03 Aug 2005

I disagree with your opinion that filippinos bow down or give better treatment to foriegners. I find as a foreigner I am the only one getting harassed by police for not wearing a seatbelt or smoking while driving. I am charged more then filippinos everywhere. If I question somthing I am rudely told "go back to your own country". If I walk down the street I am shouted at with "hey Joe" by grown men in their 20's up to age 50.

I get no sense of special treatment only a cold shoulder or worse an antagonistic attitude as if i'm being blamed for being an american by the filippino that wishes he were born in the the usa. It's like envy and contempt at the same time.

02 Aug 2005

For the shallow minded sheep that oh so love this website, I got news for you: Folks this website has been on the internet for many many years. The articles have not changed, except for minute adjustments. In other words, the message has always been the same --- Philippines is bad, Filipinos are bad, yada yada yada.

And don't tell me that you did not know that Philippines was this bad until you read the articles here.

This website offers no solutions at all to the disingenious expose type articles about the pitfalls of being a Filipino.

Let's face it folks this is the number one Filipino Bashing Website on the World Wide Web.

Anyone who likes the contents of this website are themselves symptoms of why Filipinos are as bad as the articles on this website describe them to be.

30 Jul 2005

"Spare a buck -- or ten -- and be a part of a potentially commercially viable effort to contribute to building true greatness."


Your site is a favorite of mine although I have been far too busy to be visiting it regularly now. I have found the articles provocative, incisive. They cut to the core. They force me into an agonizing yet liberating self-reflection about my shortcomings for it's only in realizing what they are will I be able to rise above them. With the inclusion of the section on "Solutions" -- it came full circle, giving the site much more credibility as a balanced medium, rather than just a sounding board for criticism.

Thus I am not surprised that you have met success. You deserve it! Still, the "Filipino modesty" (which, by the way is detrimental in the competitive international scene) became too apparent in your plea for financial help. Like a car salesman, you sold me on the goods, yet you did not clinch the sale. You did not give me the "paperwork to sign on nor offer me a pen to sign it with."

Please on the same page where you make the case for financial help [take me there], list the ways in which one may do so.

Mastercard? Visa? American Express? PayPal? Money Order? Check? Cash Remittance?

And if the last three, where does one send it to? And who is it payable to?

If you spell these out, you will meet with "success unexpected in common hours."

Your site is my Walden pond for my Filipino self-reflection, liberation.

May you continue to soar on like an eagle, roar on like a lion...

30 Jul 2005

Hi I am a 15 year old Filipino and have lived in Daly City, California my entire life. For the past 5 summers I have visited my cousins in the Philippines and have gotten the chance to really get to see the country and the state that it is presently in. The provinces and even more so, the beaches are awesome, however the city isn't exactly all that great.

I feel very privelaged to have grown up in the States due to the many opportunities that us fellow Fil-Ams posses, and strive to make the most of these opportunities by doing by best in my academics and athletics. I have learned to carry my Filipino ethnicity around with me wherever i go and in anything I do. However, I do not see why some people that have posted previous comments and the website itself are so against, and seemingly anti-filipino. Sure... The country is in a horrible economic state, due to corrupt government officials, but you can't blame the entire Filipino population as a whole.

I'm sorry if my points are not as organized as some of you expect them to be, but I'm a 14 year old kid, so.. sorry... THe point I'm trying to get at is that all of you guys should be proud of who you are, where you come from, and your ethnicity. I know I am, I bring it out to the baseball field everyday, and when some "white kid" (I am not racist) on the field from Foster City or Palo Alto asks me where I'm originally from I say I'm Filipino, brown and proud. He may say, "where's that?" or "Do they have roads there?" or mabye even, "I heard u guys eat dog and oh... even... eggs with the fetus inside them", but that doesn't change a thing. I am Filipino, what more can i say, after all, it doesnt make a difference what we are at the end of the day, you just gotta live life and love one another, I know its easier said than done, but it will be easier to love one another if we love ourselves and where we come from (and originally come from).

So to all of you filipinos that are hating yourselves be cause your filipino, I say, eat some balot... and learn to love life!!! That's what its about!! Yeah Boy!! I gotta sleep now I got a game at 8 tomorrow peace out!!! Oh yah and to the dudes runnin the website.. you are most welcome to post this on one of hte forums or wherever.. thankyou, goodnight and.. sleep well..

22 Jul 2005

Do you really think that Philippines would be a better country under the US flag? Statehood means sharing your resources with your motherland. What would happen if the rich Americans move to the Philippines in great numbers and start buying land? It would displace a lot of Filipinos who couldn't afford to buy land. Not only would there be a big division between rich and poor, but now you'd have a big inequality also between rich Americans and poor Filipinos. I agree with Manuel Quezon. If there would be rich people who the poor will serve, I'd rather them be Filipinos than Americans.

In addition, this injustice will surely create social chaos among nationalistic Pinoys. Instead of having only Mindanao that's unhappy, now you'll have the whole country fighting for freedom. And it will be a never-ending battle. A battle that the native Filipinos with restricted access to firearms could have easily lost. Look what happened to the Indians. So if you think you'll be sitting like kings and queens now just because you have American dollars, think again.

21 Jul 2005

This is a selfish thought from a person who has been taught by a society of one sided view. I will not try to guess who you are and where your from, whomever wrote this letter, First of all, considering there are other countries out there in midst of destruction because they would not take anything else but their own religion or political views or genocide, I would say "bankrupcy" is the least of a coutry's problem today. Bankrupcy is shallow problem from a person who is "mukhang pera," or should I say a big problem for you (author) because now, you cant get the latest cell phone in the entire world, sorry now you just going to have to get the nokias from last month. Now that philippines is bankrupt, you cant smoke two packs a day because its going to cost too much to support that habit, sorry now your just gonna have to cut it to one pack a day! Now that philippines is bankrupt, you cant cheat on your wife anymore because its going to cost too much to support yo ur two "kabits", now you can only have one. Just imagine if philippino's in the philippines could just keep it clean we would save so much money. Start with yourself first before you start blaming other people. I say Manuel Quezon is one of our greatest heroes, have a little pride.

18 Jul 2005

I am a filipino-american, but what you had to say seems to be valid, and it too breaks my heart. Though I haven't been in the Philippines in years, I have observed that very same anti-filipino sentiment here in the United States. While I see my Chinese/ Japanese/Korean /etc. counterparts still speaking their native tongues, filipino-americans are speaking only english. Our parents do not bother teaching Tagalog to us--perhaps because it will not advance us economically here in the U.S.? I'm not so sure.

I think the reason why filipinos are not proud of who they are is because they have been under the rule of foreign powers for so long that they are not really equipped in governing themselves. And you're right...most of us don't even know our own history.

I don't know what needs to happen for filipinos to be proud of their country. But I know that until then, we will not see our country advance in the social, economic, or political spheres.

16 Jul 2005


I've read the article of EIU President Mr. Peter Wallace before May 1, 2004 election and i've read it again today July 16, 2005, i find it really a good observation about the Phils. I was so touched with everything that's been said in the article. In fact I am writing because i want to help spread the word to my own countrymen. How can i help? I wondered if this article already made its way to Malacanang Palace? I wondered if somebody from EIU have presented this to a few honest government officials who have the hearts to make the radical change? If there is anything i can do to help. please let me know through my e-mail address above. i've been to japan and the US and i envy the people there because they seemed to love their country very much.
Best regards and more power to EIU.

12 Jul 2005

"I would rather have a Philippines run like hell by Filipinos than a Philippines run like heaven by the Americans" -- Manuel L. Quezon
********** besides this quote the flashing***donate please.

Why don't you post the picture of a "batang Negros" with a donate please. I think people will be touched than the grinning Quezon who took us from heaven into HELL. Thanks anyway, you should get hints from ABS-CBN's Bantay-bata: Tita Monson-Palma comes one screen just when you are about to have dinner and parades on screen Filipino children that are sick and looking frail if not deformed. This is taking you to a "Guilt-trip". That's why Filipinos in the USA and Canada are the big contributors of Bantay-bata. That's because out here the Dept of Health appears like they are not doing their job. Why don't we make the ABS-CBN the Heatlh Department of the Philippines?

12 Jul 2005


Parliamentary form of government would even be WORSE than what we have now. Just because other countries are prosperous under this form, we also want to have it? THAT'S "GAYA-GAYA" mentality without deeply thinking if it is the right prescription for people who are culturally different from those who have this kind of government. I totally agree with you that PARLIAMENTARY FORM is not the right one for Filipinos because of our cultural background.

�If you continue to think what you�ve always thought, you�ll continue to get what you�ve always got�.

09 Jul 2005

It's July 9, 2005, and the streets of Manila are seething with people who just want nothing more than to bully La Gloria out of power. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the Opposition is so obssessed in getting the Presidential Throne that they can't even decide who'll take over the Presidency on the off-chance that PGMA does resign. My worst fear is that the Opposition will cannibalize itself and throw the entire Philippines into anarchy, because they can't quite figure out who among Abat, Lacson or (gods forbid) Roces woudl rule the country.

08 Jul 2005

This website has been a favourite of mine for a number of years now. The recent events in the Philippines, ie. June-July 2005, compels me to write this piece.

It is obvious that Democracy is not for Filipinos. After two decades of "freedom" from the Marcos dictatorship the Philippines is worse off. Imagine that!

At least in Marcos' time there was only one big thief and scoundrel. It now appears that there are a multitude of thieves and scoundrels running the country.

Perhaps it is now time to outsource the country's governance to foreign and more responsible organizations. Forget a coup d'etat as the Philippine Armed Forces is too incompetent to even undertake a successful regime change, or terminate local insurgencies. Local Filipinos have obviously botched the job of governing. And the local electorate are too gullible and stupid to choose a leader with a vision that does not include raiding the public coffers.

Addicted to Jueteng!!!

04 Jul 2005

Your article reminds me of one Senator who is currently in the Senate, he is spending additional tax money for an interpreter all because we voted him to the senate and he doesn't have the ability to speak English, how stupid of us Filipinos!!!!

04 Jul 2005

I came across your website because I was looking for answers on why our country has never gotten out of this "boom-bust" cycle that we always seemed to find ourselves in; periodically from each administration to the next. I was surfing the net because I wanted to find if there must be a solution; or at the very least an explanation of why things here have REPEATEDLY turned out from bad to worse. The present political & economic situation is very disheartening. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. I believe the only reason why people are STILL not pouring out in the streets in mass protest is because of the fact that there are really no tangible, promising alternatives. If GMA resigns, who will replace her? What kind of government will we again have? Will it be the likes of Erap and his minions again? We've been through that.... What's really scary is the fact that nowadays, no one really knows what's for the best.

I only got a chance to scan the website and read through several articles; many of which are truly interesting and well-written. I don't know what's going to happen over the next few days. Sometimes, I just spend the day glued on AM radio or ANC desperately trying to see if any of our present leaders have it in them to push this country forward. Sadly, at the end of the day, I get to sleep still having the same conclusion....."pare-pareho lang lahat sila, puro sariling kapakanan lang ang iniisip!" God help us all!

02 Jul 2005

I disagree with many of your points, especially on language and on your inability to appreciate the value of non-tangible values like nationalism and national pride, but you're OK on matters I feel strongly about, like the jeepney and rich villages. For years I have wrestled with my belief that a social market economy is the best system so far, and its apparent inapplicability to the Asian context (as not one Asian culture has implemented anything like it). How much more for a Latino-Asian culture like ours?

I believe that we should approach a bilingual policy. Chinese schools teach their subjects in both Chinese (Mandarin) AND English, w/c hasn't hurt them. Our problem with Filipino is that no one is willing to be nerdy enough to use it CONSISTENTLY and PUBLICLY for mundane events and transactions. So what if torque takes 6 syllables in Filipino? The fault lies in faulty translation. UP already took a good step forward by simply using the Japanese approach of transliteration: "ballpen" into "borupen" as seen in translating "psychology" into "saykoloji". We just have to be willing to invest in serious science-literature-history nerd stuff if we will change our society! Problem is, everyone is trying to be cool.

29 Jun 2005

Nasty's comments are very true!

But Nasty is surely very wrong to leave the problem behind. The country needs him.

We need a few daring individuals to CAUSE CHANGe....without all of us Filipinos (inlucding Nasty of course..) realizing that the problem cannot be solved by leaving it...the Philippines will not change!

It is ALSO because of intelligent, highly capable but coward and selfish Filipinos who go abroad (like the ones who are enrolling in caregiver and nursing courses righ now!!!!) and make themselves rich that the Philippines is what it is right now! They are not willing to sacrifice for motherland.....thinking only of the easy life that the americas has to offer....forgetting their responsibilities to their motherland....Is sacrificing for motherland a misguided heroism as in the case right now of the sinking Philippines???? I think not....just like the love and heroism (as responsibility) we offer to our families...we have to love and sacrifice (as responsibility) for motherland.....our past heroes have started the revolution for a new Philippines....unfortunately, the capable ones like the intelligent Nasty is not willing to continue what Rizal and his compatriots started......Filipinos are responsible to love the Philippines, NOT LEAVE IT AT THE TIME WHEN IT NEEDED US MOST.........go to the Americas and harden your conscience for what you are responsible forever betrayed the Filipinos by leaving them....

20 Jun 2005

Hope we can start an action-oriented organization that will initiate the formulation of a Philippine Road Map to Progress. This will need to be done in, say, a month's time. Once formulated we can lobby its inclusion in the government plans prepared by NEDA. Then we can form assisting/monitoring teams on a national, regional, provincial, municipal and even local levels.

This we need to solicit help from all interested sectors. This we've got to do because our government is not doing its governance function. Puro politika ang alam. If possible, pagsama-samahin natin ang mga good-for-nothing politicians sa local version of House of Lords. They can argue all they want without affecting too much the nation's progress because the nation and its economy has to move forward. If possible, a law should be enacted such that all these political posturings, Congress investigations in aid of re-election are in the inside pages, say, in a Political Section.

The newspaper headlines should be on things that matter to the people like economic legislations, actions, results; landmark bills debate to assist OFWs and export potentials; acceleration of development of gasoline and diesel fuel alternatives and similar economically significant matters.

18 Jun 2005

The problem with Manila is that they believe that the world revolves around them. Manila is not the Philippines nor is the Philippines Manila.

What is the Filipino Language anyway? It is just Tagalog being repackaged as the so-called national language. Tagalogs brand the Non-Tagalogs as simpletons and idiots, worth nothing more than just your chambermaids with heavy accents. That is not reality, you come to Cebu and talk in Tagalog and more often than not someone would tell you, "you're here in Cebu, learn Cebuano! In the same way that when we go to Luzon, we speak Tagalog". You question why Bisayas do not use the words "po","opo","oho".

Whatever for? It has never been a part of the Bisayan language. To be specific, it has never, and will never be part of the Cebuano language. We Cebuanos talk to other people as an equal without the need of using such words. And why is that? We do not have this incessant neurotic need to show superiorty like most of the Tagalogs.

Most of us Non-Tagalogs are quite bothered by people in the North, especially from the Tagalog Media about using Bisayan words totally out of context. Let us take for example the word "Kawatan", tagalogs use that word to denote everything from a swindler to a robber. "KAWATAN" is a specific term to denote "thief". A swindler is a "Mangingilad", a robber is "tulisan". To our horror, Tagalogs have started to bastardize our language! Another word would be "Buang", it is not pronounced as "BWANG" for that would mean an utterly different thing. "Buang" (pronounced as Boo - Ang) means a person suffering from a mental malady, while "BWANG" (the way you tagalogs pronounce it) means a Tupada, a cockfight.

I'd bet you my right arm that a great majority of Tagalogs do not even know where these words come from! Words used out of context.

One thing Tagalogs will never understand about the Visayans, Cebuanos and the Non-Tagalogs is that Culture is deeply entwined with language, you mess with the language, you mess with culture. You mess with both, don't ask why Cebuanos have a hatred for Tagalogs.

You treat us as second class citizens, brainwash our children into learning your so-called "national language", you bastardize English, create words which are totally without logic, like the word "Salum puwit" (Chair), which literally means "ASS CATCHER". Now, if you think your Tagalog is so highly evolved as a language, why then do you create new words or borrow words from other languages. (NOTE: Bisaya is not a Dialect, it is a Language; Cebuano, WarayWaray, etc are dialects).

Tagalog education is the product of an insecure people wishing to impose itself upon the proud Southerners. Remember, just as Raha Kolipulaku (that's Lapu-lapu to you ignoramuses) whacked Fernhao Magalhaes (Ferdinand Magellan) with pestle (a lowly wooden implement), we will whack those who come to our shores to impose their will upon us.

There is more to the Philippines than Manila and the Tagalogs. The world does not revolve around you, but then again, you are entitled to your own delusions. Keep on deluding yourself that you are great people and we the Visayans will keep reminding you that your insecurity and ineptitude will take its toll.

Sow the wind, reap the storm.

17 Jun 2005

Get Real Philippines:

[This article] is yet another proof of how helpless the Philippines is in terms of controlling its population. These kids are not at fault; its the people who carelessly breed them and keep on breeding them that is at the core of the sad plight. Malnutrition in the 21st century speaks strongly as a bad marker of a third world country and the Philippines rightfully belongs there. When will this abominable and disgusting irresponsibility ever end? And the government just keeps on blabbing and squabbling about the next coup here, the next political scandal there, its mind boggling how ignorant those people back there are! Lets not forget about the so-called masses who constantly whine and look forward to the next Edsa event like its the panacea to all their problems. C'mon Filipinos, wake up and enter the 21st century already.

Benigno, keep up the good work and don't listen to the mindless haters who have been blinded too much by their 'lack' of brain food while they were young. Now we know why too many of our leaders are the way they are - undernourished during childhood!

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