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Boorish behaviour
26 Oct 2005

[Commented on the PCIJ Blog article "Only option is constitutional"]

Alecks Pabico said,
October 26, 2005 @ 12:42 pm
Benigno, Mariatoo,

Reminding you both not to dwell on the personal. Your exchanges have already become off-topic. And please, Benigno, do you really need to demean others to argue your point, especially in your usual recourse to “Pinoy kasi” generalizations?

Alecks, it’s a bit bizarre that you’d take this opportunity now to focus on my “Pinoy kasi” generalisations whilst (in the act of making a warning/reminder post) putting me in the company of another poster who has for his/her part an extensive record of liberally using foul language here not only against moi but against other posters as well.

Therefore my question is, which is more inappropriate to you: using foul language or using “Pinoy kasi” ‘generalisations’ (generalisations which I am prepared to substantiate if you require me to).

Could it be that I just happen to have such a radical view of Philippine issues that you are willing to place a greater stigma on my posts and less on the posts of a foulmouth?

Just some food for thought, direk.

Alecks Pabico said,
October 26, 2005 @ 1:37 pm


All I am saying is let’s not contribute to fomenting further hatred among ourselves. People do not respond to such comments uniformly. It’s best to argue in the spirit of camaraderie.

Alecks, no problemo. However, I believe your statement that "people do not respond to such comments uniformly" can be applied to any comment for that matter.

My point is that I cannot be responsible for the way some people interpret what I say for the very same reason that a snippet of journalism should not be suppressed simply because it COULD BE interpreted by, say, the government as being "subversive". Edsa rallyists will argue that we fought hard for the right to speak and not be afraid of how an onion-skinned government might interpret what we say (recall that the Marcos administration was so onion-skinned that it, at the height of its power, would close down any publication that even joked about its policies).

In fact the media (which is the biggest benefactor of this freedom of speech thing that so many Pinoys are such a fan of) has by far the most extensive track record of exhbiting that lack-of-responsibility I mentioned above.

So I merely apply this state of affairs in the way I conduct mine in the blogging community. If people are too onion-skinned to look beyond the sarcasm and sharp wit of my posts, then they should think twice about jumping into the fray. I dish out harsh words and get harsh words thrown back at me as well. Nothing personal (for me at least). In no instance have I resorted to the base language that a few people here resort to. Again I emphasise that in your previous "reminder" you chose to highlight my sarcasm as the greater evil compared to the foulmouthedness of the other party. Fair enough. You will note, however, that others simply tell me politely that they would rather not discuss with a person who writes the way I do. I tell them "suit yourself". End of story.

So rather than be a fencesitter and make [...] what amounts to nothing more than a lukewarm assessment of what really transpired between me and this "mariatoo", I encourage you to express a STRONGER OPINION about it and tell us who exactly you think is exhibiting BOORISH behaviour around here. If you still decide (between me and Ms. "mariatoo") that it is ME who is being the BIGGER boor, then I shall respect your opinion as an officer of this blog. Nothing personal (the way it should ALWAYS be). ;)

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