Public Service Announcement For This Storm Season

Hello again everyone, this is a public service announcement from your favorite socio-politico-cultural commentary website. We don’t normally do this, at least as far as I know, but since it’s quite obvious that we’re in for plenty of rain and other weather anomalies this rainy season, I think that you need to read some of […]

Super Typhoon #Hagupit nears Philippine landfall, tied with 2 others as 2014’s most powerful

Updated forecasts have put Super Typhoon Hagupit (locally code-named “Ruby”) landfall in the Philippines tonight (Saturday evening 06 Dec 2014 Philippine time) and is expected to cross near Manila sometime late Monday, 08 Dec 2014) according to Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) reports. Forecast trajectory of the storm is “very close to the ‘multi-model’ consensus” […]

Manila as the gates of hell? It’s the river Styx too!

I bet the outrage over Dan Brown’s description of Manila as the “gates of hell” in his book Inferno is still fresh in the minds of many Filipinos. They really should learn to react properly to any less than desirable description that foreigners have of Filipinos, whether true or not. If it’s true, do something […]

Horrendous Manila traffic a normal thing for a people long accustomed to a hellish life

On my comfy half-hour train ride going home from work, I sat amused while observing a steady line of tweets and Facebook updates streaming down my mobile phone — the poignant helpless anguished cries coming from poor souls lost in the wilderness Manila’s steaming traffic jungle. And here I was just 15 minutes ago fuming […]

It’s so hot in the colonies!

Hot weather. It’s the scourge of the Manila lifestyle. It’s hard to lead a cosmopolitan lifestyle in a city like Manila where a noxious corrosive mixture of soot and moisture hangs heavy in the air day and night. Spending just ten minutes outdoors makes you feel like you’ve already had a full-day’s work. And that […]

CHED and Twitter users: why ‘Tweeps’ should stop playing God

I’ve seen two “reports” about the whole false brouhaha being raised about the reluctance of the Philippines’ Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to start using “social media” to broadcast information that supposedly is relevant to its “constituency”. Self-described “social media practitioner” Tonyo Cruz went as far as calling the CHED a “village idiot” for not […]