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Jolog republic
13 Oct 2005

"Filipinos need to become "true to themselves, their culture, their heritage, their ancestors, their history, their country, and their identity".

Tell me then. What exactly do you mean by that? We've got text books that tell us that our independence day is on June 12, 1898 and not July 4, 1946. And that this major road in Makati should be called "Gil Puyat Ave." rather than "Buendia". Or that "Taft Avenue" really refers to "Rizal Avenue". Or that "Roxas Blvd." is the politically correct name for "Dewey Blvd".

All of the above ironic considering our country's name "Philippines" is derived from the name of some Spanish king who happened to be ruling at the time our little islands were discovered by the civilised world. What are we going to do about that whopper? Change our country's name to Jolog Republic?

Furthermore back in the 70's we were taught that the islands were settled in waves of Ita's, Malays, and Indonesians. But now we find that that was not true at all. I also recently found out that they've changed our "national alphabet" since the time I painfully memorised it back when I was still wearing shorts in school.

So tell me. What exactly is this "true heritage" of ours.

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