WTF! Pinoy Immorality On Wattpad?

I never thought it would come to this ladies and gentlemen. I thought maybe, just maybe, there were at least enough Filipinos out there with some decency left in their hearts and souls. I thought that, maybe if some of them┬ádid┬ávote for Manny Pacquiao, they would have enough good sense to know the difference between […]

Philippine blogging and social media in the time of President Rodrigo Duterte

Now that the smoke belched by Election 2016 has cleared people seem to be reflecting on what just happened. It seems some of them have taken to taking stock of the social media landscape to try to make sense of and possibly shed light into what exactly got into Filipino voters’ heads. The underlying thinking […]

Even intelligent people embrace dumbed-down thinking

It’s no wonder people have gotten so dumbed-down that they are now considering electing the sorts of idiots we see on TV nowadays. I now question the theory that a lack of education or even a lack of intelligence contributes to the “tyranny of the majority” that results in dumb leaders ascending power or idiotic […]