20 March 2005

Thank heavens for this website! I think Pilipinos who are stuck in their neocolonial mindset really need to WAKE THE F--K UP. Hell, as a mestiza Pilipina, I am a harsh and extremely blunt critic of my own people. I live in the ultimate Pinoy town in Southern California, and it bugs the hell out of me that Pilipinos here are so f--king lost! Thank you for being the tragically few Pilipinos who actually WANT to change their lives.

19 March 2005

hehe, you're really hitting a lot of nerves out there aren't you pare? Well, I guess some people just won't own up to any truth...maybe you and I should go on a fund-raising campaign to buy these people mirrors so they can see themselves for real. Keep up the good work, the more they attack you, it seems the more effective you are.

I myself have been recently called racist yet again because I pointed out that certain of "our" people in Canada have no lives whatsoever built in canada. They've got cars and houses and yet don't really go anywhere or meet anyone kaya their kids are socially stunted. I mean how can you spend a decade in a country and still not learn the language? Kaya nga raw "wild" and mga bata dito, they can't and are unable to COMMUNICATE with their kids. and we're talking parents who are nurses and engineers. What losers man. Yes, I'm talking about people I know. Would you beleive that this guy has been working and living in Canada for almost a year and yet his birthday rolls around and it still is just us. How can you have 5 friends (from work and he's got two jobs) invited to your birthday and not have anyone show up? Same with his wife.

My point? Ok, they have material success but have no life. By life I mean, building roots, having friends, experiencing your surroundings. I may not have the material success they do, but guess what, I at least have experiences and stories and I can meet and get along with people of any background. I have been to weddings, eaten food from everywhere and participated in ceremonies and traditions not of my culture. They, on the other hand have cars that don't take them anywhere. They've got "friends" who are only their friends for one reason, they're all pinoy. Friends by default kung baga. And these same people judge my other "foreigner" friends based on the way they look.

Then I point out that the person their judging is at least a practicing engineer or doctor or teacher...basically they still carry on their shallow perceptive world view...maybe to make themselves feel better for being such failures. So you know what, don't worry if people attack you. I find that however abrasive you may be if you get a reaction whether negative or positive you win. You got them all hot and bothered. Maybe if these were the old days where you can challenge people to a duel or balagtasan...well, stupid children resort to name calling right? The truly skilled would take you head on point for point. KEEP IT UP BROTHER!

17 March 2005

ok na sana tapos pera pera lang pala ang ending [NB: in reference to this]. di lumabas din ang totoong intensyon. na pagka kwartahan ang kunwaring pagmamakasakit sa bayan. tsk tsk

10 March 2005

NASTY??? You're name matches your persona. You are still a Filipino no matter what!!! You may color your hair blonde, you may have the english twang, you can act like you're a REAL American....... people are right when they said that you are nothing but a "TRYING HARD BROWN AMERICAN"... You might have made the right decision of being an American Citizen BUT i don't think the US HAS MADE THE RIGHT DECISION OF ACCEPTING YOU and MAKING YOU AN AMERICAN CITIZEN? Will staying in the US as an American Citizen make you a BETTER PERSON?? Think think think.... and you better THINK HARD

05 March 2005

I think the Filipinos posting angry feedbacks at you in this site are the ones who are 'fake' Filipinos who don't know what it means to be proud of being Filipino. They think that all Filipinos should think the same and therefore that is what a 'true' Filipino is. I guess thats why things really never change for the Philippines because of the non-caring, easy going stupid Filipinos whose comfort zone was interupted by someone who has the guts and brain to say the truth. And now look at it, the others back home have followed with the ignorants that showed themselves in this website. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Kudos to you who run this site and "hiya" to those Filipinos who only know how to blow hot air and not use their brains to really think deep about the problems in the Philippines.

05 March 2005

Please post this response, PLEASE!!!! This is in response to the last person who gave feedback in Jan. 2005. maybe it is you who needs to wake up and smell the bagoong and rise from your fantasyland dream. The reason why the Phil. is in the state of disarray is because of Filipinos like yourself and others who have emotionally responded instead of mentally. Yes, the Koreans and Japanese are far smarter than us, because at least they have gotten far without the English language and made their countries the shining dragons that they are. They are only studying in the Philippines because we have easier English courses for them to take and it's cheaper, it does not mean Filipinos are better. Please, in your dreams. What have you done for your country in regards to your pride in "ENGLISH" skills? Nothing! English to them is something extra-curricular, but important. We are always lagging behind amongst all other Asians because of the aPATHETIC, arrogant, selfish, ignorant a nd cowardly Filipinos who have the means, skills, knowledge, and power to go home to the Phil. and set up workshops, cooperatives and business to help out our country only get fat and more ignorant than the educated and skilled people they love to show off as. Have you noticed how some of these people complain how dirty, poor and corrupt the Phil. is like they were raised with a silver spoon in their mouths? PATHETIC! Thats what the Phil. needs, is US, the working Filipinos to make a difference back home. Nurses, singers, actors, Domestic Helpers, and OFWS all can't do it alone and neither can I. People back home also need to get a clue that they too need to wake up and change their own attitudes and lifestyles to be more disciplined in regards to saving money and building a foundation for themselves in the Phil. After receiving money remittances, the leftover should be saved for the rainy days or for making a small business over time. It all takes common sense, of which ver y few Filipinos have. The babyboomers of today are starting to retire and their children will have no obligation to send money back home like before. So either shape up or shut up. So quit about the "oh, have you ever been to your hometown...." type of garbage, because nostalgia gets you no where with no action. Your attempt s to show how proud you are in being a so-called "true" Filipino is enough to make Jose Rizal vomit in his grave. Your pride is more symbol, without substance. I'm more proud of Rizal as a TRUE Filipino than many modern day Pinoys, because at least he acted upon the situation and got things done.

02 March 2005

I just want to congratulate you on a very insightful, very intelligent, and very passionate website. I was born in Manila and immigrated to California when I was 14, went to college, currently doing the 'career and family thing', and now recently moved to Washington DC for my appointment as a physical scientist for the U.S. National Weather Service. It is very refreshing to see that some of us are indeed made of intellectually better material than what is out there. To read your articles was refreshing and to actually feel good afterwards was well worth the time.

I would like to add my few pieces of personal experience with regards to the current and sad plight in the Motherland. The biggest and most insidous problem, in my honest estimation and opinion, is the lack of the government's concern with population control. While it doesn't help that the influential Catholic Church does not strongly advocate family planning control, the country is literally drowning in its own people. The country can only maintain so much of its own resources and be able to provide its people its unalienable rights to it. Families are dogmatically still 'medievally' attached to some notion that 'the bigger families, the better it is'. While some are able to send their children to higher education, for the most part, the real hope of the country are mired in a growing mass of unintellectual proportions that soon, even degreed individuals will have to toil in manual labor and worse, would have to go in some other country to pursue their dreams.

While it is the hope of every Filipino that everything will be okay in due time, we should pause and reflect as to what is really the Filipino dream? Is it synonymous with their American counterparts of the house on the hill and the white tail fences and great jobs for everyone? Is the Filipino dream all about the acquisition of wealth without any regard for his fellow man? Is the Filipino dream all about a self-fulfilling realization that a higher being has total control of his destiny and therefore shouldn't waste his time with self-improvement?

Sadly, as we usher well into the 21st century, we are reminded that some of us are still 'in the dark' like in Plato's Republic. Education is definitely the key to our survival but is unfortunately unglorified by many, the rightfully angry masses, as an elitist notion.

01 March 2005

Re: About the mangled-English-hate-letter-from-the-bar

Don't you think this is probably a hoax? I'm referring to the f--kin' horrible-English hate letter with Dennis and Marjie in it...

I think I've read that before in one of Bob Ong's books (I think), but I'm quite cautious with stuff like can't believe something like that right away.

12 February 2005

*dude this site f--king rules man *i appreciate the honesty ... true that *i just wish other flips open their eyes and quit publishig false nationalistic bullshit. *awesome site bro ........ keep up the good work

09 February 2005

To the Webmaster,

What is the point of this website? You explicitly state all the rotten things about Filipino society and nowhere is there any clear or explicit article on how to fix things.

We already know that the Philippines is the anal sphincter of Southeast Asia. You do not need to publicize the fecal like habits of many Filipinos. We all know about this.

What about offering some solutions to the problems we all know?

Just like the very people that you are criticizing you are thoroughly devoid of any ideas about solving the flatulence that you have released.

This website is just nothing more than a cheap excuse for Pinoy Bashing!

25 January 2005

Don't you see that the root of any cultural problem is centered in the belief system of the masses? Now, do you want to change its direction and context. So far, one can identify three models to explore. The first is Robespiere " Reign of Terror with VIRTUE" (A Republic with no Religion), second is Hitler's Propaganda (Advertising en masse) for a Super race identity forged by hate, and third, Stalin's Ethnic relocation en masse without pity. The effect on respective cultures is violently grand and fast. Is violence the key for a quick change?

Can anyone see that the Philippine democratic government was modelled against the U.S. Republic that had existed for 169 years of experimentation? Thus, its exercise since 1945 was cultured into the human psyche without the growing pains and difficulties that shaped the american culture. Can anyone remember that U.S. democratic founding fathers did not intend the slaves and the poor to vote? Only property owners could vote. Also, women could note vote. These were changed slowly and painfuly which led to constitutional amendments and therefore broadend the cultural base of american thought. Contrast the Philippine democracy and its cultural base. What do you see?

Oliver Holmes once said " When the increasings sense of freedom is not accompanied by an increasing sense of duty and reponsibility, it marks the beginning of social and moral decay".

What is there to do?

17 January 2005

Hi there , i am from india , been there some thing like 5 times this last couple of years. I would like to say a few things that come to my notice while i am there. First of all , i never had a bad experience while being there, the people are extraordinarily kind and friendly,there is one incident i remember , i was waiting for my GF some where , and it was hot and i was perspiring profusely. There is this buko vendor who was doing business near where i was waiting ,noticed that i am feeling really hot and uncomfortable offered me one of the buko -the sweetest buko i ever tasted , and refused to take payment, Imagine that it must have cost him atleast 15 peso , i still remember that incident.

Secondly there is rampant corruption, Me and My GF got married at the QC city hall at a civil ceremony, and the bribes quoted were in the range of 8000 to 3000 pesos of course we took the cheapest offer, but till this date i do not know what is the real fees for a civil wedding.

Why is a nation with kind and friendly people have a very weak and corrupt govt? they say that every people get a govt they deserves , i am sure filippinos deserve better. Now for the stinging criticism part, Filippinos can be compared to frogs in a well, sadly each filippino is in his individual well, and he thinks that his well is the whole world.Filippino got no idea of what is happening around him , i think his favorite quote is "why look beyond your own fence" i heard this being utterd on several occations. you guys need to watch more news and less soap. I hate to watch those degrading game shows on tv like MTB. i have never seen such a stupid tv programme in my life , and they are showing it day in and day out all through the year. And it got one of the highest ratings.

And you guys do not know your own history; people who do not know where they come from will never know where they are going, and most of the history you guys know are lies told to you by americans.History is usually a collection of stories nations and people tell themselves , if they tell themselves lies they will bear the bitter consequenses of those lies , if the stories they tell them selves are true they let themselves and their nation grow toward greater glory. History should be retold from a filippino point of view.

Look at your stupid politicians? do they dress the way ordinary filippinos dress themselves? In my opinion one if the reasons that filippinos behave the way they do is becos they are still imature socially politically and culturally. cos Phiilippines is still an aboriginal society when spanish discovered it.and did'nt get enough time to make the conversion to a modern society , the natural evolution of the filippino society is disturbed by the arrival of spanish i think.

i think in a way you are still an aboriginal society, and that clarify the question about the lack of a clear filippino identity

Enough of my ramblings for now i will post again when i get time.till them see ya all

16 January 2005

Dear Editor, I have recently discovered your site and must congratulate you on your straightforward no nonsense style of truth telling. May I recommend that you consider adding PAYPAL as an option for Stateside and EU based pinoys (or non-pinoys) who would like to make a donation. Brand recognition could make a major difference in helping people decide to part with a few dollars, euros, or pounds. In addition, you might consider an honors/patrons/sponsors page of some sort to list people and organizations who contribute. To your success, (signed)

16 January 2005

I am reading this blog for the first time. I keep asking myself, how could I have missed it previously? Well, it's better late than never. The post is a very thought-provoking piece. The focus on each point is sharp and to the point. There are points that I think in relation to my country as well. Some I do not fully subscribe but they are thought-provoking nonetheless. I shall be referring some of my friends to your site. Thanks again.

[NB: Sender is a Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur]

14 January 2005

Hello! I saw your website and I believe that my concern fits well in it. I was thinking about the modern slavery still existing in our country concerning our maids. They are underpaid, and they don't have any future career except to be maids forever. I wish that the government would do something about it particularly :

1. give them maximum working hours per week
2. or pay them per hour
3. free them from their duties at night if they can't go home every night
4. give them a working contract from their employers - specifying what duties to perform and for how long, if it is not a permanent job
5. let the employers pay them overtime if they have to work during holidays
6. give them sick and vacation leaves

These are just basic things that a regular employee receives from his employer... why can't they enjoy the same thing since they, too, are working? In Europe, maids are enjoying a better working condition because the law protects them. They can even work for more than one family and earn more by working more. I think it is just right to do the same thing for filipino maids. In doing so, they cannot be abused by being "on call" all night and still have their own life outside work.

08 January 2005

Hi (I don�t even know what your first name is),

I really enjoyed your web site and your analysis of what ails our country. A lot of your ideas really hit the mark, such as your views on the �pseudo enlightened�, our misfortune of being saddled by medieval irrational Catholicism (Am I misreading you here? I for one have eschewed it completely.), the utter uselessness, greed, and stupidity of our economic and political elite, etc. These are truly refreshing ideas seldom seen in the mainstream media.

I work in Vietnam, 2-3 weeks every month for the past two years helping build mission critical financial networks (using Filipino-developed software, mind you), and the contrast is in my view truly pronounced. Vietnam has been growing at a steady rate of 7 per cent or so for the past decade or so, and has reduced its population growth to almost half of ours. As a result, you can really feel the peoples� optimism and national pride, the vibrancy of the economy, a truly palpable sense of progress. The country is by no means perfect�corruption is rampant, the press is completely controlled, etc.�but for now people seem to have accepted the trade-off and I believe people feel that their lives are getting better, that they are indeed getting steadily more prosperous. Ho Chi Minh City, compared to what it was 2 years ago, is a much more vibrant and cosmopolitan city, and the government is slowly but surely jettisoning all remnants of ossified communist economic thought. And we�re only speaking here of a span of two years since I first started going to Vietnam.

In contrast, when I return home (or when I read about us in Inq7), I learn and hear about natural disasters compounded by human greed, a population growth rate of 2.3%, an �economist-president� who utterly refuses to see the link between runaway population growth and our people�s poverty and who is devoid of any sense of urgency, priests and bishops spouting blatantly unscientific and intellectually dishonest ideas (such that condoms have never been proven to prevent or minimize AIDS despite the overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary), a government in a never-ending fiscal crisis caused in large measure by the venality of our politicians, etc. I can so why it is so easy for many to simply give up in despair, abandon all hope of achieving prosperity, and simply immigrate.

Your website proves that there still are Filipinos who have�nt given up all hope, who still persist in using their critical faculties to coldly analyze our problems with the objective of coming up with pragmatic, realistic, and workable solutions, and I would guess, concretely acting to implement such solutions.

More power to you and people of your ilk.

Best regards, (signed)

07 January 2005

The only thing this "Nasty" says right is "you get nothing done if you are meek and sweet and pa-api (sa US)". Who is he to say those things to Filipinos (F--k him!!!!!, Hambogeroa sa Buang!!!!!, Pesteng Yawaaa!!!!).

In response to how he describes life in America, watch Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine see how common americans make a living, how they also try to make both ends meet.(Kicking their butts just to pay the bills. And heavily taxed.)

On how the Philipines is doing, ahastacio is WRONG!!!! We we'll be fine, with all the $$$$$ coming in from Pinoys working abroad, we are going for the better. Truth is most Filipinos are happier than most americans.

Truly ahastacio!! is a fly perched on the carabao's back.

I am proud to be a Filipino, will always defend the Philippines against this ahastacio type.

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