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Censorship practices of the PCIJ
19 Mar 2006

[Posted under the Sassy Lawyer's Blog topic "Congratulations"]

Pwede bang mag-sumbong?

I tried to comment on the latest article in the PCIJ Blog:

This is an article dated 19 Mar 2006 about the Leyte mudslide that killed 1,300 people a few weeks back. I tried THREE TIME to post the comment and it was accepted, but then each time the comment DISAPPEARED after a few minutes.

Here is the THIRD attempt I made (one which put me on the wrong side of their SPAM filter):

Looks like you guys really ARE in the business of deleting comments nowadays.

Here again (for the THIRD TIME) is what I posted a few minutes ago:

Not bad. That makes TWO mudslide-related articles out of 15-odd politically-motivated articles in the last several weeks since the disaster you reported here that killed 1,300 FILIPINO SOULS.

Keep up the good work!

Let me take note of the comment number this time... ;)

This series of comments between comment nos. 21389 and 21393. If you visit their Recent Comments list, you will note that there is a gap between those two comments.

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