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Ordinary injustices
20 Oct 2005

[Commented on the PCIJ Blog article "CPR, "no permit, no rally" policies unconstitutional"]

LadyL said,
October 20, 2005 @ 12:12 pm
It is very hard for us Filipinos who are living abroad to see our fellow countrymen being dragged, beaten, kicked, pushed and hosed down with water. It is pure police brutality.

Then again, nobody really expressed any similar outrage in the scale that we are calling for people to exhibit today when hundreds of families perished under a mudslide in the Payatas, or when thousands of Pinoy souls met watery graves when overloaded dilapidated interisland ferries sank while plying the archipelago's shark-infested waters either.

How come no street rallies or self-important calls to accountability were organised when all these FAR MORE TRAGIC and UNJUST things happened? How come heads did not roll when overloaded ships sank and killed thousands a SECOND, and a THIRD time?

We are so good at shedding crocodile tears over things that pale in comparison to the numerous and far more TRAGIC INJUSTICES that go on right under our noses. Even simple motorists get flagged down and fined hundreds of pesos for violating hollow-headed traffic reduction schemes whilst buses and jeepneys motor away recklessly WITH IMPUNITY while risking life and limb of their passengers, fellow motorists, and innocent pedestrians.

Squatters by their mere presence thumb their noses at The Law on a daily basis and the Dolphys and Nora Aunors of this world skim of millions from their taxable income yearly.

What about those instances of injustice? How come nobody is stomping their feet and whining about those?

Maybe it is because the ones we are so small-mindedly focused on today are those that happen to be on the strategic agendas of the very politicians we love to hate. There's another irony for you folks. You may be venting this crocodile outrage on politicians but are unwittingly (wit seems to be a chronic deficit in our society nowadays) dancing to their tune in the process.

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