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Unproductive products
15 Apr 2006

[Posted on the PinoyExchange topic Catholic Church is to blame for wowowee]

The problem is not much about runaway pro-creation as it is about runaway production of unproductive citizens.

In productive societies, people are considered to be a resource. And each person represents a unit of potential economic production.

Trouble is, Pinoys are amongst the most unproductive people on earth. One good president cannot even be found amongst the 80 million of us inhabiting our little island nation. The value of our economic output is dwarfed by nations with one tenth of our population.

The reason there is debate about our runaway population growth is because we produce liabilities rather than assets. Each Pinoy baby born contributes risk to the economy rather than promise.

And why is this? Because infrastructure within our society that directly supports human development are amongst the least prioritised. The Philippines leads the region in the underfunding of its Education and healthcare capabilities.

Small surprise that the issue of overpopulation is debated ad infinitum.

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