Wrong Filipino Attitudes about Work

It’s easy to observe that some Filipinos don’t like work. Gogs wrote about why Filipinos don’t value work. Filipinos are afraid of failure before success and just want to become famous without any effort. But aside from that, I see a few other things about Filipino views toward work that may affect how they make […]

How Filipinos See And Understand Hard Work

This article is a tribute more or less to one of Vladimir Santos’ latest articles and is just another look at another overused alleged value called “hard work” the same way I deconstructed the Pinoy concept of “humility“… So let’s start with a story, shall we? Once upon a time there was a farmer with […]

Fit for Work – 5 Ways Work is Killing You and 4 Ways to Fight Back

What is it about irony that makes it a more remarkable statement? Having returned after a month-long project in KL (a land known for its greasy mamaks and 24 hour dining), I was shocked to find that I had actually lost 5 pounds where I thought I gained at least 10. The belief is that […]

The Rediscovery and Re-enchantment of Our Humanity: in Honor of the May Day and In Defense of the Global Occupy Movement

The present times are complicatedly so fast and furious. So fast the pacing that we forget to stop and pause to enjoy the quality time with our family and savor the moment with our friends! We are so concern with so many pressing issues and material needs that we forgot the importance of silence, of […]