Aftermath of Iglesia Ni Cristo bomb: PNoy caught negotiating with terrorists again!

The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) circus that erupted (then fizzled out) on EDSA is a sign of things to come. Granted that it was an outcome of an internal INC agenda that could, if we are to follow the logic of the INC mob, only be resolved by inflicting damage upon a public already broken […]

Shutdown of the CCP ‘KULÔ’ exhibit proves the point Mideo Cruz makes in ‘Poleteismo’

Seems to me artist Mideo Cruz succeeded in proving the point he wanted to make in his collage Poleteismo which was exhibited along with other works in the main gallery of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. In Poleteismo, Cruz depicted through a collection of images and artifacts representing celebrities, religious icons, and public personalities […]