The brutal business of implementing change in the Philippines

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell Improving systems and changing cultures invariably starts with looking under the covers, and with brutal honesty sometimes. Self-delusion doesn’t — shouldn’t — feature in corporate life, nor should it in national governance. Would you prefer your taxes be […]

Digital transport network Uber: Could it cure Manila’s jeepney infestation?

What’s hot in the public transport innovation scene today? It’s Uber. The top (arguably) “digital transport network” in the world is looking at a possible USD12 billion valuation if efforts to raise a reported USD500 million in its most recent funding round bears fruit. Why is Uber hot? Because it applies well the same simple […]

‘Where there is no corruption, there will be no poverty.’ – President Noynoy Aquino, #WEF Manila 2014

Quotable quotes from Philippine President Noynoy Aquino addressing the World Economic Forum delegates in Manila yesterday… * * * “Where there is no corruption, there will be no poverty.”  * * * “The Philippines reworked the formula for success in business – from one that required connections with influential people, to one that gives value […]

Quaint outcomes on Day One of the 2014 World Economic Forum #WEF conference in Manila

Southeast Asia is a part of the world where much of the wealth was created by former colonial masters, inherited by a small elite clique of oligarchs, and is now largely held by the ethnic Chinese diaspora. The degree to which this wealth has trickled down to the greater population varies by country. Nonetheless, major […]

Philippines least ‘networked ready’ in ASEAN according to World Economic Forum

The Philippines ranks last in “networked readiness” among its former peers in the ASEAN’s major economies with Singapore taking the second spot in the top ten most “networked” economies in the world… This is according to the 2014 Global Information Technology Report issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Networked readiness is measured by the […]

How Serious is the Philippines’ Educational Crisis?

Lately, the Philippines has — for a number of good reasons — enjoyed the limelight, emerging as an economic bright spot in Asia. Receiving a stamp of approval from the world’s leading rating agencies, namely Fitch, S&P, and Moody’s, the country stands — in label — as a full-fledged investment-grade economy. This, at least theoretically, means […]

Noynoy surpasses Gloria? The Force is strong with him…NOT!

Former president Gloria Arroyo praised president Benigno Simeon Aquino III (BS Aquino) for the 2012 reported 6.6% GDP (gross domestic product) growth. There was a “but”, though: In her statement, Arroyo said she “shares the commitment of President Aquino to integrity and opposition to corruption.” “But the campaign against corruption must uphold the rule of […]

Noynoy Aquino’s WEF ‘harvest’ in Davos: Where are the results?

The behaviour of a large complex system like the Philippine economy cannot be described using the preferred indicators of a world economic body that mainly represents the interests of the global private sector. Even less credible are people who rely on the much-vaunted Gross Domestic Product (GDP) metric as the kernel of their efforts to […]