What did the women in the #WomensMarch rallies REALLY want?

Ahhh, the perenial question: What do women want? I hear a lot of my male friends ask this question. It seems we like to spend a lot of time and energy verbalizing our issues and then get upset when our partners contribute to the conversation in their usual infernal “solution mode”. The boys, of course, […]

You go girl: train to be Batman’s wife!

So last week, the Philippines had its SM shirtgate scandal where a shirt with the incription “It’s not rape, it’s a snuggle with a cuddle” was seen and snapped, said snap going “viral” of course. Said viral photo then becoming the object of much indignation. Now this: This excellent shirt is currently on sale at […]

Emma Watson’s feminism speech and why men should STILL harden the f–k up

I watched just now the excellent speech delivered by Emma Watson at the United Nations in New York City last Saturday. This was on the occassion of the launch of the UN HeForShe campaign and she spoke as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, a role she was appointed to about six months earlier. Watson said […]