29 Dec 2006


I have seen enough sterotyping and racism, even racial pessimism against Filipinos in cyberspace, especially in Friendster... which might puts the risk of putting the Filipino people to worldwide shame. I understand very well the need for major changes needed in the country so that shouldn't be a reason to blotter it out without control in cyberspace. Why? Because not only that not all Filipinos can surf the web, but also where billions of people worldwide have access to cyberspace to the point they come across weblogs that start racism, just like this website of yours...

My point is that these things should be proprietary to all the Filipinos ONLY - WITHOUT any presence (including "spying") of any foreigner. I am not merely saying that we need to cover up the negative things in our country from the world, because there are chances that some foreigners would say that we are "nothing but a second hand trying hard 'copycat'" even that they see that the country is already developing which affect the positive perspective towards us. What I really mean is that the "progress" needed should only be done in the background - simple as that.

03 Dec 2006

RE: About Nasty's final Comment

his life may be good away from the Philippines, but he still is a 2nd class citizen there...he is not just aware of it...or he's on a denial. About Nasty's final Comment people by nature is materialistic. he is a classic example.

the Philippines can't seem to recover not because all of us here are corrupt or too weak to fight corruption but because those who are corrupt have become too powerful that it is now beyond the capacity of the "good" majority to fight them.

nevertheless, there are those of us here, who even with ample opportunities coming our way (maybe the same opportunities that knocked on nasty's door several years ago) to go and live a better life abroad, chose to stay through thick and thin. we are Filipinos and Philippines is our country.

when nasty would've whined about it, i feel, an unexplainable pain in my heart, everytime i see a street child, younger than a pre-schooler, roaming the streets, begging for food. but what can i do? the powerful seem to take it as being in their favor to keep their (street children, and the extremely poor in general) number on the rise. i can only cry.

when i see families living under bridges, i think about nasty's stately home in the west and the big mansions of the elite back here in the Philippines, and another unexplainable pain i start to feel again inside my chest. still what can i do? (or what can most of us, sane and still good people of the Philippines do?) we can cry some more and hope some more for a better future for our beloved country.

with corruption already institutionalized, hope is bleak. more "nasties" in the making. those who would rather be second-to-the-blacks in the land of the whites just to get out of a country who seem to be accursed. we can't blame nasty.

but nasty definitely has no right to tell us that we like what we now see in our country. it is an incongruous thought. for we can't like something so bad that is happening to something we love so much.

25 Nov 2006

I agree. But it will be hard for Filipinos to accept a one child, a two child per family is more acceptable. I think...those without college degrees must only be allowed to have one child and those whith college degree can have at most 2 children.

I am 100% for population control. The government must impose a two child per family policy. Look at the so called irreligious societies who are sensible enough to practice populaton control..they are the most progressive. The church wants us not to practice birth control for self serving reasons - to have more church members in the future, and a lot of the members are stupid enough to believe it. Religion is indeed the opium of the masses. Malthus says, "Poverty is inevitable bec. food production increases arithmetically while population increases geometrically.

A bursting population can wipe out ecosystems in out planet. See the film RAPANUI - it is about EASTER ISLAND, it is about a society with a population the swelled and and inevitably drove it's flora and fauna to extinction. In the end, the society became extinct itself. EASTER ISLAND is earth writ small. We have to open our eyes to the realities of life instead of making a fool of our selves by following the orders of the church hook, line and sinker.

OO nga pala 70% of the population is below poverty line...the poorer the family the tendency is to have more children, kaya population control is very important. Ignore the Catholic church.

Time and again, however, we also hear inspirational stories about how people who were born very poor strive hard and, despite the "systems," become living success stories. And I love hearing such stories. We need more of these determined souls.

Ironically, it seems that it is the Church's manifesto of "bear your sufferings with honor" that pulls down such determination. People are led to believe that they are suffering for a purpose, and that this will give them honor. So rather than have a proactive stance and fight their poverty, people may instead wallow in it. Is it a coincidence that much of the third world countries happen to be predominantly Catholic?

The "system" is there to be taken advantage of, and anybody can make full use of it. All it takes is imagination and determination. In China, when prices of rice plummeted, the farmers took the initiative to plant higher-value crops and made their lives better. If only our farmers took similar initiatives rather than stick to low-value crops.

It's time we took a proactive stance. If someone is oppressing you, then do something about it. If you feel that you deserve more in life, then do something about it. If we are miserable, the blame is primarily ours alone.

Family planning is simply a proactive stance that families can avail of in order to make their economic condition better.

Over population is the reason for most if not all our problems.

Norway is a welfare state today and can afford to support it�s entire population and all those who are jobless. In Norway poverty is just a name and a thing of the past because during the 1950�s the Norwegian government imposed a law that couples will not be given financial allowance if they will have children. Therefore those who were poor were not given the right to have children (I know this is next to impossible for us Filipinos).

In Singapore they give benefits to the first child, and tax penalties for the third and succeeding children. They also give incentives to those who will marry college graduates to encourage people to study and to select only those who have college education.

The Philippine waters are overfished. We are already experiencing shortage of fresh water to drink.

Our government budget can only serve so much people.

Our forest resources are fast dwindling for it cannot regenerate that fast and that much.

Countries like Norway, Switzerland and Singapore have zero growth populations. These countries can very well afford to take care of each and every citizen of their country because they have constant population sizes throughout the years. A constantly growing population is like an inverted pyramid where a huge mass of young, unproductive people at the top are supported by a thin base of working people at the bottom. In 1990, for every 100 persons there are 174 persons who are dependents. Today the ratio of dependents are much much higher than the number of dependents.

Our government have shyed away from population control because of fear of the Catholic church and fear of loosing votes from people who are mere blind followers. Sad to say, majority of the Filipinos are blind religious followers. Do not equate your relationship with God with your relationship with the Catholic church. Religiousness and spirituality are two different things.

Truly religion is opium of the masses. If Cardinal Sin is sincere in his efforts to help the poor he must accommodate the vagrants in his palace. How people blindly follow the church is sooooooooo sickening. It can stunt the minds even of those brillant minds.

Remember how Galileo and Copernicus were considered evil by the Catholic church because of their scientific discoveries regarding the earth's position in the solar system. And a pope still have the gall to decree that the pope is infallable. Such a decree was made simply because he does not want to be contradicted.

Now a new group has emerged from the Catholic church who call themselves Society of Pope Pius IX. These group just want to say their prayers in latin and they are branded by Cardinal Sin as evil.

During the early sixties, cremation was considered a grave sin by the Catholic church, but today it is already accepted and no longer considered a sin.

My list can go on and on....

It is not uncommon to see families of six children living in karitons or makeshift houses. If you do not believe me, leave your well manicured offices and go to depressed areas like Tondo and see for yourself. Such a deplorable sight makes me wonder why the government is not doing anything to stop our runaway population growth. Is it because of fear of the Catholic church - fear of losing votes from blind followers of the Catholic church. I had a Catholic upbringing but I know very well the mistakes made by the church in the past. There was a pope who excommunicated a comet for it�s unusual orbit, Copernicus and Galileo were once persecuted for their scientific discoveries, cremation was previously considered a grave sin and there was a pope who decreed that the pope is infallible simply because he does not want to be contradicted by anybody. We know these things and yet we still allow ourselves to be victims of such religious ignorance and bigotry.

Countries where vagrants and street children abound are usually countries with runaway population growth. Poverty is a vicious never-ending growing cycle for the poor tend to have more children. But these children who are often in want of the basic necessities of life - in turn grow-up to become adults who would bear more children that are also wanting in terms of education, nutrition, housing and other basic needs - thus, the never-ending vicious cycle. A smaller family size will in the long run prevent the proliferation of street children, discourage child abandonment and abuse and help the government focus more on the other needs of the society instead of having to build more schools, roads bridges, increase food production etc to be able to cope with the expanding population. Practicing population control is being proactive and not being reactive.

Our government must compel the populace to have at most two children. Vasectomy and tubal ligation must be easily accessible and affordable to everyone. I know a lot of people who are so frustrated for having so many children and can no longer afford to have more children but still continue having more children. A man/woman who submits herself to a vasectomy/tubal ligation may be compensated according to the number of his/her children presently alive.

Advertisements and commercials play a lot in shaping the minds of the people. Advertising agencies must be told to promote the two-child-per-family concept.

Revise SSS & GSIS policy on maternity benefits. Give benefits only up to the second child. Revise BIR policy on tax exemption. The BIR together with the National Statistics office must tax exempt the first child and penalize the third and succeeding children. The said BIR rule must apply only to children born after a certain date. Offsprings of live-in relationships and other cases of children born out of wed-lock must be thoroughly studied to prevent people from avoiding the said tax penalties.

Get support from Philippine Charity Sweepstakes for population control funding.

Ignore religious stupidity or better yet ask the church to answer for the costs required to build more schools, roads and bridges that will be needed to accommodate the ever growing number of people

24 Oct 2006

My 16 year experience as a farmer in the Philippines, born and raised in Europe, tells me that the average citizen of this country sadly misses out on good formal (school) and informal (family, neighborhood)education, fundamental teachings of behaviour and attitude towards life and other people, which are included in the universal rights of man. This is not about acquiring knowledge, which can be gathered easily via existing media and teachings. It's about attitude. How can we expect a youngster to develop in life when, ie his teacher does not show up for class because of a drizzle. When his dad gets drunk or gambles. Kawawa naman, plenty of lost opportunities. That's how i sadly see many employees coming and going.

30 Sep 2006

After reading excerpts of GetRealPhilippines, I feel the urge to share. To share with you that we must stop opining. Stop sympathizing. We have always come up with essays/write-ups about our national woes. We must start a change within ourselves. To be better. We've always written about what was wrong. Why not write about solutions; since that is what we need nowadays. There must be a sense of urgency to improve our lives; perhaps invoke a sense of national discipline. Japan has brought about theirs after the second world war. We must muster out a sense of unity. I'm tired of hearing criticisms about the Philippines. It's just like coffetable talk. We already know what's wrong.

18 Sep 2006

Re your solution context and outline of broad actions on the GetReal site, what importance do you place on the fact that the history of underdevelopment of the Philippines has been a history of repression and subjugation of the majority of the population?

Consider the possibility of taking the richest populations/minority elite of the Philippines and making that an independent economy. It can be one of the richest and most vibrant economies around. However since measures of economic development are divided on a per capita basis including the majority poor, the Philipppines is classified as an LDC.

The majority are poor because I believe the Filipino minority elite makes it their active interest whether consciously or not to preserve the status quo, as any elite class would. Therefore the country taken as a whole remains poor. (The same situation exists by the way in many LDCs).

I'm sorry I have not read all that you have written, but how much of the above do you take into account or how much of the above do you value?

10 Sep 2006

Benigno, "I would rather have a Philippines run like hell by Filipinos than a Philippines run like heaven by the Americans" -- Manuel L. Quezon

this is posted in your web. i think this is in effect misleading because you omit the most important part of the statement...BECAUSE WE CAN ALWAYS CHANGE IT.

this has been pointed out in many articles. in fact, manolo (mlq3) recently mentioned this in one of his columns. please try to be fair with mlq. get real!

18 Aug 2006

This is one of the most misinformed and idiotic sites I have ever seen. We are not arrogant. We are nationalistic, finding pride in what little dignity we have. I am proud of our sense of humor which helps us get through our problems. I agree that the Filipinos need discipline but your posts are vitriolic and seem to take vicious delight in tearing down the Filipino. I have lived in another country and coming back here made me appreciate this country more. Maybe you should try it. Most of the population lives below the poverty line. How exactly are they supposed to survive without prayer and a sense of humor? Get off your elitistic high horse. You are part of the problem.

05 Aug 2006

As much as I detest that Nasty character, I detest even more those writers here that go on and on about him being a Filipino no matter what and that his ancestors are Filipinos yada yada yada ...

Guess what folks, Nasty is from some godforsaken island in the Visayas. A couple of hundred years ago his ancestors were not Filipinos. The term Filipino was not even used to describe the ancestors of almost everyone who contributed any feedback on this website. Read your Philippine History folks, the term Filipino is just a convenient label invented after 1900. The original term was Indio and there were many different kinds of Indios.

So enough of these Filipino b.s. It is no different than other artificial terms used to describe individuals from artificial countries, eg. Yugoslavs, Czechoslovakian, etc.

As for Nasty, we can conveniently label him as an American. You see he carries an American Passport. Yes, folks being an American has not much to do with being white nowadays. In the past maybe. When you folks ever take the time to go to South Bronx, you will not find the quintessential American (to many Filipinos eyes that is) but a lot of blacks and Hispanics. Yes folks they are Americans ... and the same goes to that detestable "kababayan" of yours named Nasty.

01 Aug 2006

You're just an ignorant animal. You don't know all Filipinos, and get this through your thick head: with these crap you post on the internet, the world hates America even more than it already does. It's racism, and you know what? I was starting to like the U.S., but if people there are just like you then it must be a country full of rats and smelly cocroaches.

I love the Philippines, and I am proud to be both Filipino and Canadian. No matter what you say, because you are no better than me or anyone that's non-American. Why don't you get real for once? You're just blind, and not worth anymore of my precious time. And don't even try to harrass me, etc., because I will call the authorities on you and your website immediately if you do.

12 Jul 2006

It was a mistake in kicking out the US Bases Philippines in the name nationalism. Japan are more nationalistic than Filipinos but we have base in Okinawa. "Tayong Filipino sobra yung ating Amor Propio wala naman ibubuga, can you eat nationalism?The independence movement of Quezon is a failure my question , who are better off Porto Ricans or Filipinos?

04 Jul 2006

Dear Benigno,

I just wanted to drop you a line! I am a American who married a Filipino. What more can I say. I was quite gullible about Filipinos, but I am sorry to say I am not now!!!!

Reading your stuff is inspiring and I really must say very bold for your culture. My cynical attitude about Filipinos is not one I cherish. So when I read your stuff, I am glad to see someone in your culture who is not affraid to call it what it is.

My experience has been one of the outcast. When ever I comment about it, I get angry Filipinos who really go off on me!

Keep it up, it is too bad such a bright people are so attached to their cancer.

Respectfully (signed)

14 Jun 2006

thank you very much for your riveting analyses. just absolutely incredible! i am still very filipino at heart. i have been living in the usa for over 20 years. however, i still treasure the filipino values my parents taught me. i still believe there is hope for every filipino, especially the young given the chance to have good education. how to achieve this and become a reality will not take only a village, but the country as a whole.

13 Jun 2006

The articles written were very informative and very useful for our kids in schools in their research works and studies. I appreciated very much to explore a website containing these essential facts. Website maybe simple but substantial. I have not much to give financially, I could only give words of encouragement for all you to continue this undertaking.

05 Jun 2006

If a Filipino is a christian and they do go to church then fine. But you don't have to be such an ass about a filipino going to church. So get over it already and get a life.

03 Jun 2006

your filipino-bashing masks the commonsensical solutions you propose, which is a pity. i had to read through all that muck, which can turn off others, to get the gist of what you were saying, a number of which i agree with. get rid of the vitriol so that allies step forward. check out my occassional blog livingplanet.blogspot.com or rockedphilippines.org for inspiration/ideas.

17 May 2006

I am very proud of the webmaster for exposing the truths about the Philippines as a nation, as a society and as a people. Only those who does not want change to begin in this country wants to crack down on these truths from being exposed.

17 May 2006

I am an OFW who has been away from my families for over three years...I was browsing the web to see what business I can put up in the country when I go home. I came across your article and I felt very sad... It's true, though...sadly true. I hope PGMA can turn the trend around, I support her...I think a lot of the OFW's do. Even just a little glimmer of hope of improving economy and security is enough to make me come home and start a business out there, Oh, how I wish...

13 May 2006

To Nasty you are the prime example of a traitor and a sell out. You declare yourself proudly as an american citizen because it's a rich and powerful country and you simply want to be a part of it. You feel high and mighty because you hold an american passport BIG FUCKIN DEAL. Would your negative opinion about the Philippine be different if the situation was in reverse? I think so! I am my self a naturalize american but I would never look down upon my country the way you did. Your an ignorant idiot nothing more than traitor to your race. The Philippines and the Pinoys are better off with out you and that goes the same to all ex-pinoys who feel like you. And as for your zen master he's idiot as well.

08 May 2006

Filipnos are highly intelligent people. We can adapt to anything, we are very good in English even my lola and lolo spoke English (May they RIP). If only our youth be given a chance to grow in an environment where they are given proper education, nutrition and housing, then they would be alot smarter and stronger. If we want our future to be brighter it has to start with our youth. They are our future. If we are corrupt today they will also be corrupt tomorrow, If we smoke and drink, they will also smoke and drink. But if we plant and water our seeds it will blossom and Philippines will be a better place. Here in America Filipinos work hard because they are given a chance. I can't even believe GET REAL write such negative articles about their own country like that. If thats real to you Thas fucked up. If thats what you think about the Pinoys then that just show your just an ignorant bastard. Fuck man, Filipinos come to America and everybody back home in PI think we're instantly rich. People here work their ass off so they can get money back home. NOW THATS REAL! To make it in America you have to be competitive and and to be competitive you have to be smart and resourceful. WE NEED TO UNITE AND ORGANIZE!!!!

25 Apr 2006


I found your website by chance, and I like it. It's real.

I have noticed many of the same observations about Filipinos from my Filipina mother and my stays in the Philippines.

I would like to help the country, but how? I'm currently 18 years old and I live in the U.S. I will be visiting the Philippines in early June (mostly Cebu, but also Manila). I don't want this to be a typical vacation. I would really like to be get a taste for Filipino history and culture. In America, I'm very active politically (President of Young Democrats, member of organizations). As in America, I would very much like to be a catalyst for social, economic, political reform in the Philippines.

I was wondering if you had any ideas for me to do in Cebu or Manila. I would gladly give up a vacation at the resort for something more meaningful with actual Filipinos.

Previously, I asked in a Filipino forum if there was any political party I could volunteer with.........but they told me that essentially all the parties are corrupt and opportunistic.

If you don't know anything I could do, is there anywhere you could guide me in my search?

I haven't had the time to look at all of your website, but I will soon....so sorry if you have a page where you addressed my concerns.

- (signed)

p.s. Let me just say, I'm a very capable person. I have been accepted to a top university (Washington University in St. Louis) with nearly a full ride. I have good/decent writing, web design, and other skills (you can see my writing and web design here: http://electrontrap.com/ )

25 Apr 2006

I am doing a research regarding asian cinema(one of them is Philippine cinema), I agree with all the facts and truths you relayed in your article filipinos have used cinema as there way of escaping from the reality of poverty by make believe movies and fairy tale love stories no wonder its economy is hardly moving at all its sad to say but my research shows that philippine movie lacks quality and artistry and morality. One thing I notice is that alot of the stories in the filipino movies have so much influence in the western world such as relatves in the USA or other countries or Filipinos trying to put America in Philippines,Philippine cinema needs to have there own identity in creating there movie Indian cinema was considered a corny art of movie with all the fightings and dancings going on at the same time but this uniqueness have put its image in the global market making Bollywood one of the top earners in World Movies....To sum the whole thing up Philippine cinema is full of CRAP!

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