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The PCIJ and 1,300 dead Filipinos
04 Apr 2006

[Posted across three "shouts" on the PCIJ Blog shoutbox on the occassion of the First Year Anniversary of the PCIJ Blog]

Pansin ko lang, Alecks, you cited the Leyte mudslides as one of your "notable investigative reports". Strange, considering that there are, as far as I know, only two reports out of a whole raft of politically-motivated articles...

The disturbing part is this - [focus] on politics -- stuff that has been acknowledge so many times as having VERY LITTLE BEARING on the daily lives of the Pinoy masses gets huge coverage here....

Compared to deforestation induced mudslides -- stuff that in the blink of an eye can impact THOUSANDS of innocent Pinoy souls. Does this sit well with you? Nagtatanong lang po...

[Note that "benign0" has been black listed on the PCIJ Blog's spam filiter by PCIJ Admin. Refer to previous rant.]

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