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"Calls" to resign
15 Dec 2005

[Commented on the PCIJ Blog article "Senate adds voice to clamor [...]"]

Alecks Pabico said,
December 15, 2005 @ 11:24 am
True, commissioners of the Comelec, being a Constitutional body, can’t be compelled to resign as they can be removed only through an impeachment process. However, impeaching Abalos and company has become less inviting a prospect at this time, especially after what happened to the impeachment complaints against Pres. Arroyo.

Who’s fault is it that the impeachment process has become such a no-results procedure that it is now a non-option for removing incompetent officials?

Who else but the SOCIETY that installed and tolerated the very officers of the legislature that pathetically botched the very procedure that they now have zero confidence in.

Yet another irony wasted on a people with limited faculties to grasp irony.

Ang media nga naman talaga. They will even resort to reporting pathetic calls from what is an otherwise powerful institution such as the nation’s Legislature for incompetent COMELEC officials to resign in the face of a pathetically embarassing degeneration of the once venerable process of impeachment that they themselves had a hand in degenerating.

What is so newsworthy about “calls” to resign? Any schmoe with a placard and a pair of tsinelas can march into Manila’s streets and “call” for the resignation of no less than the president herself.

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