The “Donald”will not dare run for public office in the Philippines. He will FIRE everyone in his cabinet due to Gross Incompetence and Massive Narcisstic Personality Disorder. He don’t want any stiff competition from the “FLIPS”. ONLY IN THE FAILIPPINES!!! Lol

  9. It seems Vladimir Santos doesn’t read enough websites founded/owned by American conservative Michelle Malkin.

  10. How interesting an idea… Filipinos won’t even vote for the worst of what the United States has to offer, since the worst is likely better than what we have here in the Philippines. Filipinos always love the “kawawang underdog.”

  11. The article above ignores the fact that Donald Trump uses the government’s “eminent domain” clause to grab lands and steal money and property from the working middle class:


    And that’s from Michelle Malkin, a prominent conservative.

    The TL;DR:

    – Trump shows a fundamental disregard for individual property rights.

    – Trump colludes with the government to take private lands from homeowners in the name of “eminent domain,” then buys those same lands for his own benefit.

    In short, Trump is a crony capitalist.

  12. Haha f*ck this post… Trump’s steamrolling the nomination 😀

    This post just screams SJW Regressive Left BS… No actual points given on his policies instead pointing to his ‘privilege’ and things he has said that may ‘offend people’

    In case you’re wondering:

    -Trump wants to end off-shoring and outsourcing, if passed, would mean an instant economic growth for the US

    -Trump wants to actually follow the law on immigration…
    *Big wall between Mexico and US = racist? So it’s not racist when Mexico has a big wall in its southern border as well?
    *What about Muslim Immigration? Racist? Or following the law? Need I remind you that the US is at war?!?!?

    Illegal immigrants is the reason why the wealth gap is so wide….


    If I was a US citizen… I’d look at their policies than their personality…

    In any case… let’s just do that on the other two leading candidates in the polls… namely Clinton and Sanders…

    a) I would not dare cast my vote on someone just because they have a vagina… let alone someone whose career is fuelled by wallstreet… Not to mention a compulsive liar.

    b) Neither would I vote for someone whose a bum… a career politician who never had a career until he was 40 freaking years old… Let alone a socialist…

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