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Self-righteous Media
01 Mar 2006

[Posted under the PCIJ Blog topic The intent is to intimidate[...]]

The Philippine press has a long tradition of resistance to tyranny. We refuse to be cowed. The press should not yield an inch of ground.

Lofty words,

- coming from an industry that routinely — with glee — publishes pictures of dead bodies in utter disrespect for both the deceased and their families;

- coming from professionals within the industry and their publishers who sell their pens, air time and news/features space to politicians’ publicists;

- coming from an industry who, among other things, encourage the display and public humiliation of crime suspects PRE-TRIAL (in violation of the fundamental constitutional right of these individuals to be presumed innocent until proven guilty).

So if you guys presume to be so quick to point your self-imporant and self-righteous finger at those who you perceive to be in violation of our otherwise impotent constitution, think again.

As the old cliche goes, there are three fingers pointing back at you for every finger you point away from yourselves.

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