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UP Law vs PCIJ
16 Nov 2005

[Commented on the PCIJ Blog article "[...]the byzantine politics of the U.P. College of Law"]

Stepping back a bit, I think the UP Law and the Media deserve each other. The UP Law's show of "outrage" over the level of journalism that the PCIJ has exhibited comes across as a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

The UP Law has indeed lived up magnificently to the observation published here that "Politics in the UP law faculty is more byzantine than politics most anywhere else". On this, I say that the work of their products reflect the culture of their alma mater college.

Fact is, UP Law, compared to other UP colleges/institutions has produced more than its fair share of the crooks and other politicians that have contributed significantly to the backwardness of the Philippines. Fraternities affiliated with UP Law have been among the most violent and disruptive in the UP campus and are renowned for their chronic petty feuds and high-nosed 'old boys' network amongst its "brods".

This old boys' club ( which encourages patronage based on filial and personal relationships over fair evaluation of individual merit) endure past graduation into old age and probably account for a significant component of the nepotism, cronyism and patron politics that are deeply entrenched in Philippine business, politics, and society.

So for the UP Law, granted, you people are good at citing technicalities and loopholes. After all, you train your "products" (if you can call them as such) to WIN legal battles. But there is a big difference between legal triumphs and triumphs of the SPIRIT of The Law.

In the sense of the above, the UP Law gives a bad name to the State University. The UP College of Engineering for example prides itself as an educator of ENGINEERS, whilst ALL THE REST of those engineering schools, as they say, merely train their students to ace board exams. Can't say we can analogously apply this observation to the UP Law.

Some food for thought. :D

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