21 Oct 2005

I just wanted to add to your Filipino 101...because it is currently my experience with relatives of my husband who just arrived the other day...

Re: Relatives that just arrive from abroad - particularly from the US...particularly from the Nortwest portion...

What is it with them that:

1. They insist on having us fetch them (by car) from the airport? Even if there are Nissan Taxis for rent at the exit of the airport? The cost of gas to and from the airport costs me something like P1500!

2. Why do they always ask me on the way from the airport - Did you install an aircon in your house na ba? And can you turn your car aircon all the way up? Kahit hirap na hirap na yung luma kong Toyota pag full aircon?

3. When staying at your house, why do they act like guests in a hotel? Kailangan kami pa ng mister ko yung magluluto para sa kanila? Parang may mga katulong sila sa US na wala naman?

4. Why do I have to drive them around town? Pwede naman maglakad o mag taxi?

5. Why do I have to bring them back to the airport next week pag-uwi nila?

6. And lastly why do we pinoy here always do it??? Is it because they have money? Is it because we fancy that one of these days tayo naman ang pupunta doon sa kanila?

Why????Malapit na akong me control my... ahhhh....andyan na sila!!!

20 Oct 2005

Have you ever felt at least a little bit of irritation when you read biographies on Filipina/o �female� models, celebrities, politicians, socialite, etc. They would usually start of as describing themselves as being half Spanish, half Chinese, half Caucasian, or half anything. Some, from whatever geneological study they have done, would even come up with a percentage of races in their blood (i.e. 20% chines, 10% irish, 70% just bullshit). Obviously these folks have a lot of insecuries in themselves not being able to claim to be (just) Filipino/a. I mean, for the rest of us true Filipinos, WHAT DO WE CARE? I mean �.really! I am 6 foot, 1 inch tall, light skin color. A meztizo if you will. But I have never..NEVER declared any mixture in my blood. From what I know, and what I believe, I am 100% pinoy! Who and what is the average Filipino? Some people (saying it with a tone of disgust) just really want to be separated from the masses; want to be placed above the rest or just put others down.

17 Oct 2005

I am glad I discovered this site. I haven't read everything yet but in the few articles I've read, I see myself agreeing to a lot of the views.

I am a very open-minded, non-xenophobic, forward-looking Pinoy who believes that the thinking of many of our leaders and unfortunately, a lot of the youth is based on failed, closed, protectionist, defeatist, victim-mentality policies of the past.

I am so tired of seeing how everyone else seems to have left us behind.

In the process of searching sites that promote ideas that I also believe in, I came across three other websites which I think you will also find comforting because really, isn't it great to know you are not alone.

These websites are as follows:

Big Mango Blog

Blurred and Blue Blog

Go Figure Blog

Anyway,as part of my signature in all my e-mails to Filipino friends, I include links to your as well as the 3 sites mentioned above.

If there is some way I can help, let me know. I'd be glad to promote your ideas.

01 Oct 2005

i appreciate what you are trying to do for the country but i think that you are really missing out on the most important thing that cant jumpstart the change you are looking for and that is "love of country". I think we should start first in showing us Filipinos why there is a reason to love our country by showing its potential against other countries and from there we would be able to achieve the trinagle being described.

29 Sep 2005

Don't overgeneralize. Maybe you are that Filipino, but that doesn't mean that it's everybody else. ("Of course there's just plain stupidity (big and small)"- an example will be this article). Move to the States, we neither need nor want you here. Your article is so full of shallow generalizations about "Filipinos" that outsiders make. I pity you for being self-defeating and so shallow-minded. I suggest you study the history of the country and how the US and other colonizers have affected our consciousness. I feel very, very sad for you. So maybe this is your reality, but it's not equal to everynody else's.

28 Sep 2005

ok ang presentation mo. pwede bang i-powerpoint mo so i can send to my friends? Although i don't agree with some of your observations, yet i admire your balls. don't worry, you'll just be surprised to find out that your country is no.1 in the asia-pacific region sooner than you think inspite of your negative admonitions. Well, thanks anyway.

18 Sep 2005

its sad that the filipino's worst enemy are also filipinos who are only good at complaining and claiming they know all the answers (which is primitively pinoy and blind arrogance). copying opinion articles from websited without proof of permission to do so is blatant stealing and therefore primitive. the owner of this site obviously shows hatred of himself and his nationality dreaming that he was born white and in a richer country.

03 Sep 2005

A people without a sense of history is a people doomed to be unaware of their own identity. It is sad to say, but true, that the vast majority of Filipinos fall category. Without a sense of who you are how can you possibly take any pride in who you are?

(as always my mother tells me when i was still young, but guess what? guess what you are right there Man, many of us fall in this category disowning our own identity...wish i am not ....i think..heheheh)

03 Sep 2005

I am so much overwhelmed of what that ex filipino man had to say in his letter about our country PHILIPPINes but i appreciate his open eyes and mouth. Reality always hurts and I admit solely that I have seen it and accept it but helpless. I appreciate his brave heart for telling truthfully of what has been happening in this country. If everyone could read that, it might have some impact on the readers and might change the way they are thinking now towards our country and this could help. Although that article could pierce the heart of every loyal filipino man like me but truth comes first... But I have a word for those filipino now abroad and living in the land of freedom and bounty...if one can make a difference for our country then why can't he make a difference of his country of where he is coming from? Is he doing something right on the same way? If he is expecting our people to change and eleviate from where we are now, has he started it for himself too for his co untrymen? What is he doing there in Los Angeles (if i may say,) sitting his soft comfortable chair while watching his own country torn apart? why not send that letter to the President???? or so to the men running to this country so he can start that twist of fate. Let him show his heroic blood of being "pinoy" send and spread the word of anger to those right people....

02 Sep 2005

Im proud to be a Filipino but why are so many Filipinos acting so stupid. Forgive me for the words but its so true. A moment ago i got in a motorcycle accident and because of that accident I am here writing this comment. My problem is that I hit a guy crossing a busy street which is called here. He did not use the pedestrian lane but i avoided to hit him but he ran and he hit me. Then I got him medical attention while my license was held at the police station. When we finished at the hospital we went back to the police station for "areglo" but they dont want to suggest anything. I wanted to get my license back but as they say I am at fault and that the pedestrian is my responsibility but how could it be my full responsiblity if he was jaywalking.

What is the rule in JAYWALKING. The police are saying i am at fault so i already admitted that i am at fault but why wont they want to give me back my license? In the US the rule there is that there is just a complaint that is all but here they take your license then hold it till we settle? Why is that? That is why I am commenting on this so that there should be a law that when a jaywalker is hit in an accident the motorist should not be at fault. I honk then he stopped then suddenly when i was near him he ran towards me. I suggest he is at fault. but here its always the driver. I say it is not.

When will Filipino's learn that a pedestrian lane is there. YOu kno what they told me about the pedestrian lane, they said its too far. So my point is why would the government make a pedestrian lane if it would be used? That is why I am saying FILIPINO'S ARE STUPID in many ways.

01 Sep 2005

Why is everyone ignoring overpopulation? Is it because we'd rather fill the world with malnourished people?

Because we're Catholics. We value human life, killing a retard is a sin. Contraception costs money, & so does sterilization. Why don't we make it free? Surely, not all Filipinos like children-- especially when they're numerous & "makulit" = retarded.

And we thought abstinence classes prevented unwanted pregnancies. Can they control the urge?

We're willing to have malnourished, corrupt, impoverished future asswipers of the nation. We'll compete with Indonesia, Bangladesh, or India for breeding more people. By that way, we can ask for more foreign aid. And then the money goes to greedy selfish hands.

We want to have crowded schools with dimwitted, cretins and lower educational / moral standards as well. We want to have more criminals, since life is too precious for death penalty. When will we feed corrupt politicos to the crocodiles? When? Someday.

We're not *****ans, but would we like the majority to become more & more like them?

Indeed, malnutrition has produced geniuses. We have lots of preemies, some could be prodigies, you know. Not all retards are poor though, some are middle-class & some are even filthy rich. He could've been your neighbor, your classmate, or it could be you.

A poor family with lots of children might subsist on paltry dough, but we let the cycle of poverty continue & propagate. Do we really want to deteriorate our race?

NO wonder our people always gripe that life is unfair. Why do we choose to let more people suffer? Because we're sadistic? to whom? the poor, the charities, the government, or the Taxpayers?

Hospitals are packed with tiny babies born each day. School is no longer a place to learn, but merely a social tambayan & a cheating place. Corruption, laziness, incompetence, & dishonesty is manufactured. Our society is dysfunctional & our culture stinks, damm*t. We'd rather have fun & party, eat, drink & be merry eh?

We're doomed/destined to fail, yet we choose not to reform for the better. We refuse to brainstorm, plan, contemplate & work on solutions. Constructive criticism & telling the truth is taken as insults & putdown. We let bad habits flourish. It's no surprise that our Asian neighbors have surpassed us. And we thought Pinoys had foresight & intelligence. Brain drain is so much more attractive.

The future will be bright & promising. If we reform consistently.

31 Aug 2005

A really, really good book that ALL Pilipinos (I refuse to use 'f' because it's a colonial reminder how our culture was raped by the Spaniards and the Americans) should read is called The Miseducation of the Filipino by Renato Constantino. Even though that book is a bit dated, it's still very relevant to the situation in the Philippines. I'm currently reading "Neocolonization and Counter-Consciousness: Essays on Decolonization" by that same author.

"A true Filipino is a DECOLONIZED one." - Renato Constantino

31 Aug 2005

Medyo ku[l]ang po ang quotable quotes kay Quezon. narito po:

"I prefer a country run like hell by Filipinos to a country run like heaven by Americans. Because, however bad a Filipino government might be, we can always change it."

"My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins."

"Social Justice is far more beneficial when applied as a matter of sentiment, and not of law."

25 Aug 2005

I am fan of your site.. straight talk with no BS. I once encountered a site like this one, i guess/maybe you've seen it before it's "" that one is more radical and no holds barred kinda space. Too bad, that one just disappear... that one talk about stupid tv shows, stupid guy's wearing leather jacket in the city, one of my favorite is, if your from abroad boy/girl it's automatic that your a instant celebrity... and please don't even speak a tagalog or two. And if you try... try not to speak it right. they'll love you for that.. got my drift?

I travel with my GI friends in and out of Manila for sometime now and everytime we are in the city they have the habit of picking the privacy of the Filipino community(I am not offended). From the street children, traffic , the jeepney, people staring you for no reason at all, guy's harassing you street trying to sell something thay you don't even need or want. One time, one of the guy's is standing by one of the hotel windows along Roxas blvd. He was looking the window for sometime now and all of a sudden.. i guess, he gotta ask the question... it's 1200 noon and it's still foggy in the city??? Huh??? Sorry, my friend... that's not fog. That is what we call SMOG, like the one you see on downtown LA. Their favorite the Manila Bay... that holds the record for the biggest sewage system in southeast asia...

By the way... I am Filipino and in the process of breaking ALL bad Filipino habits in my Family... I bet you exactly know what are those.

Keep Rollin, you got my vote..

08 Aug 2005

WOW! lemme just start off by saying im not philippino and that who ever is against them are complete idiots no matter what race u are! if u wanna start by hating a race u might as well set us back in time and undo the revolutions this countries been through. if u were to start hating on phillipino's u might as well hate blacks, whites, persians, chinese, brazillians, ect.! WERE ALL HUMANS! NO ONE IS DIRTY OR CLEAN BASED ON THEIR RACE.....YOUR RACE IS BASICALLY WHERE U WERE BORN AND WHAT U BELIEVE IN! A PHILLIPINO COULD BE BORN IN CHINA AND WOULD BE CONSIDERED CHINESE! DOES THAT MAKE HIM ANY CLEANER BECAUSE OF WHERE HE WAS BORN?! get real. its so sad that there still are arrogant people in this world. it wouldnt be fair for me to target you and call u dirty! wow. dont bother responding to this. im not coming back, i dont even want to bother reading the stupid remarks im going to get from u pathetic racists! its just going to make me mad at how closeD minded some of u can be... i dont need that stress. so have a nice life and ill pRay for u too maybe one day realize HOW IGNORANT U REALLY ARE AND MAYBE CHANGE UR WAYS! go-d bless all of his children no matter where they came from.

08 Aug 2005

Is it just me or are most of the naysayers to this site are mostly people who are either living (and better off) in another country, or are here, but living a life that only a few can have? I support this website. There's too much rotten-ness about this country that hasn't really been delved with. This country is swimming in a morass of mediocrity and killing everything that might have saved it. It's hard to be optimistic about this country, especially if you live everyday inside of it. It's time that somebody would discuss something unpopular for a change.

07 Aug 2005


I am Filipino and very proud. Although I am only in my very early teens, I have participated in organizations to make the Philippines more beautiful. I disagree with all those people who have extreme hate and dislikness for the Filipinos. I live in Daly City and I see extraodinary Filipinos doing great things for the America and in return we get nasty and rude comments. I want to see Filipinos have more pride than we have now. All I can say is: FILIPINOS..STAY PROUD OF YOUR COUNTRY..DON'T LET ANYONE DISPIRIT YOUR HOPE OF A BETTER PHILIPPINES!

06 Aug 2005

hi. i couldnt help but go to your site, but may I say, HOW RUDE!!! why are you so against Filipinos??? its not like your any better!! you are a disgrace to mankind! God created us all equally and its people like you who make the world unwholesome! so, u should stop judging people!!!!everyone's different and you should be human enough to understand that!!!!!!! so I suggest you cut the crap, and get a life!!!!!!!!!

06 Aug 2005

I'm not filipino but it's disgusting how raisist you are..The Philippines is a great country a beautifull place to be only corrupted by the ridicul government...I suggest to take this site down before i report to the board and hunny it aint gonna be pretty if it's reported..have these people's opinions to themselves and this better lack of judgement is absolutley not neccesary to have a site about it. Yes reality is pPhilippines may not be a perfect place to live in due to the corrupted society yet America is a corrupted society America has No specific culture because everyone here is diverse theres no particular "Americans" anymore coz theyre mixed with lots of other races and to judge the phillipnes is disgusting...Judge your own f**king country which is corruped by people like you!

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