Wrong Filipino Attitudes about Work

It’s easy to observe that some Filipinos don’t like work. Gogs wrote about why Filipinos don’t value work. Filipinos are afraid of failure before success and just want to become famous without any effort. But aside from that, I see a few other things about Filipino views toward work that may affect how they make […]

Philippine Labor Day rhetoric: the same old bullshit

So it’s “Labor Day” again this 1st of May in the Philippines. What do the usual suspects who champion the workers’ “fight” have to offer this time in terms of rhetoric? Considering that they’ve milked the easy ones dry — anti-Americanism, anti-imperialism, anti-incumbent-government, higher wages, more jobs, etc. — what else is there? There is […]

Drop the Hype: We’re All Human Beings

The recent controversial statement issued by Miss Universe first runner-up Miriam Quiambao subjected her to an endless tirade from the outraged LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered) community. Quiambao, now the target of hatred from the said community, issued an apology afterwards. Miriam proceeded to reply, explain, and apologize. She frequently cited Bible teachings. She replied […]

The empty rhetoric surrounding Labor Day in the Philippines

It’s labour day again in the Philippines. A colleague of mine noted the irony in this celebrated occasion being a “non-working” holiday. But the way that irony and many others simply fly over pointed heads in a society renowned for missing simple points is another topic for another occasion. The more important thing to observe, […]