06 January 2005

i just want to have a comment on the view posted last april 29, 2003...if u are really a filipino and grew up here in the philippines well i think your opinion about filipinos will not be like that because the more you stayed in your hometown the more that you will appreciate it and will not be ashamed of yourself being a TRUE FILIPINO...yeah there are negative attitudes of filipinos but it's not a reason to be ashamed..i think you are narrow minded...koreans and japanese are not the only orientals wh0 are excelling in other country..we also the dont know about it because you are neglecting your own culture, maybe the only thing you know about your co-filipinos and the PHILIPPINES is the bad things that they are commiting and the disasters that are happening in the country...why dont you search something about your co-filipino...we also excel in sports,debate and more you really think that koreans and japanese are intelligent than us the Filipino?? well if so, you're wrong because here in baguio city we have lots of them studying here and we can prove that we are far more good than they are...although some of them are doing their best. ...i have friends like you who grew up in US but they are loving their own country and culture and everytime they spend they vacation in US when they came back the filipino attitude is still there... i think you dont really deserve to be a FILIPINO..

05 January 2005

You need to get real. You need to realize that the country wasn't always like this, and you need to find the real reasons as to why the people and the country is the way it is. We weren't always like this. The fact that you put the blame soley on "filipinos" is horrible. You're asking people to be more like who? And by what means do you expect them to make these adjustments? Don't tell them to "get real", tell the people who oppress and continue to oppress them to get real.

22 December 2004

i love this site ya know!!! im a high school student and i'm researching bout the low quality of education in the philippines and then i opened your site and i love it!!!! it was the answer on my assignment and im really thankful to those who made this site!!!!

21 December 2004

I just read Nasty's e-mail in response to your article. I realize that its over 4 years old but my initial response was WOW!. I felt the same way as Nasty because I have made observations along similar lines. These are just my observations but I call a spade a spade. Democracy should be a privilege. As such, Filipinos need to choose their leaders for their ability to LEAD rather than to put on an Academy Award performance in office. I hope that the Filipinos will wake up from their from their apathetic state to realize that the rest of the world will leave them wallowing in the 20th Century if they do not start expecting more out of their current existence. How about creating your mark in this world rather than waiting for something good to happen?

04 December 2004

Finally, an article vindicating me for insisting that I polish my command of the English language (while I was a student in UP Diliman) even as I was being vilified for being a "snub" and a "pasosyal"! As a girl from Legazpi, my exposure to Tagalog was one hour every day of the school week. It was torture - I never got the knack for speaking Tagalog (although I have managed to learn just from having a boyfriend who insisted I speak Tagalog and from being in the United States where I am forced to speak either English or Tagalog)and never really appreciated the purpose of speaking in Taglish.

My command of the English language (though still with a slight accent that only occasionally gives my ethnicity away) is very instrumental to my success in my chosen profession (I am an Economic Development Planner with local government). We have got to find a way to convince those people at the Deparment of Education that English has to continue to be the language of instruction in the Philippines because it is the language of business and the chosen universal language (except money of course) of the free world. We have to convince them as well Tagalog is really not the language of the majority of the Filipinos. Requiring it as a subject for everyone to take is a step toward making it universal, although if I am to be used as a case in point, all those years of schooling have so little to show that requiring me to watch TV might have been sufficient teaching.

As the article on the Intellectualization of Filipino suggests, I will take long before Filipino is an intellectualized language. In the meantime, we have to find a way to intellectualize the Filipinos, and English is the way to do it. I bet, the population will not have any objections to such a plan but I would wager that a few nationalistic intellectuals (kuno), just might.

01 December 2004

I have followed this site for quite sometime now. This site has been the most aggressive, critical, and downright brutal. I love it. I have sent links to this site to several friends who are unaware of what goes on in their homeland. Sadly, not all pinoys think (or want to think) there is a problem to address. However, as long as one person has recoginized the problem and is inspired to do something about it. Whether it's this site or people that write letters such as this, it makes it worthwhile knowing something positive is going on within the Filipino community...even if some peoeple still think this site is misunderstood as all negative.

19 November 2004

Corruption in the Philippine is not a mere symptom but it's already embedded in filipino minds as a career cancer (uncurable)sickness especially these people in government. I totally blamed the educational system we have had in the Philippines. What we have learned about good manners & right conduct aside from Math, science, social studies, history & more, none.

There's one vital subjects which is missing a lot to our curriculum. Yes, panatang makabayan..iniibig ko ang Pilipinas is one important role we have studied to love our country but for a CORRUPTION FREE PHILIPPINES is not being thought in all our schools. I never heard from my teachers before that don'ever,ever corrupt your country when you become government officials or politicians. Instead, I heard my teachers saying I'm going to pass you if you can tell your parents to give me fundadors or whisky especially in college & university professors. So what you can expect to this kind of education wherein in our teachers mismo corruption is already there from the start.

What kind of leaders we can get from these schools that we are now experiencing from past administrations. Graduated in UP, Ateneo, La salle, Assumption, even PMA all prestigious institution to emulate good leadrship for all of us. What we have got? Still greedy attitude means Corruption. We got already the matalino, the bobo, and in between that words where are we heading now. Still in the dark of the tunnel decades ago. Solution: In order not to waste our time & efforts as a country, we should hire a right tested consultant person to be our president in the person of like Lee Quan Yu of Singapore, Mahatir of Malaysia or if we can afford to hire Ex-president Clinton of USA for just one year duration educating us for good governance. I believed we can changes from bad to good & not wasting a lot of million,billions & trillion, so to speak.As long as Filipinos will keep running our government, it will never, never changes. Mark my words. Time is gold.

15 November 2004

i'm a student from saint mary's university college department.we have a topic in pol sci in which we are to decide whether the parliamentary or democratic government can solve our social,political and moral problems today.i thank you for writing that colums.few filipinos like you share their grief on our leaders who always think the farthest ways to achieve success.your message was really a light to those filipinos who think that we would never excel unless we change our political thing that keeps our country way behind other southeast asian countries is our educational system which is "primitive" compared to their schools.i hope that we students must really be prioritized for the future of our country.and i don't beleive that filipinos are "tamad".only our leaders don't give us appropriate incentives to make us work in our best.

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