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The dysfunctional "wisdom" of Pinoy "elders"
04 Jan 2006

[Singled out from our Letters Section as a "Featured Rant" in January 2006!]

We received the following letter in 31 Oct 2005. In very simple language, it so beautifully captured a key issue that underlies the way the youth are regarded in Filipino society.

we filipinos are so hypocrete. we live on lies and half truth.

when I was a kid (am now 40 [years old]) our elders never give us straight answer. one day while playing to my female friend, we were both taking a bath (nude and I was 5 [years old]) I shout "ay pepe" [and] my aunt scolded me for saying bad words.

another was, when I ask my aunt again how did I come out in this world. and without hesitation she said "galing ka sa puwet".

there's alot more lies and half truth i learn from my elders, when we went to US at my age of 10 [years old], I was so surprised how ordinary folks explain everything as if am talking to them as the same age as mine. up to now am still wandering why we filipinos doesnt treat kids as intellectual and the future of our country, in the philippines, youth are deprive of ideas what is better for them. look who's the one talking and explaining everything on tv,radios or in press con. FVR 78 [years old], DOJ Gonzales 78 [years old], Ex Gen Abat 80 [years old], Sec Ermita and other's who as if t[h]ey will still live by hundred years and cannot accept that their ideas are already "kalawang". please you oldies, give the youth what is best for the country and for them.

now I know if only I was around when Pres Quezon said "I would rather see the Philippines [run] like hell by filipinos than run like heaven by the americans", I will be the one to say you dont know what youre saying. suppose we held a referendum and ask every filipinos if they want the Philippines to be part of USA as one of his member in State? [I] am sure it will get a landslide vote of yes. yes to be a member of United State of America.

but hypocrete will say, that's traitor, that's treason and maybe that [is] destabilazation.

thank you and hope that we filipinos one day wake up, there's no hope with our politicians.

"evil to triumph in the Philippines, let all good filipino men and women do nothing and let our politician`s do their thing"

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