Premature ERickyulation

  Do you have any idea how the Nobel Peace Prize came to be? Back in 1888 Ludvig Nobel  died and a newspaper printed what would have been Alfred’s  obituary. He had this moment of clarity and made a conscious effort to alter his legacy.   Alfred Nobel was the Swedish chemist who made his […]

What the victory of US President Barack Obama means to Filipinos

Filipinos follow American showbiz, American sport, American fashion, parrot American accents, ape American attitudes and, yes, act out American politics. Indeed, Filipinos were all but carried away by US election fever trooping to “mock US elections” organised by the US Embassy in Manila and whooping it up after the victory at the polls of re-electionist […]

The truth about Tagalog that James Soriano failed to explain

William “The Chair Wrecker” Esposo of has joined in the debate about the Philippine national language (or lack of it) in his recent column. This was in response to the controversial and now removed article written by James Soriano from Manila Bulletin. While Esposo rabidly defended our constitutionally mandated national language, Tagalog, he wrote […]

Roman Catholicism’s promise: Nothing in life and everything in death

In his recent PhilStar colmumn How Catholic Talibans stormed the CCP, William Esposo lamented “the terrifying emergence of a Catholic Taliban who threatens to destroy the very foundations of our Christian morality.” Indeed, it is happening. On the Visayan Daily Star, Nida Buenafe writes about how parishes in Bacolod are unreservedly demonising artist Mideo Cruz […]

A Noynoy supporter blames Noynoy’s aide for Noynoy’s lack of substance

A friend asked me how I manage to keep my cool when someone is obviously trying to intimidate me online. Indeed, there are many critics in the blogosphere who do not have any qualms about undermining a writer’s credibility just because they can. My experience as a blogger has taught me that there are many […]

P-Noy’s popularity hides his lack of substance

Something really weird is happening in the Philippines. For one thing, the result of the latest approval rating conducted by Social Weather Station (SWS) revealed that the Aquino administration has reached a record high. According to presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda “73 percent of respondents said they approve of the Aquino administration’s performance“. It would have […]