27 May 2005

Hi. I just wanted to tell you I liked your site. I'm half-pinoy, half-intsik. I'm definitely pinoy by culture, but I also got a glimpse of the Chinese culture from a few family members.

My take on why the Chinese overtook the Filipinos:

- Filipino kids are encouraged by parents to work for a big multinational company while chinese kids are encouraged to open their own company.

- chinese are willing to invest big in business for long terms while filipinos usually want overnight success (i.e. MLM)

- Chinese companies and businesspeople support each other

- Filipinos usually joke about the Chinese frugality, but for the Chinese, a lot of Filipinos live beyond their means just because they are envious of their neighbors' new car/stereo/tv/etc.

26 May 2005

I agree a lot with what you say. Throwing money isn't part of the solution. After spending 5 weeks in the Phil, it's evident that there's no quick fix. We have to educate the people. My mom and I had a discussion about this when we were there. I loved being there and I hated being there. I could see the opportunity these people could have if they just stopped being so lazy and stopped living for the moment. It drove me crazy when I'd give my cousins' candy and they'd throw the wrapper on the ground. I had to explain to them that why they shouldn't do it and to get into the habit of throwing trash away properly. Eventually they'd hold onto their trash till we got home then throw it into the garbage can. But that was retarded anyways cause we'd end up burning the trash in the back yard. GOD!! When will they learn? I love and hate the people, you know?

How do you make a nation learn to see the bigger picture? Although I'm a Canadian Born filipino, i wish that every fortunate filipino who lives abroad- whether because they immigrated to another country, or were born in another country - would think about how they can help move the nation ahead. Even if it just starts with one small barangay, you know. If we can make a difference in just one small town, what a great accomplishment. I'm joining our local filipino organization here in Edmonton, Alberta and hopefully I can be the little pebble that's thrown into the pond. I am in love with the Philippines and her people and I hope I can make a change.

I will continue to check your site, (I've actually added my name to the subscription) and I will spread the word for you. Thank you for what you are doing. I really appreciate the harshness your site puts out. It's doing what it's supposed to do. Get people thinking and talking. Keep up the good work! You are a great fillipino and we need more people like you.

10 May 2005

It has been my experience that the endemic, almost arrogant corruption at all levels of society in the Philippines is causing the horrible-to-watch decline of business, artistic _expression, moral integrity, and personal pride in nearly all the populace. The corruption itself is not the problem, but the universal acceptance of it that keeps foreign business investors at arms� length, and caused those who have already invested to close out and run, to cut their losses. The only exceptions I have found are those foreigners who have taken such advantage of the situation as to have effectively enslaved Filipinos in their own country, and can make a profit in spite of the prevailing necessary bribes, or as my Filipina wife calls them �mobilizations�!

This is a situation that can only get worse, until the full collapse of the country into total anarchy, starvation, and moral degradation brings about a sense of the need for basic morality in the common people.

How can I help? I can refuse to take part in �mobilizations�, and influence my family and friends to do likewise, giving up the perceived benefits of paying for what I want twice, in order to get it in some reasonable length of time. That�s going to require sacrifice, and will cause lots of folks to hate me. What can you do to help? The same things. Think about it! Real love, unconditional and all-accepting calls for no less a sacrifice!

10 May 2005

Dishonesty is not a filipino culture...I would like to correct those filipino who are now living in other countries. Why Judas Escariot was filipino? But why he was dishonest? He even not lived in Philippines? Philippines wasn't even existed that time yet? Dishonesty is everywhere because there is evil which always make a wiles to trick people. Hello! don't just judge the filipinos,please... why don't you read a Bible so that you will know, why dishonesty is rampant. Dahan-dahan lang kayo baka, mas masahol ba kayo kay sa mga binato nyo. Sigi, throw a stone to dishonest people if you think you are honest.

10 May 2005

I am sure that Nasty Anastacion was just lashing to his kayabangan. Concieted. Mag -ilang beses man siyang magpalit ng citizenship waray pa rin siya. At iisa lang ang waray sa mundo, nasa Visayas yan at nasa Pinas yan.

Ayaw sa mga filipino, mas lalong ayaw ng Pilipinas sa kanya. Yong limos nya sa atin di natin kailangan, makakaraos parin tayo. Alam mo ba kung bakit siya nagkaganyan kasi wala siyang peace of mind at misirable ang buhay niya. Wala siyang nakitang maganda kasi ang puso niya puno ng kapangitan pati and pagkatao niya. Sa palagay niya kaya, accepted siya kung nasaan man siya ngayon? Siya ang klasing tao na di dapat paghinayang.

Basta ako, kahit saan ako, I will always say, I am proud to be Pinoy!

P.S. Pakirating kay ANASTACIO ASIONg, nasusuka ako sa kanya.

07 Apr 2005

Hi. I agree with some (not all) of what is written in your site. Some things, I'd sometimes rather not face because, since I left, I have romanticized Pinoys and Pinas in my mind.

I do hope that this kind of site would be read by a lot of Filipinos. I am very careful with what I say about the Philippines since people back home are quick to label me "mayabang kasi nasa abroad" if and when I do something that they think is akin to criticising Pinas.

Anyway, sa hinaba haba man ng sinabi ko... will you allow me to feature your site at PINOYexpats (an ezine for PINOYexpats in Europe)? Since our mag is thematic, I would have to find a theme that would fit. Definitely for May.


04 Apr 2005

Hi! I'm a bit concerned with the way this site encourages people. I sense that it encourages nation-bashing. Yeah, we all know that the Philippines has its problems (clearly an understatement). But can we all take this a step further? Can we all stop complaining and actually do something about it?

Getting real is a preparatory step to making the RIGHT changes. Let's not get stuck with problems and focus on what we can do. Hindi ba? Alam na natin ang dami-daming mali at paulit-ulit na lang.

Get real and get up and do something. The Philippines is our personal responsibility.

04 Apr 2005

I take exception to that lame piece you did on Robert Jaworski. Robert Jaworski represented and gave honor to the country in many international competitions. His playing career, though disagreeable to some, is exemplary.

In 1978, when he became MVP he almost had a triple double in every aspect of the game. Only missing double figures in rebounding by around .2 percent. His brand of play was typical of his generation. If you even care to look at Rudy Soriano's, Philip Cezar's and even Ramon Fernandez's shenaningans on the court. His never say die attitude and firebrand play is what the masses have come to identify with. Inspite of all the stories, there have been no player who actually said they were crippled by Jaworski. On the other hand players who were down on their luck always had Jaworski to be there for support. Just ask Alex Clarino or Freddie Hubalde or Rudy Distrito.

His Senate record, if anyone cared to look, although not superlative, is decent and worthy. That article is cowardly and uneducated. I think the writer needs some self respect more than the people who admire Jaworski. Your pretentious piece regarding leaders is nothing but a Lame, Elitist and Pretentious attempt at finger pointing.

01 Apr 2005

Your one true and patriotic filipino, are you a journalist or something? Pasensya na po kung filipino na gagamiting kung language.Hopefully mabasa nyo po.

Sna lahat ng pilpino mabasa article mo kase makabukas paniniwala. Lalo na yung filipino inventor article nyo po. especially ako engineering student ako sa Mapua. Kase naiisip ko sa article nyo na di hangaan nang kapwa filipino yung imbesyon ng kababayan nila. Dagdag nyo pa yung Kakitidang isip ng Gobyerno tungkol sa filipino imbentor na sila ay ilusyinado, Palibasa umaasa lang sila Multi-National na Corporation. Di nila alam yung backbone ng lahat ng mauunlad na bansa ay yung kanyang citizen o mamamayan. Especially yung kanyang entrepreuneur like in the science sector etc. Hopefully mafeel yung presence ng gobyerni sa kanyang mga inbentor

Lalong lalo na kung yung mamayan ay engage sa agricultural o food industry. Dahil sa akin walang prosperous na bansa kung walang prosperous na agri economy. Lahat ng 1st world country (KUNO?) ay inuuna ang agricultural sector nila. Dahil kung malakas ang agri sector mababa ang presyo ng food commodities. Ganon po yun di ba? Hirap sa ating gobyerno ang laging concept ng pag-unlad ay yung kongkretong matataas na gusali at urban na syudad. Hindi kunaman sinasabi masama yon pero dapat my balanse and rural at urban economy. Because each is neede to create a so called Stong Republic right,

At ang matinding asenso sa tingin ko dapat tignan ng gobyerno ay ang serbisyo nito sa kanyang mamayan. Mula sa graft free na kapulisan, Fully equip firedepartment, Hospital for the masses especially in the province.P.S .pag sinabing Hospital hindi building lang. May doctor, nurses, orthopedic ward, mental ward, may equipment na Operating Room, janitor para malinis, aircon, etc.

Ngayon ku lang po napansin kayo po ba si Teddy Benigno? yund columnists... If so pasensya di ko kayo masyado kilala, di ako masyado read ng dyaryo. panay nood TV lang.

Kahanga hanga yung fearless article nyo sa website about filipino religion toward catholics etc. Sana yung church at goverment may mapagusapan tungkol sa Family Planning. Kase overpopulated na tayo sa tingin ko. Saka tumataas lang ang unemployment natin dahil sa population capacity ng age 18+..

Thats all thank you hopefully maread nyo hopefully may natutuhan po kayo sa isang estudyante, OFW ang tatay, mabait na katulad ko..Bye,, Sleep na po ko 5:42 am na kase..

24 Mar 2005

Your solutions are too general. Managing our resources properly -- how do you do that, especially if you do not control those resources, and allow foreign firms to own or manage them for you? Save & invest? Where is the "surplus" to come from when our people are starving? Work with one another -- no problem, Filipnos have always been working with one another, as in the bayanihan and the barangay. Loyalty to people and not to leaders -- isn't that what our Constitution says? The trouble with your analysis as to how capital evolved is that it's simplistic, theoretical and lacks historilcal realism. What about colonialism -- the brutal conquest of Africa and Asia by the West to ensure supply of cheap raw materials and cheap labor and monopolize markets; the theft of wealth and technology; the unequal change between manufactured goods and agricultural products? The solutions you suggest, already spouted by the same colonial elite that is responsible for our humilia ting poverty, will not get us anywhere even if it takes forever. Our tears will form oceans and our cries will deafen the universe before we can progress under your proposals.

What we need is the Rizal solution. In El Filibusterismo, particularly in the chapter, "The Tribulations of a Chinese," the Filipino bourgeois anti-colonial terrorist, Simoun (i.e., Ibarra and Rizal himself), is asked for his opinion by some merchants at a party thrown by the Chinese Quiroga,on what should be done to make the Philippines prosper. "My opinion?" sarcastically retorted Simoun (Rizal). "Study how other nations prosper and then do what they do." (Derbyshire translation.)

How did Japan and Russia, who were beind the West in development, catch up? What did the Meiji emperor and Peter the Great do to modernize their countries and save their people from colonial slavery? Closer to our times, what did Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, and especially China and now Vietnam, do to become economic tigers and raise their people from poverty?

Now, a caveat -- we must do the studying and observing ourselves, make the conclusions ourselves based on what we see, and not let the Westerners, the advisers of USAID, IMF-WB, etc., tell us what was done. These people are biased -- they serve their own countries' interests and would not tell us the truth that is useful for us. Do what the Meiji emperor, Peter the Great, Mahathir, Lee Kuan Yew, Mao and Deng Xiao Peng, the leaders of Taiwan and Korea, did to lift their countries out of backwardness. Patriotism is not enough, you need nationalism - the full comitment to national interests. You don't drown in theories -- pragmatism is more effective -- if it does not work, throw it away. There is nothing wrong with copying, the successful countries have all been copying from each other. They have been stealing ideas and technologies from each other and that we should do too. But the model must be real -- not imaginative or theoretical or illusionary like what the Americans teach us. "Study how other nations prosper, and do as they do."

22 Mar 2005

We, Filipinos, really need people like you to keep us "awake" and conscious of who we are and what we have been doing in our society. As a people we are becoming a hopeless case! Help us!!! Who knows, you may be one of those whom God will use to save us.

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