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So-called Filipino "soldiers"
26 Feb 2006

[Posted under the PCIJ Blog topic Mutiny in the Marines]

Here is what [Querubin] said according to the

We are here in a bloodless show of protest and we are calling everybody to protect us,

Saan ka naman nakakita ng militar na ganyan? Only in da Pilipins.

If you are going to fight a battle, leave civilians out of it and fight like REAL SOLDIERS.

Pa-rebe-rebelde pa kayo diyan at magtatapang-tapangan, tapos sa punda ng civilian lang pala kayo mag-tatago. And then this bozo can’t even say for sure if he will or will not remain “loyal to the chain of command”.

Dudes, it’s either you take a crap or get off the can!

You guys were trained to march in your boots, plan MILITARY actions, and use guns. If you are going to make a statement, do it the way you were trained to do so. Otherwise, leave the ol’ Edsa-neering to the usual suspects — nutty politicians, sloganeering activists, and clueless civilians.

The sad part about this is that there is no shortage of gullible civilians to eat up all this stuff — including the tired old drama of publicly-funded congressmen wasting their time grandstanding on Manila’s streets instead of legislating stuff in the comfy offices that hardworking Pinoys provide for them with their hard-earned tax money.

Pinoy nga naman talaga…

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